Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Revolution!

Brace yourselves bitches!

There is legitimate speculation that Colleen, one of my close friends who also happens to be Frank's girlfriend, and I will be moving into an apartment together somewhere in the Monmouth County area in January 2007.

Colleen is likely to be attending Monmouth University for graduate school. In addition, there is further speculation that Crazy Mike could very well be joining us in this move. With that being the case, it is all of our intentions to find a three bedroom apartment so that we may enjoy the freedom of having our own bedrooms. The closer we live to the campus, perhaps the cheaper the rent will be due to the fact that those apartments are intended for college students who choose to live off campus. One never knows if the rent with definitely be cheaper, but that is the route we still plan to take.

Colleen is extremely enthusiastic about the prospect, as am I to be honest with you. Already being touted as The Revolution, we see this as a golden opportunity to have many fun and exciting times at our apartment as well as make good on our career orientations for the future.
Furthermore, I have always anticipated my long awaited chance of once again getting back out into the world and living on my own. Last summer, I had the privledge of living on my own and enjoying some freedom, but that went up in smoke after my legal troubles in Brielle last July. However, the time is once again approaching where I might be able to regain the privledge I once had of having my own place to live and taking advantage of the freedom that comes with such a privledge. After almost a year, I have beautifully rebounded from my 2005 summer mishap.

Monmouth County, namely towns such as Eatontown, Long Branch, or even Belmar, is a wonderful area to fulfill that long awaited quest. Look for that to happen sometime in January. Realizing that I have been doing more talking than fulfilling plans, one must crawl before one walks. All actions are preceded by thoughts. This is a thought, however, that I would like to transform into a reality. One thing is for sure. Should the move become a reality, it is party time at the shore all year round. That's right. If you are down by the shore, and you know me from whatever sources, your boy will soon become a local resident. When the move happens, swing by the crib sometime. LOL.

Other than that, ladies and gentlemen, there has not been much to discuss. What happened to those days when there were things to blog about?

Memorial Day weekend, for personal reasons, was truly a time to forget. Alcohol did not exactly bring out my greatest attributes, but we will not go too far into detail about that. Certain occurences, due to their troubling nature, are better left in the past. Perhaps that is the case for more things, other than just the memory of what occurred this past weekend. Maybe a chemistry gone sour helped to surface my horrid behavior, but that behavior clearly did not advance the perception of what a great person I am. Maybe the chemistry is completely spoiled. Gone completely sour. Quite possibly, my life may have ultimately reached the landmark where I can not bring myself to care any longer. Maybe I should not care anymore, if the care just can not be returned. I refuse to serve as excess baggage for one who does not share equal feelings for me and is clearly internally troubled by my imposition. On the flipside, I also refuse to let that same person be nothing more than a monkey on my back.

Is there a chance that I could be wrong about this? Maybe so. Currently I do not believe that I am wrong. Sometimes one must move on. Enough said. The entire weekend is now the past. Let us progress towards the future.

We are approaching the end of May. Tomorrow marks the beginning of June. It is HOT AS HELL outside. This could only be a preview of what's to come in terms of weather for the summer. I better go cop me a couple beach passes because I am definitely heading to the shore again in the very near future. Our pool is almost ready for swimming as well.

Unofficially, summer has arrived ladies and gentlemen.

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