Friday, May 19, 2006

Scott Davies photo discovery!

Earlier this evening, I had a chance to chat with Killa Cali's very own Scott Davies. Scott, however, completed his last final exam today and will be graduating this Saturday. His mother flew into California yesterday to be there for his graduation ceremony. His wife is about to fly in right now. Scott just left to go pick her up at the airport.

A few week's later, he will be returning to his old stomping grounds of Miami, FL, where he went to the University of Miami for undergraduate college. Therefore, he will soon reclaim his title of Miami's own. We had a little chat earlier this evening online about him graduating, being done with school, and seeing his lovely wife Liezl tonight for the first time in months. He also drifted just a little bit out of the essence of our discussion and sent me a nice little photo surprise!

HeRk18 (11:31:09 PM): how's it feel to be done with school and getting a doctorate?
Scottd3 (11:31:41 PM): feels pretty fuckin sweet man
Scottd3 (11:31:47 PM): i can't believe its all over already
Scottd3 (11:31:52 PM): its all still surrel
Scottd3 (11:31:55 PM): surreal
HeRk18 (11:32:18 PM): that shit is pretty crazy
HeRk18 (11:33:35 PM): just chillin in your apt right now?
Scottd3 (11:33:46 PM): nigga i ain't gots no apartment
Scottd3 (11:33:56 PM): i gots me a house
Scottd3 (11:33:58 PM): lol
Scottd3 (11:34:42 PM): liezl is flying in a bout an hour
HeRk18 (11:34:46 PM): my bad nigga
HeRk18 (11:34:47 PM): lol
HeRk18 (11:34:55 PM): didn't mean to offend you
Scottd3 (11:34:58 PM): right now i gots me a 3 bedroom palace
HeRk18 (11:34:58 PM): the house
HeRk18 (11:35:01 PM): sweet
HeRk18 (11:35:08 PM): well, your crib... lol
Scottd3 (11:35:11 PM): i live on the park like Billy D
HeRk18 (11:35:15 PM): nice
HeRk18 (11:35:27 PM): so I take it you and the wife are spending some QT tonight?
Scottd3 (11:35:27 PM): but soon i am gonna have a 1 room pad
Scottd3 (11:35:41 PM): its gonna be wierd movin back into a building
Scottd3 (11:35:48 PM): yeah dog

Minutes later, he responds with the following:

Scottd3 (11:43:47 PM):

Scottd3 (11:44:14 PM): i left that picture as a comment on schulteis's myspace
Scottd3 (11:44:14 PM): lol

Big bate catches big rats! Anybody who clicks on this link will be doing so on their own free will! I promise you this is not a virus, but it may take you by stunning surprise! VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED.

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