Saturday, May 06, 2006

Special Cinco De Mayo weekend!

"You're going down like a sweet muffin in a fat boy!"

Amidst our recent intricacies, Jaime and I had a terrific time last night on May 5, which is a holiday famously known as Cinco De Mayo.

Yes, as St. Patrick's Day is a holiday clearly intended for the Irish, Cinco De Mayo is a holiday which is dedicated to the people of Mexican descent. Both holidays cause major drinking festivities, which is just fine by me. LOL. Shit, we need more of those!

Originally, Jaime was going to drive up to D-town to come visit me, but we decided that it would be about 7:30 or even 8pm before she even arrived up here, so I decided that I would drive down to Central Jersey to see her a little earlier than she would have seen me had she come up here.

Once I arrived in Howell, I went to Jaime's house and together we drove off to meet Gena and Ken at this nice Mexican restaurant in Freehold called Escondidos Mexican Restaurant. The restaurant provided both an indoor and outdoor section for eating and drinking. The place was totally crowded with people who celebrating this wonderful holiday. Once we met up with Gena and Ken, Ken informed us that we could not even get a pager for a table until 9pm. Fair enough. We chilled outside for a while and enjoyed some refreshing adult beverages. Last night was an absolutely beautiful night, weather wise, to be hanging out and drinking outdoors.

Jaime and I started out the night with margaritas. We had to live in the spirit of Cinco De Mayo, so we did just that. As the evening progressed, I continued my drinking habit with Coronas. Ken and I also purchased tequila shots and made a toast to the beautiful holiday we were celebrating.

We finally picked up our pager at 9pm and got a table at approximately 10pm. The food at Escondidos was pretty delicious. Hopefully the pair of shorts I was wearing shared the same feelings, as I spilt some of the food and sauce on my shorts. What a mess! Nonetheless, I had a super time and totally enjoyed the holiday and event.

Jaime and I had the chance to talk about things and I feel as though we had a very positive time together. She openly admitted, after having a couple drinks, "When you move to Belmar, things might just be different for us. Jackie predicted that we'd get back together last week. Right now I want to be a lone." I asked her, "so do you think this is truly a breakup or just a break for you to sort out how you feel?" She immediately responded, "I can not tell you if it is a break or a breakup right now, but I think it might be just a break." I totally respect that.

As much as I clearly still love the girl, I am going to give her time to think and sort her feelings out, but I do wish for the best and hope everything works out. Just as her friend told her, many of my friends, including Colleen, can see us eventually getting together again sometime in the future. Who knows? We shall see.

I hope everything works out for the best with us. I had a marvelous time with her this weekend. We probably got along better in the past couple weeks than we got along in any of the previous three and a half years. It definitely feels good too. I just hope something positive and loving comes out of this and that this little split ultimately saves us and perhaps brings us back together. I still love the girl, period.

At the end of the evening, we all ran into Lauren (my fellow lawnmower) and Jason at the restaurant. It was nice to see them both, as I had not seen them in quite some time.

Later in the evening, Jaime and I went to the room that Jaime had reserved at the Days Inn in Neptune, where we had our fun and exciting personal interaction. Enough said...

Today, we both went to the Freehold Mall and had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. Fortunately, there was quite a bit of physical affection being displayed by both of us and that made me really happy. It made me smile, just as it made her smile. On a number of occasions, we held hands. We also told each other, "I love you." They were all really nice gestures which brought me comfort and put smiles on my face. There were moments when she would actually tell me, "You are giving me butterflies!" Grand!

Before eventually driving back to D-town, Jaime and I went to the arcade, where we started off the race car driving summer series. Inevitably, I took a 2-0 lead in the series over Jaime with two blazing wins. Before we even started the two games, I told her as we were walking into the arcade, "You are going down like a sweet muffin in a fat boy!" She laughed at that. I guess it was funny! Walt Disney once stated, "Laughter is America's most important export."

Cinco De Mayo weekend treated me pretty fairly. Great times with the ex and best friend, who I still love very much with all of my heart, and hope to make something happen with once again sometime down the road. Plenty of time for thinking and quality leisure time. Jaime will next see me on Tuesday evening when she travels to D-town to spend the evening with me. On that evening, I look forward to yet another amazing time.

Viva Cinco De Mayo!

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