Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Spring Buzz, approaching the summer!

Great men, like The Great One, can not be kept down forever!

There has not been a whole hell of a lot to cover lately, which would explain my idleness. However, this previous week or so has treated me slightly better than the weekends that came before it. It felt like I had been to the depths of hell, yet I have also been the mountain top, so I plan on getting back up there once again! It takes time.

As you know, my family, friends, and fans, I went to Stockton College this past weekend for the end of the year festivities and I really had a lot of fun. I would really like to extend a special congratulations to all of my friends as well as the rest of the students who will be graduating in a matter of days. Props to all of you - you made it! You should all be very proud.

The real world now greets you with a firm and hardy handshake - and perhaps a swift kick in the ass if you are caught unaware or lackadaisical. LOL.

This Friday afternoon, I have a scheduled appointment in Parsippany at 2pm with an agency by the name of Appleone. What they are is a staffing agency that specializes in finding both temporary and long term employment for people (especially college graduates). I came across this agency through an advertisement on Monster. Appleone has about six or seven in the state of NJ, which tells you a little bit about their significance as a staffing agency. As I read about their reputation and objectives, I have the utmost faith that they will be able to guide me in finding some type of administrative or clerical employment that will help to build my interpersonal skills and provide me with some type of work experience, other than being a service whore a restaurant, that gives me an opportunity for growth and also looks impressive on a resume. I prefer to start off with a temporary summer job in the area. After that, my goal is to find something more long term after Colleen and I finally find an apartment in the Central Jersey area. That should be happening sometime around November or December of this year.

On Friday night, Jaime and I will be seeing each other for the first time in almost two months. That is a quite a long time and we both look forward to hanging out. She will actually be driving up to see me. Our plan is to go out to dinner somewhere and get a hotel room afterwards. How about that???? Quality, long overdue hotel time. Now that sounds like an awesome plan to me! Quite unprecedented after a dramatic break up if you ask me. Shit, I'm not fighting it! HAHAHAHA.

In all honesty, our traumatic split caused quite a bit of friction, sadness, depression, and other various types of disturbance, but we had a lengthy conversation on the phone a little over a week ago. Since that time, we have gotten along with each other better than ever (perhaps even when we were going out). She claims it is much easier to talk to me now a days than it used to be. Seeing each other for the first time in approximately two months will surely have some type of effect. What effect it has exactly remains to be seen, but I am optimistic that my weekend with her will be a positive one. We both look forward to seeing each other and hanging out. That is definitely positive and hopefully things get even better for us as time passes. Who knows what the future could bring now???

My tax return refund came in the mail recently I received a substantial amount of money. That made me pretty happy. As if that was not enough, I received another check in the mail today from Stockton, which was for the amount of $150. Money money money!!! Financial stability is a beautiful characteristic of life. Let us hope this only the beginning of great things to come, in terms of finances, for yours truly.

As we are a few days into the month of the May already, the weather appears to be getting much better, and as a result, the days have been absolutely gorgeous. This weather, along with my recent momentum of receiving checks from various sources, are the main reasons why I have accepted being cut from my shifts from work to go home early. It is simply too nice to be shackled inside a hot and sticky restaurant with needy guests. I love the warmth. I love the sun. I love the beach. Lately, I have been getting two of those and I will soon have all three. Beach time is on the horizon and I will definitely be there on numerous occasions when summer shows it's attractive face.

With all of the money I have been earning and getting via cashiers checks in the mail, this appears to be the appropriate time to register for the GMAT. For the longest time, I have eagerly anticipated taking this test, so that I may go back to school to get my Masters. However, I have also been waiting for a time when I would have sufficient funds to pay for the registration of the test. After all, not everyone has $250 to shell out for the registration of standardized tests on a regular basis. This appears to be the appropriate time for me to fulfill such a task, and September gives me ample time to get mentally and physically prepared for the challenge at hand.

Therefore, it looks like I may be targeting September as the month that my date with destiny will fall on. When that time comes, mark my words - I will be ready. Nothing is going to stop me or rattle me on that date with destiny. I will be poised, focused, and ready for anything. Bring it on, I say. As for the specific date, stay tuned in the coming days. It will be official very shortly. My success, as well as my brilliant, dramatic, and prominent rise to the top, is inevitable. Sit back and watch. When it happens, you will hear me utter the words, "I told you so."

That is the buzz, for right now.

I leave you with this. To quote C.S. Lewis,

"We are what we believe we are."

You can not say that I am back again from all of these trying times, ladies and gentlemen, because the greats never fade out or go away. You can not keep a great man, such as The Great One, down forever. In the words of legendary lyricist L.L. Cool J, you can not call this a comeback either, because I have been here for years and years I shall stay! All of you haters, watch my anticlimactic rise to the top! All of my family, friends, and fans, applaud me when it happens.

To all my family, friends, and fans who visit this website and view what I have to say, stay tuned as the latest in the life and times of The Great One unfolds in the coming days and months. Plenty of challenges, as well as life's surprises, are on the horizon and you do not want to miss anything.

You do not want to miss a beat!

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