Wednesday, June 28, 2006

First day at Wachovia in the works for July 12!

Earlier this afternoon, I went to the Randstad office in Parsippany to enter my information and indentification into the system as an employee.

I was provided with the benefits package and the information, such as when and where and I can go, for my drug test. That will be completed very shortly. According to Randstad, my original proposed day of work at Wachovia was slated for July 5. However, I would like to give Olive Garden my two weeks notice, so it appears as though that date will be delayed one more week.

Plans to work at O.G. one weekend a month, and maybe two weekends sometimes, could also still be in effect. Stay tuned for further developments on the biggest story of 2006 so far for yours truly!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006



It is official. It has happened ladies and gentlemen. I need each and everyone of you to stop what you are doing, pay attention and READ.

Your boy got A J-O-B!

Yes it is true; I am not bullshitting you! You are not seeing things. If you are high, or are tripping off of any abandoned substances or drugs while reading this, this is not one of your delusions. At 1:08 pm earlier this afternoon, I received the call informing me that I was the chosen candidate for the job as the administrative assistant at the Wachovia Corporation in Morristown. How sweet is that? While the pay is not extremely high, but still relatively high for an entry level graduate accepting temp to hire position, it gives me the opportunity to build experience with a renowned corporation, get my feet wet in the business world, and grow in the job market.

I will probably make a higher income than most other temps would make under the circumstances, due to my college degree and positive results on my skills tests taken at the staffing agency, Randstad, that landed me the position. This will lead me to much bigger and more lucrative opportunities, hopefully as early as a year from now. But for now, with me momentarily living at home in D-town, yours truly will rack in a shitload of money. More than ever, and I could not be more excited about that. The Great One is headed for THE PROMISE LAND!!!

After eight months of having a huge dark cloud of bad luck, misfortune, and frustration hovering over me, due to the intricacies of finding a job, the time has FINALLY come to put my skills, energy, and degree to use.

Stay tuned for more to come! You do not want to miss a beat!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Would you like fresh centipedes with your entree???

Who needs freshly grated cheese when you can get centipedes?!?!?

At 9am today, I had my interview in Morristown with representatives from Wachovia Corporation who were interested in interviewing me for a temp to hire job as an administrative assistant.

The job description, what it entails, and what it pays, really intrigued me. For a job that could very well be temperary, I was impressed with the pay. The position appears to be a lucrative temporary position that could gain me valuable work experience in the business field and earn me some substantial income for the summer. They suggested that they would be in touch. I hope I land this job. That would certainly be a sweet deal. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Today I was off from work at the Olive Garden, but I worked a double shift yesterday. Last year around this time, the restaurant was infested with fruit flies. The restaurant opened for business on May 23, 2005. Fruit flies? That's okay, O.G.! We all understand that you must crawl before you walk. Afterall, that was only your first year open for business. Following grand openings, restaurants must have step by step heights of gradual progress that they can all aspire to. What does June 2006 have in store for guests?

Centipedes falling directly from the ceiling.

Yes, I said it. The restaurant has a bigger infestation of centipedes this year than it had of fruit flies last year!

Upon returning to the restaurant for my dinner shift at 5pm, I see one of the managers taking a dish of Three Cheese Ravioli back to the kitchen from one of the tables. This three cheese didn't have freshly grated romano cheese on it... it had a freshly fallen centipede from the ceiling.

EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWW!!!!!! That is all I have to say about that!

I wish I could wear a hat to work. Better yet, here's to hoping that Wachovia, or one of these companies, sees the light!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A revamped BLOG OF BRYAN - with long awaited update!

There is a slightly different look - a neater layout - to the Blog of Bryan which could possibly make it a bit more presentable and eye-catching for my worldwide audience.

Blog of Bryan is an exceptional media outlet that is going to be covering some significant news in the coming days and months, as we move into what appears to be a scorcher of a blazing hot summer! This website is here to stay and so is The Great One!

Quite some time has gone by since I gave you a legitimate update, but here we go. Better late than never.

Beginning on Thursday of last week, I have had what has to be the world's worst stiff neck EVER. Getting out of bed to wake up for work on Thursday morning, I took a deep hardy stretch (one that was beginning to feel really good) and ended up snapping my neck back really hard!! OUCH! That did not feel so good.

As people will occasionally use the term "pain in the neck" as a metaphor for annoyances and frustrations, I literally experienced a physical pain in the neck and it was not fun to deal with by any means. In fact, my neck is just getting over the stiffness as I type this post. I guess you can say that I really paid for stretching last Thursday morning.

About a week or two ago, I registered with a second staffing agency by the name of Randstad Staffing. This company appears to be much more helpful than that of the company known as Appleone, which I shamefully overrated a month ago here on the Blog of Bryan. Last week, I went to the Randstad office in Parsippany and took a problem solving test as well as the Microsoft Office tests (including Excel and Powerpoint). The test results came back nearly perfect, which makes me marketable to Randstad. As a result, I was immediately invited for an interview with Wachovia Corporation on Wednesday for what is most likely to be an administrative position. Afterall, administrative and clerical work is exactly what I went to Randstad to try and find. Right at this time, that is exactly what I am looking for to get my foot in the door.

Let it be known that this interview is scheduled to take place at the Wachovia headquarters, not one of the many branches/financial centers where people go to deposit money, debit money from their accounts, or track their bank transactions. For this interview on Wednesday at 9am, I intend to bring my resume and my A-game. Unlike the various job opportunities that I have come across in the past seven months, I feel as though this one might actually have some promise to it. I look forward to the interview with great anticipation. A-game is what I will bring - A-lot of it. Wish me luck!

This past Saturday, I had the chance to witness, on HBO World Championship Boxing, one the greatest middleweight championship fights to take place in many years. Undisputed Middleweight Champion Jermain Taylor, who ascended to the throne in 2005 with two consecutive victories over then-middleweight champion and current Light Heavyweight King Bernard Hopkins, defended his crown against Former Jr Middleweight champion Winky Wright. The fight was an action packed battle that had shifting tides of fortune and many close, hotly contested rounds. In the end, judges ruled the fight a draw (115-113 Taylor, 115-113 Wright, and 114-114).

Probably the worst occurence of the evening was Winky Wright's sudden exit from the ring in protest, and later listening to him cry robbery in his dressing room. Crying robbery, for a fight that was literally to close to call and could have ended in a draw or a razor-thin victory for either contestant, is far fetched to say the least (I actually scored the fight 7-5 for Taylor). Wright claims he will never again face Taylor. If that remains a fact, Wright's chances to become the champion at middleweight are derailed, at least for now. If there is a rematch, rest assured that boxing fans will be paying $49.95 to see it on PPV next time around. This fight, even with it resulting in a competitive and inconclusive draw, was a quiet a classic.

There is a proposed trip in the works, involving Jaime and I, to Atlantic City for a weekend of fun and excitement. That trip will take place on one of the upcoming weekends in the next month or so. It will be a terrific opportunity for us to settle matters, bury the hatchet of what was a troubling past earlier this year, and most importantly, have fun!

Ladies and gentlemen, that is the current state of the game. Tomorrow, I am working a double at the Olive Garden, which means I will go into work at 11:45, leave for break around 1pm, return at 5pm for dinner, and be phased at 7:30pm. Yes, that is the sad state of affairs, as the result of an extremely limited budget, on the part of our beloved yet labor-deficient Olive Garden. An even greater reason for all of you to wish me luck with the Wachovia gig. Better hours. Better money. More respectable labor. Labor that will make me look better. My desire to serve people, which was never quite as high as some people may have suspected, has already begun to wane more than ever. C'mon WACHOVIA!!!

In any case, I will continue to take matters day by day and aim for the best come Wednesday morning. A-game. Positive attitude. Confident and professional demeanor. NEW JOB. Let's do this.

More to come at a later time. Stay tuned! You do not want to miss a beat!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

"Belly" (1998) sequel "Beast" confirmed by DMX!

It was confirmed by rapper DMX that the sequel to the 1998 motion picture Belly, the first film ever produced by hip hop music director Hype Williams, will be made in the near future.

The sequel, according to DMX, is going to be titled "Beast." The plot, vaguely consisted of drug smuggling and selling, is supposed to pick up where the previous film left off.

However, a recent traffic altercation involving DMX could throw a monkey wrench in the immediate production of the proposed motion picture.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Kudos to Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins!

This past Saturday night at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ, defending Light Heavyweight Champion Antonio "The Magic Man" Tarver faced against with Former Undisputed Middleweight Champion Bernard "The Executioner" Hopkins. With another rivaling pay per view boxing show taking place at Madison Square Garden in NYC, I chose to watch the Light Heavyweight fight between the two bigger and much more established stars in the sport.

Let the fact be known that Hopkins, 41, was jumping up, not one, but two weight divisions to face Tarver, 37. Tarver, perhaps underestimating his older and naturally smaller foe, was bold enough to make a bet for the amount of $250,000 to Hopkins that he would knock Hopkins out inside of six rounds! A rather risky bet, I thought, for Tarver to make to somebody in Hopkins who had never been knocked out and very rarely ever hurt in any of his fights!

The act of a middleweight champion moving up to light heavyweight to face the light heavyweight champion had not been attempted since the early 1950's when Sugar Ray Robinson (Hopkins idol and perhaps the greatest boxer of all time), who was once a middleweight champion, made his move to 175lbs at the tail-end of his great career to attempt to make history in June of 1952 by defeating the champion Joey Maxim. Almost a successful attempt, Robinson, ahead on points yet suffering from heat prostration due to the hot outdoor temperature of 104 degrees, never came out of his corner for the 15th round on that brutal summer night at Yankee Stadium. Robinson's corner stopped the fight.

Would history repeat itself this past Saturday? From the opening bell, Hopkins, a 3-1 betting underdog, dominated his younger and supposedly bigger and stronger foe from the opening bell all the way through to the end of the fight when the final bell rang. Clearly, the performance was Hopkins' best and most definitive since he thoroughly beat Felix Trinidad in September of 2001 to unify the middleweight titles and become Undisputed Middleweight Champion. THAT, was "The executioner" I came to know and love throughout the years. THAT, is the "The Executioner" who showed up last Saturday night to totally shut out The Magic Man, who totally failed to pull a rabbit out of his hat.

Hopkins would fulfill what his childhood idol could not accomplish, by seizing the Light Heavyweight Championship with a convincing unanimous decision victory over Tarver. Along the way, Hopkins was credited with a knockdown in the 5th round, when he knocked Tarver off balance and caused his glove to touch the canvas.

Between the two rivaling pay per views (Tarver vs. Hopkins and Cotto vs. Malignaggi), I am happy about the choice I made in regards to which show I was going to tune into. Tarver vs. Hopkins was history-making event and moment. in the sport of boxing that I was delighted to relish. It wasn't just a great victory, but also a flawless performance put forth by the former middleweight champion.

Hopkins symbolizes a legendary super hero. No matter how many times you think his finer moments are behind him, he rises to the occasion and comes back again to thrill the public with a triumphant return. You just can not keep this man down! He always returns by making a gigantic statement. Tarver, who prior to the fight coined himself the legend killer, was unable to kill the legend that is The Executioner. True legends never die, I suppose. After Hopkins back-to-back disappointments against Jermain Taylor, two close unanimous decisions that were awarded to Taylor, watching Hopkins shine so brightly against Tarver was one hell of a thrill.

Kudos to Bernard "THE EXECUTIONER" Hopkins, who claims he is retiring, for one fine and legendary boxing career!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Not today. Not for me.

Today I was scheduled for work at the O.G. at 11am. However, it was discovered that one of the servers, who was not as hungover today as he thought he would be after getting wasted at the concert he went to last night, wanted to pick up a shift so he could make some money.

After taking one look at the section I had been assigned, my shift was his in an instant. Besides, I have already picked three shifts for three individual servers in the past five days! I suppose it is a right of passage that somebody finally picks up a shift for yours truly.

I should not be so selfish. I need to start sharing the misery with others rather than just depriving them of it. Today I did just that. Everyone should have the privledge of hearing the OOHHHHs and AAHHHHs of the guests, almost to the level of orgasmic pleasure, when you present them with their entrees. Or soup, salad, and breadsticks.

When you offer them freshly grated cheese, "OHHHHHHHHHH, yes!!! I LOOOOOOVEEEEE cheese. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Freshly grated cheese - that's when you really hear the moaning and groaning.

No, not today. Not for me today.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Water balloon mayhem!

You have not LIVED, until you hurl a water balloon at somebody's face while piss drunk on a hot summer night! Let me tell you. LOL. Even better, is getting socked in the eye at full force by the host (Janine) of the party. She caught me pretty good with that one.

Last night was pure insanity with the OG gang. SoCo, lime, and MGDs put me in a state of sloppiness that I am well known for. Fortunately, it was not the ballistic, raged filled sloppiness that I have shamefully exposed in the past. No, last night was a friendly sloppiness that put me in a pretty decent mood. The night was alright. Supposedly, I said and did some pretty crazy things. I remember much of what happened last night, but not every single detail. I dunno - I thought I was just being myself for the most part! :P

Currently, I am on my break from a double shift. My day became a double shift when one of the waitresses, who has a urinary track infection (thought you might like to know, lol - or maybe not. Too late!!!), asked if I could pick up her dinner shift. I approved of her request and now I am due back at 4:30.

As dead as the restaurant has been, I will probably be out of there no later than 7pm. Last night, word is that the doubles were phased at 5:30!!!!! Now that is early. I'll stick to my prediction of no later than 7pm. Either way, I will not be there for very long.