Friday, June 02, 2006

Not today. Not for me.

Today I was scheduled for work at the O.G. at 11am. However, it was discovered that one of the servers, who was not as hungover today as he thought he would be after getting wasted at the concert he went to last night, wanted to pick up a shift so he could make some money.

After taking one look at the section I had been assigned, my shift was his in an instant. Besides, I have already picked three shifts for three individual servers in the past five days! I suppose it is a right of passage that somebody finally picks up a shift for yours truly.

I should not be so selfish. I need to start sharing the misery with others rather than just depriving them of it. Today I did just that. Everyone should have the privledge of hearing the OOHHHHs and AAHHHHs of the guests, almost to the level of orgasmic pleasure, when you present them with their entrees. Or soup, salad, and breadsticks.

When you offer them freshly grated cheese, "OHHHHHHHHHH, yes!!! I LOOOOOOVEEEEE cheese. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Freshly grated cheese - that's when you really hear the moaning and groaning.

No, not today. Not for me today.

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