Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A revamped BLOG OF BRYAN - with long awaited update!

There is a slightly different look - a neater layout - to the Blog of Bryan which could possibly make it a bit more presentable and eye-catching for my worldwide audience.

Blog of Bryan is an exceptional media outlet that is going to be covering some significant news in the coming days and months, as we move into what appears to be a scorcher of a blazing hot summer! This website is here to stay and so is The Great One!

Quite some time has gone by since I gave you a legitimate update, but here we go. Better late than never.

Beginning on Thursday of last week, I have had what has to be the world's worst stiff neck EVER. Getting out of bed to wake up for work on Thursday morning, I took a deep hardy stretch (one that was beginning to feel really good) and ended up snapping my neck back really hard!! OUCH! That did not feel so good.

As people will occasionally use the term "pain in the neck" as a metaphor for annoyances and frustrations, I literally experienced a physical pain in the neck and it was not fun to deal with by any means. In fact, my neck is just getting over the stiffness as I type this post. I guess you can say that I really paid for stretching last Thursday morning.

About a week or two ago, I registered with a second staffing agency by the name of Randstad Staffing. This company appears to be much more helpful than that of the company known as Appleone, which I shamefully overrated a month ago here on the Blog of Bryan. Last week, I went to the Randstad office in Parsippany and took a problem solving test as well as the Microsoft Office tests (including Excel and Powerpoint). The test results came back nearly perfect, which makes me marketable to Randstad. As a result, I was immediately invited for an interview with Wachovia Corporation on Wednesday for what is most likely to be an administrative position. Afterall, administrative and clerical work is exactly what I went to Randstad to try and find. Right at this time, that is exactly what I am looking for to get my foot in the door.

Let it be known that this interview is scheduled to take place at the Wachovia headquarters, not one of the many branches/financial centers where people go to deposit money, debit money from their accounts, or track their bank transactions. For this interview on Wednesday at 9am, I intend to bring my resume and my A-game. Unlike the various job opportunities that I have come across in the past seven months, I feel as though this one might actually have some promise to it. I look forward to the interview with great anticipation. A-game is what I will bring - A-lot of it. Wish me luck!

This past Saturday, I had the chance to witness, on HBO World Championship Boxing, one the greatest middleweight championship fights to take place in many years. Undisputed Middleweight Champion Jermain Taylor, who ascended to the throne in 2005 with two consecutive victories over then-middleweight champion and current Light Heavyweight King Bernard Hopkins, defended his crown against Former Jr Middleweight champion Winky Wright. The fight was an action packed battle that had shifting tides of fortune and many close, hotly contested rounds. In the end, judges ruled the fight a draw (115-113 Taylor, 115-113 Wright, and 114-114).

Probably the worst occurence of the evening was Winky Wright's sudden exit from the ring in protest, and later listening to him cry robbery in his dressing room. Crying robbery, for a fight that was literally to close to call and could have ended in a draw or a razor-thin victory for either contestant, is far fetched to say the least (I actually scored the fight 7-5 for Taylor). Wright claims he will never again face Taylor. If that remains a fact, Wright's chances to become the champion at middleweight are derailed, at least for now. If there is a rematch, rest assured that boxing fans will be paying $49.95 to see it on PPV next time around. This fight, even with it resulting in a competitive and inconclusive draw, was a quiet a classic.

There is a proposed trip in the works, involving Jaime and I, to Atlantic City for a weekend of fun and excitement. That trip will take place on one of the upcoming weekends in the next month or so. It will be a terrific opportunity for us to settle matters, bury the hatchet of what was a troubling past earlier this year, and most importantly, have fun!

Ladies and gentlemen, that is the current state of the game. Tomorrow, I am working a double at the Olive Garden, which means I will go into work at 11:45, leave for break around 1pm, return at 5pm for dinner, and be phased at 7:30pm. Yes, that is the sad state of affairs, as the result of an extremely limited budget, on the part of our beloved yet labor-deficient Olive Garden. An even greater reason for all of you to wish me luck with the Wachovia gig. Better hours. Better money. More respectable labor. Labor that will make me look better. My desire to serve people, which was never quite as high as some people may have suspected, has already begun to wane more than ever. C'mon WACHOVIA!!!

In any case, I will continue to take matters day by day and aim for the best come Wednesday morning. A-game. Positive attitude. Confident and professional demeanor. NEW JOB. Let's do this.

More to come at a later time. Stay tuned! You do not want to miss a beat!

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