Thursday, June 01, 2006

Water balloon mayhem!

You have not LIVED, until you hurl a water balloon at somebody's face while piss drunk on a hot summer night! Let me tell you. LOL. Even better, is getting socked in the eye at full force by the host (Janine) of the party. She caught me pretty good with that one.

Last night was pure insanity with the OG gang. SoCo, lime, and MGDs put me in a state of sloppiness that I am well known for. Fortunately, it was not the ballistic, raged filled sloppiness that I have shamefully exposed in the past. No, last night was a friendly sloppiness that put me in a pretty decent mood. The night was alright. Supposedly, I said and did some pretty crazy things. I remember much of what happened last night, but not every single detail. I dunno - I thought I was just being myself for the most part! :P

Currently, I am on my break from a double shift. My day became a double shift when one of the waitresses, who has a urinary track infection (thought you might like to know, lol - or maybe not. Too late!!!), asked if I could pick up her dinner shift. I approved of her request and now I am due back at 4:30.

As dead as the restaurant has been, I will probably be out of there no later than 7pm. Last night, word is that the doubles were phased at 5:30!!!!! Now that is early. I'll stick to my prediction of no later than 7pm. Either way, I will not be there for very long.

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