Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Evening with Jeremy and company!

Just when I thought I'd be heading back to D-town on Sunday afternoon after spending the weekend in South Jerz celebrating Mel's birthday, I decided to give my former on-campus roommate Jeremy a call. There was no answer, but before I even made it to the Parkway to head back home, he returned my call.

I asked him what he was doing. He informed me that he was at his apartment off campus and he was going to the grocery store with Keeley and "The Hondawg" Aaron Honaker (my very first college roommate). At that point, I asked him to wait a second so I could join them and go along with them to the store while they did their shopping. After all, I had not seen that gang in quite some time, so I felt like hanging out with them. Meeting them in front of Jeremy's apartment at Club III, we all left for the grocery store.

Jeremy was courteous enough to have Aaron and I over for dinner, so we pitched in money wise for the groceries. I bought a few bottles of soda (Shoprite Coke, Gingerale, and Cherry Coke). We also went to the liquor store to buy some boos. Jeremy did not fuck around, as he bought a bottle of Sky Vodka for mixed drinks. As soon as we returned to Jeremy's apartment, which I jokingly referred to as "The Martinsen Manor," Keeley and Jeremy began to prepare dinner as well as a sampler tray of light appetizers that included crackers, pieces of salami, pepperoni, and cheese.

As Keeley and Jeremy prepared dinner, I sat down on the couch, put HBO2 on, and watched the replay of the Baldomir/Gatti fight, which had happened live the previous evening in Atlantic City. We all watched the fight, in which defending Welterweight Champion Carlos Baldomir knocked out blood and guts warrior Arturo "Thunder" Gatti inside nine punishing rounds. Keeley's friend and co-worker, Krystal, also joined us.

My first two days spent in South Jerz were of a dry nature. No alcohol whatsoever. Sunday, however, was the total opposite. I got pretty damn drunk. So long for driving home Sunday night so that I may be back for work on Monday morning. I did make it back to D-town for work on Monday morning.... at 6:20 am. LOL. That's right. I did not leave Jeremy's apartment until about 3:55 am!

After getting wasted and passing out on Jeremy's floor, I had to sleep for a bit before leaving to head home. I was really surprised at how awake I was for the drive. Even better, how the hell did I make it through an eight hour work day after that experience??? Not quite sure how I did it, but I would do it all over again.

I had a great night at Jeremy's and I am happy that I stayed the extra hours so I could hang out with Jeremy, The Hondawg, and Keeley. Old friends, good times! Hopefully, there are more to come in the near future. This past weekend, from Melissa's surprise birthday party, to our Seaside trip, to hanging out at Jeremy's on Sunday evening, was yet another fabulous getaway that I did not want to come back from.

If there was anything wrong with this weekend, besides the rain which I really couldn't bring myself to complain about, it's that my time there with great friends did not last nearly long enough.


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