Saturday, July 29, 2006

Friday night at Tidal Wave!

With Colleen being home from Stockton this weekend, the original plan was for us to meet up at Fridays. However, when Colleen's sister Angela opted to go somewhere with a little more dancing action, we all agreed to hit up Tidal Wave in Mt. Arlington.

I met up with Colleen and Angela at the parking lot of Fridays, and then hopped into the car with them to head for Tidal Wave. Once we got there, we bought some drinks from the bar and hung out for a bit while waiting for Andrew (Angela's boyfriend) and his friend Pete to arrive. As Colleen, Angela, and myself were sitting against the wall and enjoying our drinks, this one guy comes up and dims the lights around us, stating, "let me make this more romantic for you!" LOL!!! Yeah, sure. For a romantic time, we're going to attend a hick bar with Nickleback blasting throughout the bar. Romance Central. NOT!

After the arrival of Andrew and Pete, we all proceeded to the dance floor. So many old people at this place. This place was rather nice; it was quite comfy, but way to hot inside. There was also an outdoor section, which is definitely a plus for me.

Holy mother of God! Moms were out... grannies were out! Old guys, with their shirts unbuttoned at the top exposing their ridiculous chest hair, were trying to dance with these broads. Can you picture 40 year old hicks dancing to Promiscuous Girl with Nelly Furtado featuring Timbaland???? It is truly the funniest shit ever! I came to dance myself, but after scoping out the territory and the quality of the turf, I made a decision to stand to the side, lay low, and drink some beers.

Onto next week, when Colleen, Frank, Angela, Andrew, and myself hit up Bamboo at Seaside. It is sure to be one hell of an occasion. With the music that these bars/clubs play, I'll be sure to study my share of B.E.T. (Black Entertainment Television) music videos. LOL.

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