Monday, July 17, 2006

From a Sunday return to OG, right back to corporate America for a new work week!

Today I returned to the Olive Garden for one of my rare work days, to work a double shift. I picked up two shifts on Sunday, for the purpose of making some fast cash to get me by until I receive my first paycheck from Randstad this week.

So many people at the OG approached me with love and asked, "Didn't you quit???" LOL. No, I did not necessarily quit! Management kept me in the system, so that I may come back occasionally on weekends to pick up shifts whenever I see fit or need fast cash. Knowing that I have the opportunity to do this, I see it as a major advantage to me. Going away to NYC next weekend, I knew it could only benefit me to make the extra spending money. It's all good baby!

I actually enjoyed my day at the Olive Garden, due to the fact that I had the chance to see my OG crew once again. Some really great people work there, and I was delighted to crack some inside jokes with them once again. Working a double shift, I walked out with about $115, which is not great, but the lunch shift was so dead that it was difficult for me to really make a high amount of money. Either way, I wanted to make atleast $100 today, and I beat that quota, so I guess I'm somewhat satisfied.

In the window, nearing the end of the dinner shift, I noticed there was a dead Tuscan Garlic Chicken (which is one of the restaurant's new core menu dishes). The expo, who stated that it was no longer acceptable for sale to the guest, told me to take it somewhere. I took it somewhere alright; right to my empty stomach! That shit was SLAMMMIN!!! It certainly was not dead to me. Shit, I revived that fucking bird and brought it back to life for consumption in the blink of an eye! And to think I was almost going to buy an employee meal today. HAHAHA.

Overall, a pretty damn good day. I can't complain. Perhaps I will return for a couple more shifts a few weekends down the road. Not really sure of the exact time at this point, but a return is certainly inevitable. Sometimes, the quick cash really helps!

Time to get some sleep now, because it is back to corporate America for me tomorrow at 9am. Back to Wachovia Mortgage. Here's to the start of a new work week.

Goodnight and ciao for now.

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