Sunday, July 23, 2006

Melissa's birthday party aftermath! Part I

Moments away from making the trek back home to D-town, preparing to start another work week, I can honestly and proudly say that I have experienced an extraordinary weekend down here in South Jersey, the better half of Jerz, with many of my old friends from school.

Following Melissa's birthday party, which took place on Friday night, everyone seemed to wake up to loud cracks of thunder which appeared to shake both the computer lab (where I typed yesterday's post) and Colleen's apartment. That was so LOUD THUNDER. The storm front, running from Boston to North Carolina, was no joke. We all left Colleen's apartment pretty early on Saturday morning to get some breakfast at the Galloway Diner. After enjoying a healthy yet filling breakfast, we all took a nice little trip to Seaside, where we spent much of our Saturday afternoon.

The drive up the Parkway to Seaside was rainy and traffic-filled, but we had our share of fun once we arrived at Seaside. Mike drove Greg and myself, while Ray brought Melissa and Colleen with him in his car. Upon our arrival at Seaside, we all walked around on the boardwalk, going from store to store to do some window shopping and win some prizes. At the arcade Colleen played Crazy Mike, Ray, and myself at air hockey and kicked each one of our asses. Crazy Mike managed to win me a Superman bling. Quite a nice gesture on his part.

This whole entire experience was such a getaway, from my latest routine of getting out of bed at 7:45 am and going to work every day from Monday to Friday. Breathing in the sea breeze on the boardwalk was thoroughly refreshing and therapeutic. As Colleen, Mike, Ray, Greg, and Melissa continued to look around in the stores, I actually went out to one of the benches at one point to sit down and actually admire to view of the sea. Admire the fresh sea air. Admire the fact that, in the later stages of July, I am finally making it down the shore on a rather consistent basis.

Sitting there on the bench, looking out at the ocean aimlessly, and allowing myself to free my mind and enjoy that time capsule moment, somewhat symbolized that I was back at the shore once again in 2006. This was my glorious return to a peaceful mind at ease. My first weekend off from work in many months; so enjoyable and so relaxing. Yes, at that particular moment, I was covered from my ass to my cranium in euphoria. No stresses. No work. No boredom. No working at the restaurant and having to deal with rude guests who believe the whole entire world should not only be serving them food and beverages, but should also be happily wiping their asses with gold toilet paper. No, none of that was the case this weekend. It was just a chill and relaxing occasion, during which I had nothing to worry about. Lovely!

Even though the sun failed to come out from the gray clouds, it was a genuine thrill to once again be at the shore and to see the ocean water from the boardwalk. Taking into account the absence of the sun, there was still quite a crowd present on the boardwalk, getting out there and walking around to admire all of the shops and attractions as well as the ocean itself. The waves, which were rather high, were crashing at a high intensity due to the storm front. Mike had to go to work at 4:30, so he parted ways with the rest of us as we made our way back to Ray's car for the drive back to P-town. As we were leaving Seaside for the day, that is when the sun started to come out. How ironic. Still, I had absolutely no complaints. Afterall, I still had an amusing time and I will return soon!

Last night, after returning to campus and having some time to relax and watch some Donald Duck cartoons, Ray, Melissa, and Greg decided that they wanted to go to the Hamilton Mall. Colleen and I let them go, as we were not up for going to the mall at that moment. I took a nap in Colleen's livingroom, while Colleen proceeded to clean up the apartment and go to her room to surf the web. After a brief nap, I walked over to the computer lab for a bit to go online.

Apparently, while I was in the computer lab, Ray had left me a voicemail asking if Colleen and I would like to meet them at Johnny Carinos (which is minutes away from the mall) for a drink and to see Kristen (who is a waitress there). I did not get the voicemail until I exited the computer lab because my cellphone never gets service inside the lab.

To be continued in a later post. Stay tuned!


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