Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Melissa's birthday party aftermath! Part II

Apparently, Ray had called my cellphone while I was in the computer lab. Once I exited the lab, and was headed back to Colleen's apt, I had received Ray's voicemail asking if Colleen and I would care to meet up with them at Johnny Carinos for some drinks. Colleen did not care to drive, citing that her car was a "death trap." Therefore, I offered to drive us and we headed over to Carinos.

Once we arrived at the restaurant, we did not see Ray's car in the parking lot. As a result, I called Ray's cellphone to ask him where he was. He informed me that he was heading back to campus with Mel and Greg and that he had once again tried to contact me. Colleen suggested that we all meet up at the Galloway Diner, where we had eaten breakfast earlier that morning. We all agreed on the idea and met up at the diner for late night meals.

After eating at the diner, we headed back to campus. There were some people outside of the building across from Colleen's apartment. Noticing the sprinkler that was watering the grass on the campus grounds, almost all of us took turns running through the sprinkler. I even stood there in front of the sprinkler for as long as 15 seconds and allowed it to drench me. LOL. A bunch of us then stood in a circle, allowing the sprinkler to rotate in a slow gradual circle, and wet each and every one of us.

Throughout all of this, I was still sporting the bling that Mike had won for me at Seaside. The bling was goofy, yet it had it's own outstanding comical effect. After the sprinkler extravaganza. we made our way back into Colleen's apt and watched some more Donald Duck cartoons, after each of us took individual showers (no, we didn't shower together!). It's been a while since I watched Donald Duck, but there was a certain innocence about the cartoon... an innocence that indicated to me that I could just sit back, relax, and enjoy the cartoon with absolutely no worries... that made it such a relaxing activity. Eventually, we finally called it a day and went to bed.

On Sunday morning, everyone was trying to decide on whether to go get breakfast at Dunkin Donuts or just to wait for lunchtime and go to the food court at the Hamilton Mall. We had originally planned to go to Ocean City for a nice beach day, after Saturday at Seaside was rainy for the most part, but the forecast was predicting more rain and thunderstorms for Sunday as well, so we skipped the trip to Ocean City. We proceeded to go to the food court at the Hamilton Mill and have some lunch.

After looking around in around in some of the stores, and playing Ray at the Fight Night Round 3 demo at EB Games, we went back to campus and watched a few more Donald Duck episodes before everyone eventually went home. Before everybody left, we took a few group pictures outside of Colleen's apartment. The end of a terrific weekend had shown its face, but that certainly will not be the last great weekend we have at Stockton, Atlantic County, Seaside, or any other locations in the better side of Jerz.

This marked the end of a terrific weekend, or DIDN'T IT???? ;)


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