Saturday, July 22, 2006

Melissa's suprise party at Stockton!

Happy to be back in the 609, my glorious home away from home!

I would like to begin this post by saying, "Happy Birthday Melissa!" In my previous post, you may recall that I mentioned something about working a double shift on Sunday to make extra money because I was planning on going away to NYC. Only half of that statement was accurate. I worked a double shift last Sunday at the OG so that I may earn extra cash to go away the following weekend. However, it was to Stockton in South Jersey rather than NYC. We threw a suprise birthday party last night for Melissa (Ray's girlfriend) at Colleen's apartment on campus. Colleen is residing on campus for free because she accepted a job with the housing administration at the beginning of the summer.

Driving down here last night was a total bitch, due to a messy combination of the periodic thunder and rain storms and the bumper to bumper traffic (also a result of the people traveling to the shore points for the weekend) that went with it. A couple days ago, Ray left me a voicemail advising me to get to Colleen's apartment by 8pm so that we could all be there to suprise Mel when Ray and Mel finally arrived. Judging from the traffic and the weather conditions, I called Colleen and told her I didn't I'd be making it there until 8:30 or even 9pm. Fortunately, the traffic and the weather were not nearly as bad once I got past Toms River. I began to speed like it was nobody's business and luckily made it to the campus by about five after eight.

Once I got to the campus, I went to Dominos with Colleen to pick up the pizzas for the party. After doing that, we went back to her apartment, where Crazy Mike and Greg Root were decorating the apartment for the birthday celebration.

The very first thing I noticed when I got here was how different the campus looked. How exactly did it look different? Most of the trees are gone!!! I saw trees that were chopped down and just laying around in what used to be pine barren terrain. I asked Colleen about that, and as I suspected, she told me that the administration had the trees taken down to make room for the construction of additional residential apartments, which should be completed and ready for student residence in 2008.

As soon as Ray informed us that they were on the campus, we all hid in different areas of the apartment. I took Colleen's camera so I could take pictures once Ray and Melissa entered the apartment. As soon as Colleen opened the door and let Ray and Melissa enter, everyone was still hidden. I finally got up from under the counter, momentarily suspecting that it was too soon for me to do so, and said Happy Birthday. Mel did not know what to make of the situation. She just looked around the apartment, wondering what was going on. Immediately following my greeting from under the counter, everyone came out and said Happy Birthday. LOL. As soon as Greg came out of his hiding spot, that is when Mel responded with an "Oh wow." A little bit of a delayed reaction there on her part.

Good times last night. There was so much food, so many snacks, and so much to drink. No alcohol at this party, as Colleen chose to keep this a dry party due to the fact that she works for housing and did not want to lose her job. Ray brought some chicken wings (mild and THERMO-NUCLEAR) from the Cluck-U by his house. As soon as I tried one of the thermo-nuclears, what seemed to be a raging inferno blossomed inside my mouth. I thought my fucking mouth was going to burn out of my skull. I responded with a loud, "OH WOW!!!" That was pretty spicey; I was not quite ready for that. Here I was, thinking that I was capable of handling spicey foods. Afterall, I had eaten my share of spicey Chinese dishes. However, nothing quite compared to the degree of spice that was in these wings.

Greg also summoned up the courage to try a thermo, and quickly erupted into a panicked state of searching for milk to put out the fire that was blazing inside his mouth. He shouted, "QUICK, WHERE'S THE MILK???? MILK!?!?" LMAO! The poor guy did not even wait for Colleen to pour him a glass... he talks the entire gallon of milk and starts chugging it down from the container. LOL. What a scene!

Previously, there had been a greater level of spicey chicken at Cluck-U which went by the name of 911. These wings were so spicey that guests were required to sign a waiver before being allowed to consume them. The 911 wings, however, are no longer on the market. Cluck-U could no longer afford to make those wings, as a result of the spicy sauce costing $125 to prepare.

Many of us, who were unfamilar with the taste of a thermo-nuclear Cluck-U wing tried them. Colleen tried one and produced a priceless face that was prime for a classic photoshot. Mike did not go as far to try one of wings, opting to wipe up the empty container and eat the left over sauce instead. Mike's tolerance of the spicy sauce was pretty high, but I suppose he would have had to try an entire wing to get the full effect. Overall, it was a pretty damn good evening.

We wanted to go to Johnny Carinos to see Kristen, but we all believed that the restaurant was already closed and that we would not able to see Kristen. Therefore, we went to bowling alley to try to squeeze in one game of bowling, but the alley was also closed. What did we do in that case? Went back to Colleen's apartment and hit the hay!!

Here I am this morning, typing this entry, and it is POURING outside!!! So far, this has been quite the rainy weekend. The thunder was ridiculously loud. I swear, it felt like the thunder just shook the computer lab. Today we are in red, according to Colleen, which means strong thunderstorms. Everywhere, from North Carolina to Boston, is in red.

We had all planned to hit up Seaside today for some boardwalk fun and perhaps some beach time, but it is so wet outside that I am not quite sure what exactly we are going to do. As soon as everyone wakes up, it is a certainty that we are going to the Galloway Diner for breakfast. I can not wait for that, both for the breakfast and for Mike's latest story telling session. LOL.

You just never know what is going to come out of that kid's mouth at any random moment. Especially when we are at the Galloway Diner, there are no limits to what this dude says. Now that is safe for me to make my way back to Colleen's apartment from the computer lab, I will do so. Should be quite an interesting breakfast at the Galloway Diner!


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