Saturday, July 08, 2006

NJ Casinos re-opened!!!

Atlantic City comes back to life, with signing of Corzine's budget plan!

After both houses of the state legislature approved of the NJ budget plan, which took eight days for a compromise to be reached upon by law makers, Governor Corzine signed an executive order allowing the state-wide beaches to re-open and for the casinos in Atlantic City to resume their operations.

Since last Wednesday, July 5, all of the casinos had been closed due to a $31 billion budget plan that had yet to be approved by the state legislature. The goverment's closing the casinos and legal gambling activity in NJ had been the very first closing in 28 years. Ranging from servers, to slot machine attendants, to cocktail waitresses, an estimated 36,000 employees were forced out of jobs with the goverment-induced closing back on July 1. The state lottery, as well as state-wide beaches, were shut down as well.

The fact that casinos, beaches, and the state lottery are once again fully functional and operative is terrific news! When I travel down to South Jersey, where I attended college and resided for the past few years, and go with friends of mine to Atlantic City, where I worked during my final year of college, I enjoy the leisure time I have with friends at the casinos in the city.

Although I am not much of a gambler, sometimes it can be fun just to walk through the casinos and play a part in the night life that comprises the atmosphere in those casinos.

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