Saturday, July 15, 2006

Surviving the first week at Wachovia!

My first week of work at Wachovia Mortgage Corporation is over. Through some patchy moments and hours of steady boredom, I survived the first week.

When I arrived at the Northern NJ Wachovia Headquarters for my first day of work last Monday at 9am, I discovered that my computer was not yet set up. It took approximately two days for maintenance and computer services to even hook up the computer and get me logged into the system. A couple days... that is all fine and good.

Once the computer was finally up and running a couple days later, there was further difficulty in retrieving the templates for ACT, the software I am to be using to store relevant information for the clients of the mortgage company. Throughout the first week, I did absolutely no computer work. For the most part, I faxed loan information to clients, co-workers, and did photo copies of critical documentation for the mortgage consultant I work for.

The consultant whom I work for is OK. He carries a very professional demeanor, and works really hard to get things done at every moment. One might say he is a workaholic, but he has been very successful and he is at the top of the food chain in this mortgage corporation as a result of his work ethic. His personality is kind of dry, and he really does not care to joke around all that much, but he takes insurmountable pride in his job and success. Overall, I suppose I could say that he is not a bad guy.

In terms of the work I did this week, it basically consisted of filling out registration summary paperwork, filing, faxing, photo copying, etc. This took up about 1/5 of my week, if that much. The rest of the time, I sat in front of an inoperative computer, stared out the window, nodded off into momentary patterns of sleep, due to the boredom. I suppose it was the easiest money one could ever make, but I just could not stop nodding off!

Both my checking account and my wallet took a huge nose dive this week, due to the fact that I had various bills to pay and I was not going home everyday with cash in my hand. Transferring from a serving position at a restaurant, where one works primary for tips on a daily basis, to an administrative job at a corporation, where one works on salary and waits for paychecks, one's finances are bound to take a bit a temporary downfall. I am so used to going home with cash everyday, yet I have not for the past week or so.

As a result of the money shortage, I picked up a double at the Olive Garden for Sunday, so I can make some cash to get me by in the meantime while waiting for my first paycheck from Randstad. Right now, one could say I am poor. PISS poor, baby. That is by no means anything to be proud of of brag about, but it is all part of the transformation from one job to another. In fact, it is rather frustrating.

Bill Dyer actually invited me to go out to a club with him and some folks on Thursday night, and last night he invited me to go see Superman Returns with him, but I had to turn him down on both instances because I just do not have any money at the moment. I want to see Superman Returns, and I would have LOVED to go clubbing, but unfortunately there is nothing I can do at the moment.

Between getting those paychecks, and picking up shifts at the OG every once in a while on the weekends, I will improve the money situation. It just takes time I guess.

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