Friday, July 07, 2006

A very Point Pleasant day!

BREAKING NEWS: My first work day at Wachovia officially falls on Monday, July 10!!!

Apparently, Wachovia would like me to start as soon as possible, so they pushed my first day of work ahead by a couple days. As a result, I will have to give away any O.G. shifts of mine scheduled for Monday and Tuesday of next week. I am sure as HELL not letting this opportunity slip through my fingers just because they want me to start a couple days early. That would be INSANELY IDIOTIC of me!

After working so many consecutive days, and finally getting two days off in a row (Wednesday and Thursday), I made a decision to get away for a little day trip. Yes, it is the heart of the summer. Prior to Thursday, I had not been able to make it to the shore.

Feeling the urgency of the months progressing onward in 2006, and seeing the gorgeous summer days pass me by, it was incumbent on me to make a trip to the shore. Today marked my first trip to the shore in summer 2006, but it certainly will not be my last! I may have gotten off to a late start this year, but the shore fun has just begun!

At about 1:15, I arrived at the Barnes and Noble in Howell and decided to buy myself a Caramel Frappucino to drink while looking at some boxing magazines. I made a pretty nice afternoon out of it. Jaime and I had been hinting at hanging out today for the past two weeks now. She called me around 2:30, right after being released from work, and asked me where I was. I told her that I was at the Barnes and Noble in Howell, and she responded by saying that she'd meet up with me.

She did come to see me and we spent about an hour in the Barnes and Noble talking and catching up on lost time. It was a terrific opportunity to bury the hatchet and clean the slate of some disturbing incidents from earlier this year. We did have a really good time, perhaps better than we had originally anticipated. After hanging out Barnes and Noble, and going to Target, we went to Chilis for a delicious and satisfying dinner.

Later in the evening, we finally went to Point Pleasant together. In lieu of Governor Corzine's recent decision to shut down NJ state beaches, it was a relief to discover that Point Pleasant is still up and running - and perhaps running better than ever! The Tiki Bar branching off the boardwalk and out onto the shore really intrigued me. We never actually entered the bar, but I would be delighted to return to Point Pleasant again really soon so I could check out the Tiki Bar and have some drinks! There was a $5 cover charge for the bar, but that will not stop me from entering the next time around.

Walking up and down the boardwalk, which was packed with people, and admiring the scenery of the shore with Jaime and breathing in the fresh ocean breeze, was quite therapeutic. It felt amazing. As we sat down on one of the benches at the end of the boardwalk and watched the boats sail out into the sea, the sky was absolutely beautiful. It had an amazing blend of colors, ranging from purple to pink to blue. Talking to Jaime, hanging out for the day, and having the opportunity to settle some loose ends was truly a blessing. Absolutely gratifying! I am thrilled that all of this happened.

There was even a special grand finale to cap off our delightful evening before I eventually made the trek back to D-town. HAHAHA.

Time for bed. I open the restaurant at 10am. EEEEKKKK!


jaime said...

i told u not to write about certain shit u ass hahaha

The Great One said...

Stop letting bugs cum in your mouth! LOL