Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Last night's run... or did I run?

Last night, I supposed to go out for a run as soon as I returned home from work. Did I go out and run? Unfortunately not. Instead, I opted to go to the library and participate in the Monday Night Boxingtalk chat session.

Afterwards, I came back home and stuffed my face with ice cream! Uh oh!!!! On a bit of a positive side, it was not a lot of ice cream. Certainly, however, such activity does not constitute running, or anything remotely close to running or any type of exercise for that matter.

But, that's OK folks. I made up for it.

At 7:15 this morning, I got my ass out of bed and went out for that run prior to going to work. Due to the weather conditions outside, I doubt I will be going out for a second run tonight, but I will get up tomorrow morning AGAIN and go out for another run before going to work. Maybe even a run when I get back from work, just as I had hoped for tonight. Why? Because that is what champions do.

Rest assured, I am doing something spectacular in three short months!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Saturday, December 2??

Today, I was eyeing the date of December 2 as a possible date for the GMAT.

I have already made the decision to take the test in Atlantic City. December 2, however, could very possibly be the date.

It will definitely happen before Christmas and New Years, so I can celebrate the holidays (as I expressed to you earlier) as well as my exceptional GMAT score. The result will indeed be a score, for which everyone around me (my family, friends, readers, and fans), and most importantly MYSELF, will be very proud of and come to appreciate for the undivided determination and mental prowess on my part that will have lead to such a result.

The GMAT is going to happen folks.
I will take it.
I will excel, at the end of the day.
I will get an amazingly high score, just as I have been preaching all along. I will move on from there with graduate school applications early in 2007.

This is period of idleness in my life, during which I go to work from nine to five and then I come home, with absolutely nothing to do. That's it. Nothing to truly occupy or nurture my mind and body.

Occasionally, I do go out to bars, or to peoples' houses, to party. Those are fun and exciting times for me, but I also realize that I want a brilliant future. I want what belongs to me. I want money. Lots of it. I want a positive reputation. Respected by others? You bet! That all comes when one earns it. That all comes with hard work, determination, discipline, and focus.

You want something, you go get it. I truly want to make this happen. I want the high score. I want to go back to school to elevate myself to heights that will give me the fortune and respect I demand. When I want something, I TAKE IT. I will TAKE THIS!

Will it be on December 2? The prospects of me taking this important test on that date are very likely right now.

Stay tuned...

Time for bed. I have to get up in the AM to go running, before I go to work.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Must go jogging tomorrow!

Taking the GMAT in December in AC??

Tomorrow marks the beginning of yet another work week. Monday seems to be the least popular day of all the days in a week.

However, I must get out for a run tomorrow after I come home from work. It is time for me to shed a few unnecessary pounds of fat from this body. I have to get the blood flowing in hopes of having a little more energy on a day to day basis.

Next week, after my I receive my next two paychecks, I will be paying to register for the GMAT! Yes, this is finally going to happen ladies and gentlemen, after about a year and a half of talking about it. We need to get the ball rolling on this as soon as possible. I need a challenge. More importantly, it is essential that I go to graduate school. Overall, I need to make some progress and get back to doing some positive things in life.

The GMAT is a test that I have had my eye on for quite some time; it is a test that I've always believed, and still do believe, I will literally destroy and come out as a total ace when it is all over. That is exactly what is going to happen.

As for the date and location, nothing is officially set as of yet. Right now, it's looking like a Saturday morning in December, probably at the Pearson Professional Center in Atlantic City, NJ. Taking the test early in December would be convenient, due to the fact that I would prefer to get this done prior to the holiday season so I can enjoy the holidays.

Why Atlantic City? The other NJ testing centers are located in Lyndhurst, Somerset, and Trenton. Having worked in Atlantic City for about a year, and having gone there rather frequently throughout my college years, I am most familiar with Atlantic City out of all those other towns.

Stay tuned for more! Tomorrow, it is time for me to start my jogging and my stomach crunches. For now, though, I'm going to lay down, watch Wayne's World 2, and eventually fall asleep. Bye now!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Mom!

I would like to say Happy Birthday to mom.

Yesterday evening, after work, I came home to shower and change. My plans were to drive down to P-town and hang out with Jeremy. That is exactly what I did. However, I did not realize until the moment I got there that the following day was my mother's birthday!! I had the gift and card ready to go, but I realized, not until last night, that the day had arrived so suddenly. That is when I made a note to myself to leave South Jerz this afternoon.

My birthday gift to my mom was this book called, The Screenwriter's Problem Solver by Syd Field. My mother has a passion for writing. She has already written one book called Dead is Just a Word, which is currently in bookstores, and just recently finished her second book. Her plans are to eventually write a screenplay, so I thought that would be the perfect gift. She absolutely loved it!

I got pretty drunk at Jeremy's apartment last night. Upon my arrival at Jeremy's, we drove over to Corner Tavern and purchased a 12 pack of Yuengling. We drank Yuengling, cranberry and vodkas with Jeremy's Skyy Vodka, and shots. I was wasted; didn't fall asleep until 5am!

Monday, August 21, 2006

News for my readers and fans, and my continuous journey to better living!

Slowly gaining back my dignity, enroute to reclaiming some long-lost glory.

Good evening, ladies and gents.

As I type this, I am currently at the library getting ready for a chatroom session with the Pound for Pound best boxer in the world today, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. The chatroom is currently mobbed with numbers of boxing fans for this chat session.

Well, where shall I begin?

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to see Scott Davies, one of my best friends dating back to our middle school days, and his lovely wife Liezl, as the two of them returned to New Jersey for Scott's cousin's wedding down in Somerset. Although it was for a brief period of time, I hung out with the two of them as they came over to my house on Saturday night to see my family and I.

We watched the boxing match (Paul Williams vs Sharmba Mitchell) on HBO Boxing After Dark and had an amusing time. They caught me in one of prime drunken states, but a happy one nonetheless. Thank God. It wasn't just a drunken state. With a sheepish grin on my face, I was ENTIRELY SHITFACED, as I sat on the couch, in a euphoric drunken haze, and laughed at just about anything that seemed remotely funny to me. LOL.

I am proud to say that I am for the most part a rather calm and happy drunk, but I suppose it all depends on the company one keeps as well as the circumstances. When I was drinking with Jeremy, Keeley, and Aaron a few weeks ago at their apartment down in the P-town/Stockton area, Jeremy and Keeley realized just how cool and composed I was under the influence of alcohol.

During their visit at my house on Saturday, Scott and Liezl told us about their vacations to a wide erray of countries and tropical locations, such as the one they enjoyed in Puerto Rico, and their life as newlyweds, now residing in Miami, FL.

Eventually I will travel down there to spend some time with them. I was happy to see both of them on Saturday, even if it was for a short period of time. Scott actually called me out on a text message I sent him earlier this summer, saying that I would be down there to visit him sometime late in August. Well, here we are on August 21, and no trip has been planned or paid for. I need to move on that ASAP.

As I posted about a week ago, I continue to focus on myself and my well-being. This does not mean that I do not care for others. This just means that I need to accomplish some tasks and achieve some goals that I have set forth so I could live a better life. This can not be done with the drama that plagued my life in the months preceding this very moment. To further elaborate on a previous post that I had written here on this website...

Yes, I had to to tell the ex-girlfriend that I am putting her to the side, at least for the time being. Don't get it twisted; I have absolutely no intentions of slighting her in anyway. That is not what this is about at all. For the longest time following the split, we each had different perspectives of each other. To make it easier for you to comprehend, we were not on the same page when it came to how we viewed one another.

There were also some changes of heart and shifts in attitude and communication, which began to take an emotional toll on me. With all that I have planned in the next few months, I had to put her on the backburner momentarily. This is not to say that I never want to talk to her again, or refuse to talk to her again. This just means that I have to take care of myself just as she feels the need to do. Some time, down the line, I am sure that we cross paths once again and we will have some friendly encounters. I am not a man who holds grudges very easily, as I clearly still care for the girl in some form or another. It would be obtuse for me not to do so.

However, you must also understand, that when one, who once implied to me (not that long ago) that I care for her more than anyone else ever did, tells me that she has nothing left to give me, that really has a tremendous impact on me emotionally. It is really painful, and at times still has a tendency to sadden me, but it is also an alarming wake-up call! This just goes to show how people can change instantly, but there is no animosity here and I remain optimistic.

Maybe down the line, something positive happens between us once again, but I am certainly not focusing on that right now. Nor am I relying on it! I am focusing on ME and things/people that are going please yours truly.

On yet another positive note, Target is going to pay me $37, due to the fact that I paid them $37 too much when paying off my entire credit balance a few weeks ago. I believed the balance to be approximately $300, but my balance prior to my recent payment, was only $263. Sweeeet. Not only do I no longer have any bills for that card, but money is also being returned to me. Awesome. The more, the better!

Starting this week, I am also beginning to bring down the balance on my Capital One card. Yes, that balance will be brought down very shortly. Soon, my credit score is going to sky rocket! An excellent, or even good, credit score is what I need, being that I am currently searching for an apartment. The search continues and I will have a pad in due time folks. It is going to happen, because I want it to happen, and I am focusing on me. I am The Truth. I am the Real McKoy. When I am focused on me, I get shit done. Period.

Eating a little bit healthier is also a habit that I am beginning to take up. My mom went shopping today and bought me some whole-wheat bread, sandwich meat, water, fruit, and yogurt. As I get older, I really need to start taking care of myself and eating foods that are going to give me more energy day to day. I also need to increase the exercise. Just the other day, I went out for a run, but I have not been doing it nearly enough. Perhaps I will get up early tomorrow morning to go out for a jog prior to showering and going to work.

Clearly my body is a temple, with a handsome face placed right atop that temple. Therefore, I must make the temple look just as visibly appealing and maintain its health. Lately, there have been way to many heart attacks for my comfort. One of the gentlemen, who either worked for the company I work at, or is closely acquainted at a professional level with some of my fellow employees, died of a heart attack at a fairly young 48 years of age!!! That is absolutely insane.

Shockingly freaky!!!

Yes, I need to take care of myself... not only to look studly, handsome, and beautiful, but also to maintain my health.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It is always an event at J-9's!

Last night marked yet another drunken poker night at the hospitable J-9's at Lake Hopatcong with the OG crew. It had been a while since I saw them, so it was certainly a fun (and drunken) festivity.

Whenever J-9 throws a party, two things are certain. 1.) I am there! 2.) It is always an event of some sort. Fortunately for my health and well being, I did not down a bottle of SoCo and 20 something beers last night!!! Not even close. I drank about eight beers. Yes, eight was enough to get the job done last night. Well, that, and I kind of ran out of time! LOL.

At the end of the party, the cops actually showed up, but Steve (J-9's boyfriend) managed to get rid of them. Apparently the old hag one house over complained about the noise. Oh well, it wasn't the first time this shit happened. And it probably will not be the last. Fun times, as usual.

Early this morning at about 4am, I made it home safely and enjoyed a reinvigorating four hours of sleep, prior to waking up at 8:20 to a minor hangover and getting ready for work. HAHA.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Stockton College's campus expansion and prosperous growth!

There is no doubt in my mind that Stockton College is on the up and coming in terms of schools that are growing and becoming more prestigious.

Many people, myself included, believe that the wealthy and resourceful (and perhaps, at certain times in the past, controversial) President Saatkamp is behind the positive development of this campus.

Aside from the new visual appeal to the campus grounds, many students are still cringing at how much this renovation is going to financially set them back each year when it's time to register for courses and student housing.

As Frank noted, while the three of us were walking around and taking in the sights, there is going to be a 10 percent increase in the tuition. OUCH! Still, the school is going through some really positive developments. This illustrates that Stockton College is no joke. There is no question that the college is going to become a university sooner rather than later. You have to remember that all of the distinguished universities and colleges in the state of of NJ have been around since the 1800's.

Stockton, a relatively new college, was established in 1969. There plenty of room for growth, and I believe this fine school is going to do just that. Grow. As the school develops into a university, and its credibility and status gradually rise over the years, that is just going to make my degree that much more significant and that much more valuable. As you can determine from reading this post, and many others for that matter, this alumni has an ocean of pride in the college he attended. LOL.

Its appearance is much more professional looking, and that was evident when Colleen, Frank, and myself took a walk over to the campus from the apartments today. The F-wing expansion has been completed and it looks gorgeous. I could not get over just how beautiful it looked when I walked through. There are now two floors of newly refurbished offices, along with a student center where students can sit down, study, or even meet each other in between classes to hang out.

There is also new furniture in there where students can sit down or even lay down and relax in between class sessions.

Even the entrance to the library, and the walls on the outside, look much more professional now than they did previously. A job well done to this point, but it is far from over. Soon, there will be new apartments built directly in front of Courts A, B, C, and D. Eventually, there will be additional parking lots in back of the new apartments.

Parking, as well as additional housing courts, are sorely needed for this campus, a campus in which the head count for students living on campus is rapidly increasing from year to year.

I was happy to be here when I was a student. I am just as thrilled to be back as a visitor and an alumni. Nothing ever changes. This place is awesome.


Away at Stockton, once again!

Last night, I was contemplating whether or not I would drive down to Stockton to spend the weekend with Colleen and Frank. The time had gotten as late as about 7:30 pm before I finally decided that I would make the drive down to P-town to hang out with them for the evening.

Upon my arrival at Frank's apartment, we went to the Galloway Diner to get a bite to eat. When do we not go to the Galloway Diner when we are all together in P-town? It was great time; we were talking about plans for January when we get the apartment. We discussed my intentions of having a good old time once I have the crib. Right now, as Vince Vaughn properly stated in the classic comedy Old School, "I'm an injured young fawn who has been nursed back to health and is now going to be re-released back into the wilderness." Nobody could have said it better. LOL.

After our time at the Galloway Diner, we drove back to Frank's apartment, where we decided to play a game of Monopoly with Steve (who happens live on campus this summer with Frank and Brian Ackerman). Holy mother of God, did I ever get destroyed in that game of Monopoly!!! It was the Simpsons Monopoly board game, but I sucked miserably nonetheless. Throughout the entire game, I think I had all of about four properties. It was really pathetic, but comical and fun at the same time.

Colleen eventually forfeited, when she got too tired to play and eventually hit the hay from exhaustion. I stayed alive in the game for about 45 minutes after Colleen went to bed, and eventually lost all of my money, mortgaged all of my four properties, and was beaten out of the game. Then it came down to Steve and Frank, and Steve eventually won the game by taking over the entire board and holding about $7,000 (just in $500 bills). Yeah, he slaughtered all of us. I doubt I will ever play that poorly at Monopoly ever again as long as I shall live. The game, however, went on for a total of approximately four hours.

After a good night sleep, we all woke up to a beautiful morning here in P-town. Colleen, Steve, and myself all went out to Wawa to get some cash and then to Dunkin Donuts for Coffee Coolattas, Smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, and donuts. Steve and I actually bought breakfast sandwiches - delicious pepperoni and melted cheese on bagels - from Wawa. Those are so good. They seem like the most simple sandwiches to make, but they have such a delicious taste.

Here I am in the computer lab right now, as Frank is starting his NFL draft team online, and Colleen is looking for ideas for her Halloween party on campus this October. This has been yet another pleasant get away to the 609 for yours truly, but it is not quite over with yet. No, it is not. There are rumblings of a movie night with Jeremy and Keeley (recently engaged) later on this evening, after Jeremy gets out of work at six o'clock. We might go to the movie theater to see Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby starring Will Ferrell, which is supposed to be really comical.

We'll see what happens later on. I'd really like to go to the beach today at some point. The weather is so beautiful.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Finally focused on ME!

One as truly amazing as myself ought to finally focus on one's best interests and endeavors!

Get me two Cosmos, so I can make a toast to that fine sentiment! LOL.

Thank God it is once again Friday, the end of yet another work week baby! This is a week, nonetheless, that ended rather quickly. Unfortunately, the summer season is moving along a little too quickly for my taste as well.

Something positive did happen earlier this week, which I was extremely proud of. I managed to pay off the entire balance on my Target card, so until I use the card to make any further purchases, I no longer receive monthly bills that are to be paid for that card. Glorious! Next up is my Capital One. WOAW! That might take two or three paychecks, but the debt from that credit card will be eliminated as well.

My focus will get me through these months, and help me to forget the misery and drama that plagued my life in the previous months throughout this year. I regret to admit that I barely made it down to the shore at all this summer, but I hope to make some trips down there in remaining weeks. Next summer, I will be living down by the shore, so it is somewhat of a tentative certainty that I will be getting plenty of beach time in summer of 2007.

Our move is still on track for January of the following year, but the location still remains yet to be determined. Our place of residence is likely to land in the Central/South area of New Jersey. Towns that have been discussed include Belmar, Brick, Pt. Pleasant, Lakewood, and Toms River (being the most recent of towns discussed). Toms River, even with it's super-populated and congested community, is still a rather convenient location. I would still be relatively 35 minutes away from Atlantic City and I would still be close to many of the shore points.

Congested towns???? Please! Are overpopulated towns really new news to somebody like me? You're reading a blog post written by somebody who grew up for 25 years in North Jersey, which is considered the state capital for population congestion. Toms River would not bother me in very least. Regardless of where my friend Colleen and I decide to move, the final result is sure to be a memorable landmark in my life, a landmark that I have been searching for for a number of months now.

The time has finally arrived for me to blossom and grow into a new and exciting chapter of my life, filled with new visions, brighter hopes, a more positive ora, and loyal folks who will care for me as much as I care for them. No drama or deceit either! HAHAHAHA. You have your traitors. You have your haters. You have people who mislead others. You have those who are harmfully deceptive. You have those who turn on you in the blink of an eye. Well, perhaps those circumstances can not be completely eliminated. After all, this is not a perfect world that we live in ladies gentlemen.Nonetheless, I would be delighted to see those facets of my life significanttly reduced.

Staying focused is the key to getting what I want. As long as I continue to work, grow in the world of business, save money, crawl out of debt, and move up the ladder, there is nothing and nobody that can stop me. There is not a single thing that anybody can bring to the table that can derail me, as long as I remain the very best and continue to stay focused on MYSELF. I can not wait to get this new place with my friend Colleen. I can not wait to be living in a new town that is located in an area of NJ that I love.

Starting over, getting out to have fun, and meeting some beautiful girls with great spirit and open-mindedness is something that I look forward to with great anticipation. Getting into another relationship is not something that I am prepared to put myself through so soon after the previous one went up in flames.

Dating is very cool though. I seriously look forward to some wonderful and enjoyable dates. I look forward to meeting some new girls, all different ones who show me great character and personality, learning more about them, and having a little bit of fun in the process baby! :P It is going to happen, because it is something that is going to make ME happy and now I am going to concentrate on ME, as many of my close compadres have advised me to do. Great advice. I will definitely heed their advice to the maximum.

As you can tell, I still LOVE women, even though things went piss-sour with the last woman I had in my life. Still no lack of love for sistas, believe me. HAHAHAHAHA! Someday I will find me the right one, but God doesn't quite have it in the cards for me just yet. Until then, I prefer to date girls. Plenty of them. All different flavors, just nothing that's capable of going, or already is, sour! EEEEEKKKKKK.

No bitter girls for me. No, thank you. Just flavorful honeys!!!

Shockingly, telling my family about the split back in April is something that I have still failed to do to this very point. There is a reason for that. With so much for me to focus on, and trying to stay level-headed, I am avoiding any sympathy or compassion that my family might choose to devote to me as a result of my loss (at least from their perspective, not necessarily mine). I can not have any of that. They will be informed of my break up in due time, perhaps when I have moved into my new apartment miles away. It will be easier to tell them then, after I have taken care of all the achievements and goals I am currently staying focused and working hard to achieve landmarks that I long to be at.

First order of business though, stay focused on the tasks at hand.

  • Save money.
  • Find a suitable apartment.
  • Keep graduate school in mind.
  • Register for that God forsaken GMAT, after two years of babbling on about how I would.
  • Pay off debt, which will contribute to my ability to save money.

It takes patience, adversity, tolerance, and perserverence. But little by little, as one of the most well-rounded people that I know (that being myself), I will get everything that I want with intelligence, discipline, and determination. Because finally, I am focusing on ME.

Me, myself, and I.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Visible Frylock up close!

As some of you may or may not know, I am pretty big fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which can be seen regularly on the cartoon network's Adult Swim.

Those who are familar with the roster of shows on Adult Swim might prefer Family Guy, which is the most popular of the featured shows on Adult Swim.

Nonetheless, I discovered Aqua Teen Hunger Force during my days as a college student at Stockton. After watching a few episodes on television, I became totally attached to that show. Lately, I have been watching episodes of this show pretty frequently lately. Yes, I have the DVDs of Season One and Season Two. In fact, I still have yet to purchase Seasons Three and Four.

Aquateen Hunger Force mainly consists of Meatwad (self explanatory: a wad or a ball of meat), Frylock, and Master Shake, who all happen to live together in a house somewhere in Southern NJ. They all talk. They all live together, as if they were regular people. LOL. Living next door is the fat, hairy, and bald Carl, who always sports a blue pair of sweat pants, sandals, and a white tank top that reveals his hairy-ass arms.

However, there have been certain episodes that feature special appearances of random odd-ball characters such the Mooninites (my favorite; they have been featured in at least three separate episodes), Ol' Drippy (the courteous kind-hearted dripping pile of penicillin and filth), and Wayne "The Brain" McClain (whom the Aqua teens always fail to defeat at team trivia contests).

A couple days ago, bored at work, I was looking through Google and found the Visible Frylock poster, which is hanging on the wall in Frylock's bedroom. Yeah, one could say I was pretty bored, but I wanted to see upclose what this poster looked like specifically in regards to Frylock's anatomy. Imagine if your lungs were stored in your chin???

Here you have it, the Visible Frylock!

Congratulations to the future Mr. and Mrs. Martinsen!

I would like to extend a special Blog of Bryan congratulations to Jeremy Martinsen (my ex-roommate and good friend) and Keeley Sullivan (good friend and one of the first people I met at Stockton!) for their recent engagement! That is absolutely wonderful news.

JMarti1623: I'm getting married!!!
HeRk18: congratulations!
HeRk18: are you joking?
HeRk18: lol
JMarti1623: thanx
JMarti1623: no
HeRk18: congratulations bro
JMarti1623: thanx man
HeRk18: ur welcome
JMarti1623: its crazy
JMarti1623: aaron doesnt know yet
JMarti1623: yo im gonna go but im planning a party next week
HeRk18: sweet
HeRk18: def
HeRk18: congrats bro
JMarti1623: thanks man
JMarti1623: im off

I spoke with the couple as early as Sunday. They speculated that they would be getting married in about three years or so. The engagement took place while they were enjoying a romantic cruise on a sailboat. Once again, congratulations to both of them. I wish them the very best!

Stay tuned for more news in the coming days.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Personal day off from work!

Today I decided to take a personal day off from work to get a little rest, and at the same time, complete some significant chores. Sometimes one needs a personal day, away from the work place, just to think or relax. Just to get some important chores accomplished. Just to gather some forces and certain things off one's chest.

Had I not taken this day off from work, I would've had plenty more on my mind than is the case right now and I would have been worrying, over-analyzing, and performing below my capable ability all day long. I could not allow that to happen, so I correctly took a step back and stayed home today. Early this morning, I took my car to the inspection because my car was due for inspection in July of 2006, but I totally lost track of the time.

It's all good. I took my car in this morning, but failed the inspections due to the breaks, the front right tire that was gradually getting flatter due to an embedded nail, and windshield wipers. That kind of sucked, but I knew I was going to fail at least for the breaks. However, I still took the car in for the inspection so that I may be granted the 40 day extension to get all of those matters corrected. Sure enough, I took my car down to Meinekee to get the breaks fixed and have a new tire put on the front right side.

Outside of the windshield wipers, which will be taken care of next week, my car is completely safe for driving purposes. The mechanics at Meinekee, who also happen to be really close with my family, were able to complete the entire job in a matter of hours. They even managed to discount to expense, as a result of the bond that my family has with them. I thought that was quite nice. Very generous, courteous, and delightfully hospitable. This situation, even with the discount, is going to cost me a quite a bit of money, but I need to pass this inspection and I also need to be safe on the road, so I got it taken care of nonetheless. I am thankful to the folks at Meinekee and I give them major props for their courtesy.

After picking up my car, I drove over to the Olive Garden to pay some old friends and co-employees a little visit. I figured I would also pick up some old pay stubs, some of which were void as I expected (I was a server who primarily earned money through tips), but a couple of them actually had some monetary values on them. One check was made out to me for like $11.56, while the other was listed at $3 and change. Wonderful! The more money, the better.

During my O.G. visit, I ran into Dustin and Dan (a couple of the managers), as well as some of my peeps such as J-9, Rico, Alicia, and Steve-O the 2nd. It was great to once again see these people. In the coming weeks, it is not entirely ruled out that I pick up shifts here and there on the weekends. Afterall, quick money surely serves a purpose, should an emergency come up (God forbid), or just a trip out of town for the weekend before or after. Still to this day, my name, employee number, and records still remain in the system.

As you all may know, I had originally planned a trip to Seaside this weekend with Colleen and the rest of that group to go to Bamboo, but it's questionable whether or not that still happens right now. I may opt for a trip down there next weekend now, rather than this weekend, just to save up some money and get some things done here at home - one of things being to clean my car out and organize my bedroom.

Beach time is privledge that I have truly failed to exercise this year, but I have faced a number of substantial responsibilities that I have been forced to acknowledge. For the most part, I have been hustling and trying to make the paper dollar, so that really cuts into my leisure time more than I would prefer. Rest assured, even though it is already August, I will get down to that beach again soon enough. Whether it is this weekend or next weekend, I will be at some beach point, with my shirt off, sporting the sun tan lotion, and relaxing on the beach as I soak up the glorious rays and admire the sight of the ocean in front of me.

The entire month of July was about getting my feet back on the ground once again, after making the transition of switching from one job to another. I certainly need to save up some cash and deposit it into my account so I can be prepared for the likely move with Colleen (and possibly Mike) this January. Moving down South into Central Jersey is a delightful thrill to me, knowing that a lot of bars as well as the beach points are located in that area.

In the event that I choose to attend graduate school at Monmouth University, I will be much closer to that particular location as well. The entire scenario is certainly a win-win situation, but I must at least have the cash for first and last month rent. Prior to that even, we must start searching for viable apartments.

I want it to happen. It must happen. It will happen. Getting my feet planted firmly on the ground, and crawling my way back to financial stability for the remainder of the 2006, will ensure that I have smoother and happier 2007 in my new crib down by the shore (as the BENNYs would say).

It is all just a matter of time, baby. Just a matter of time, patience, and planning.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Skipping ahead in front of the herd!

When driving down I-80 East every single morning to get to the exit (Exit 43) that enters I-287, I always do the same thing when approaching the exit. Each morning, there is a long ass line of traffic waiting to get onto I-287.

They just sit there, waiting most patiently as if they don't have to be at work on time. It is almost as if they do not have any worries at all whatsoever. That is fine and good, but folks such as myself must get to work at a reasonable time, so I can sit in my cubicle and be unproductive doing very little. LOL.

As for getting onto I-287 quicker than the rest of the turtles, my methods are simple. I continue down I-80, simply passing the listless herd that politely waits in the long line directly to the right, until I am at the actual exit for I-287. It is then that I cut into the line and get onto I-287 immediately.

Why wait in a fucking line that is over two miles long when I can continue down I-80 until I eventually reach the exit???? Seeing that line for the exit each morning is kind of funny. I pimp the herd everyday and make it to the highway before they even get a chance to. Ladies and gentlemen, I am quite the exit pimp!

Time to go watch Beavis and Butthead Do America, before eventually passing out in a peaceful sleep and getting up in the AM to pimp Exit 43 once again.