Sunday, August 13, 2006

Away at Stockton, once again!

Last night, I was contemplating whether or not I would drive down to Stockton to spend the weekend with Colleen and Frank. The time had gotten as late as about 7:30 pm before I finally decided that I would make the drive down to P-town to hang out with them for the evening.

Upon my arrival at Frank's apartment, we went to the Galloway Diner to get a bite to eat. When do we not go to the Galloway Diner when we are all together in P-town? It was great time; we were talking about plans for January when we get the apartment. We discussed my intentions of having a good old time once I have the crib. Right now, as Vince Vaughn properly stated in the classic comedy Old School, "I'm an injured young fawn who has been nursed back to health and is now going to be re-released back into the wilderness." Nobody could have said it better. LOL.

After our time at the Galloway Diner, we drove back to Frank's apartment, where we decided to play a game of Monopoly with Steve (who happens live on campus this summer with Frank and Brian Ackerman). Holy mother of God, did I ever get destroyed in that game of Monopoly!!! It was the Simpsons Monopoly board game, but I sucked miserably nonetheless. Throughout the entire game, I think I had all of about four properties. It was really pathetic, but comical and fun at the same time.

Colleen eventually forfeited, when she got too tired to play and eventually hit the hay from exhaustion. I stayed alive in the game for about 45 minutes after Colleen went to bed, and eventually lost all of my money, mortgaged all of my four properties, and was beaten out of the game. Then it came down to Steve and Frank, and Steve eventually won the game by taking over the entire board and holding about $7,000 (just in $500 bills). Yeah, he slaughtered all of us. I doubt I will ever play that poorly at Monopoly ever again as long as I shall live. The game, however, went on for a total of approximately four hours.

After a good night sleep, we all woke up to a beautiful morning here in P-town. Colleen, Steve, and myself all went out to Wawa to get some cash and then to Dunkin Donuts for Coffee Coolattas, Smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, and donuts. Steve and I actually bought breakfast sandwiches - delicious pepperoni and melted cheese on bagels - from Wawa. Those are so good. They seem like the most simple sandwiches to make, but they have such a delicious taste.

Here I am in the computer lab right now, as Frank is starting his NFL draft team online, and Colleen is looking for ideas for her Halloween party on campus this October. This has been yet another pleasant get away to the 609 for yours truly, but it is not quite over with yet. No, it is not. There are rumblings of a movie night with Jeremy and Keeley (recently engaged) later on this evening, after Jeremy gets out of work at six o'clock. We might go to the movie theater to see Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby starring Will Ferrell, which is supposed to be really comical.

We'll see what happens later on. I'd really like to go to the beach today at some point. The weather is so beautiful.

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