Friday, August 11, 2006

Finally focused on ME!

One as truly amazing as myself ought to finally focus on one's best interests and endeavors!

Get me two Cosmos, so I can make a toast to that fine sentiment! LOL.

Thank God it is once again Friday, the end of yet another work week baby! This is a week, nonetheless, that ended rather quickly. Unfortunately, the summer season is moving along a little too quickly for my taste as well.

Something positive did happen earlier this week, which I was extremely proud of. I managed to pay off the entire balance on my Target card, so until I use the card to make any further purchases, I no longer receive monthly bills that are to be paid for that card. Glorious! Next up is my Capital One. WOAW! That might take two or three paychecks, but the debt from that credit card will be eliminated as well.

My focus will get me through these months, and help me to forget the misery and drama that plagued my life in the previous months throughout this year. I regret to admit that I barely made it down to the shore at all this summer, but I hope to make some trips down there in remaining weeks. Next summer, I will be living down by the shore, so it is somewhat of a tentative certainty that I will be getting plenty of beach time in summer of 2007.

Our move is still on track for January of the following year, but the location still remains yet to be determined. Our place of residence is likely to land in the Central/South area of New Jersey. Towns that have been discussed include Belmar, Brick, Pt. Pleasant, Lakewood, and Toms River (being the most recent of towns discussed). Toms River, even with it's super-populated and congested community, is still a rather convenient location. I would still be relatively 35 minutes away from Atlantic City and I would still be close to many of the shore points.

Congested towns???? Please! Are overpopulated towns really new news to somebody like me? You're reading a blog post written by somebody who grew up for 25 years in North Jersey, which is considered the state capital for population congestion. Toms River would not bother me in very least. Regardless of where my friend Colleen and I decide to move, the final result is sure to be a memorable landmark in my life, a landmark that I have been searching for for a number of months now.

The time has finally arrived for me to blossom and grow into a new and exciting chapter of my life, filled with new visions, brighter hopes, a more positive ora, and loyal folks who will care for me as much as I care for them. No drama or deceit either! HAHAHAHA. You have your traitors. You have your haters. You have people who mislead others. You have those who are harmfully deceptive. You have those who turn on you in the blink of an eye. Well, perhaps those circumstances can not be completely eliminated. After all, this is not a perfect world that we live in ladies gentlemen.Nonetheless, I would be delighted to see those facets of my life significanttly reduced.

Staying focused is the key to getting what I want. As long as I continue to work, grow in the world of business, save money, crawl out of debt, and move up the ladder, there is nothing and nobody that can stop me. There is not a single thing that anybody can bring to the table that can derail me, as long as I remain the very best and continue to stay focused on MYSELF. I can not wait to get this new place with my friend Colleen. I can not wait to be living in a new town that is located in an area of NJ that I love.

Starting over, getting out to have fun, and meeting some beautiful girls with great spirit and open-mindedness is something that I look forward to with great anticipation. Getting into another relationship is not something that I am prepared to put myself through so soon after the previous one went up in flames.

Dating is very cool though. I seriously look forward to some wonderful and enjoyable dates. I look forward to meeting some new girls, all different ones who show me great character and personality, learning more about them, and having a little bit of fun in the process baby! :P It is going to happen, because it is something that is going to make ME happy and now I am going to concentrate on ME, as many of my close compadres have advised me to do. Great advice. I will definitely heed their advice to the maximum.

As you can tell, I still LOVE women, even though things went piss-sour with the last woman I had in my life. Still no lack of love for sistas, believe me. HAHAHAHAHA! Someday I will find me the right one, but God doesn't quite have it in the cards for me just yet. Until then, I prefer to date girls. Plenty of them. All different flavors, just nothing that's capable of going, or already is, sour! EEEEEKKKKKK.

No bitter girls for me. No, thank you. Just flavorful honeys!!!

Shockingly, telling my family about the split back in April is something that I have still failed to do to this very point. There is a reason for that. With so much for me to focus on, and trying to stay level-headed, I am avoiding any sympathy or compassion that my family might choose to devote to me as a result of my loss (at least from their perspective, not necessarily mine). I can not have any of that. They will be informed of my break up in due time, perhaps when I have moved into my new apartment miles away. It will be easier to tell them then, after I have taken care of all the achievements and goals I am currently staying focused and working hard to achieve landmarks that I long to be at.

First order of business though, stay focused on the tasks at hand.

  • Save money.
  • Find a suitable apartment.
  • Keep graduate school in mind.
  • Register for that God forsaken GMAT, after two years of babbling on about how I would.
  • Pay off debt, which will contribute to my ability to save money.

It takes patience, adversity, tolerance, and perserverence. But little by little, as one of the most well-rounded people that I know (that being myself), I will get everything that I want with intelligence, discipline, and determination. Because finally, I am focusing on ME.

Me, myself, and I.

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