Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Last night's run... or did I run?

Last night, I supposed to go out for a run as soon as I returned home from work. Did I go out and run? Unfortunately not. Instead, I opted to go to the library and participate in the Monday Night Boxingtalk chat session.

Afterwards, I came back home and stuffed my face with ice cream! Uh oh!!!! On a bit of a positive side, it was not a lot of ice cream. Certainly, however, such activity does not constitute running, or anything remotely close to running or any type of exercise for that matter.

But, that's OK folks. I made up for it.

At 7:15 this morning, I got my ass out of bed and went out for that run prior to going to work. Due to the weather conditions outside, I doubt I will be going out for a second run tonight, but I will get up tomorrow morning AGAIN and go out for another run before going to work. Maybe even a run when I get back from work, just as I had hoped for tonight. Why? Because that is what champions do.

Rest assured, I am doing something spectacular in three short months!

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