Monday, August 21, 2006

News for my readers and fans, and my continuous journey to better living!

Slowly gaining back my dignity, enroute to reclaiming some long-lost glory.

Good evening, ladies and gents.

As I type this, I am currently at the library getting ready for a chatroom session with the Pound for Pound best boxer in the world today, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. The chatroom is currently mobbed with numbers of boxing fans for this chat session.

Well, where shall I begin?

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to see Scott Davies, one of my best friends dating back to our middle school days, and his lovely wife Liezl, as the two of them returned to New Jersey for Scott's cousin's wedding down in Somerset. Although it was for a brief period of time, I hung out with the two of them as they came over to my house on Saturday night to see my family and I.

We watched the boxing match (Paul Williams vs Sharmba Mitchell) on HBO Boxing After Dark and had an amusing time. They caught me in one of prime drunken states, but a happy one nonetheless. Thank God. It wasn't just a drunken state. With a sheepish grin on my face, I was ENTIRELY SHITFACED, as I sat on the couch, in a euphoric drunken haze, and laughed at just about anything that seemed remotely funny to me. LOL.

I am proud to say that I am for the most part a rather calm and happy drunk, but I suppose it all depends on the company one keeps as well as the circumstances. When I was drinking with Jeremy, Keeley, and Aaron a few weeks ago at their apartment down in the P-town/Stockton area, Jeremy and Keeley realized just how cool and composed I was under the influence of alcohol.

During their visit at my house on Saturday, Scott and Liezl told us about their vacations to a wide erray of countries and tropical locations, such as the one they enjoyed in Puerto Rico, and their life as newlyweds, now residing in Miami, FL.

Eventually I will travel down there to spend some time with them. I was happy to see both of them on Saturday, even if it was for a short period of time. Scott actually called me out on a text message I sent him earlier this summer, saying that I would be down there to visit him sometime late in August. Well, here we are on August 21, and no trip has been planned or paid for. I need to move on that ASAP.

As I posted about a week ago, I continue to focus on myself and my well-being. This does not mean that I do not care for others. This just means that I need to accomplish some tasks and achieve some goals that I have set forth so I could live a better life. This can not be done with the drama that plagued my life in the months preceding this very moment. To further elaborate on a previous post that I had written here on this website...

Yes, I had to to tell the ex-girlfriend that I am putting her to the side, at least for the time being. Don't get it twisted; I have absolutely no intentions of slighting her in anyway. That is not what this is about at all. For the longest time following the split, we each had different perspectives of each other. To make it easier for you to comprehend, we were not on the same page when it came to how we viewed one another.

There were also some changes of heart and shifts in attitude and communication, which began to take an emotional toll on me. With all that I have planned in the next few months, I had to put her on the backburner momentarily. This is not to say that I never want to talk to her again, or refuse to talk to her again. This just means that I have to take care of myself just as she feels the need to do. Some time, down the line, I am sure that we cross paths once again and we will have some friendly encounters. I am not a man who holds grudges very easily, as I clearly still care for the girl in some form or another. It would be obtuse for me not to do so.

However, you must also understand, that when one, who once implied to me (not that long ago) that I care for her more than anyone else ever did, tells me that she has nothing left to give me, that really has a tremendous impact on me emotionally. It is really painful, and at times still has a tendency to sadden me, but it is also an alarming wake-up call! This just goes to show how people can change instantly, but there is no animosity here and I remain optimistic.

Maybe down the line, something positive happens between us once again, but I am certainly not focusing on that right now. Nor am I relying on it! I am focusing on ME and things/people that are going please yours truly.

On yet another positive note, Target is going to pay me $37, due to the fact that I paid them $37 too much when paying off my entire credit balance a few weeks ago. I believed the balance to be approximately $300, but my balance prior to my recent payment, was only $263. Sweeeet. Not only do I no longer have any bills for that card, but money is also being returned to me. Awesome. The more, the better!

Starting this week, I am also beginning to bring down the balance on my Capital One card. Yes, that balance will be brought down very shortly. Soon, my credit score is going to sky rocket! An excellent, or even good, credit score is what I need, being that I am currently searching for an apartment. The search continues and I will have a pad in due time folks. It is going to happen, because I want it to happen, and I am focusing on me. I am The Truth. I am the Real McKoy. When I am focused on me, I get shit done. Period.

Eating a little bit healthier is also a habit that I am beginning to take up. My mom went shopping today and bought me some whole-wheat bread, sandwich meat, water, fruit, and yogurt. As I get older, I really need to start taking care of myself and eating foods that are going to give me more energy day to day. I also need to increase the exercise. Just the other day, I went out for a run, but I have not been doing it nearly enough. Perhaps I will get up early tomorrow morning to go out for a jog prior to showering and going to work.

Clearly my body is a temple, with a handsome face placed right atop that temple. Therefore, I must make the temple look just as visibly appealing and maintain its health. Lately, there have been way to many heart attacks for my comfort. One of the gentlemen, who either worked for the company I work at, or is closely acquainted at a professional level with some of my fellow employees, died of a heart attack at a fairly young 48 years of age!!! That is absolutely insane.

Shockingly freaky!!!

Yes, I need to take care of myself... not only to look studly, handsome, and beautiful, but also to maintain my health.

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I know the feeling about getting older and eating healthier. I've been trying to eat healthy and exercise to get rid of some unwanted weight, but its not easy. I went rollerblading last week for the first time all summer. I should have done that a lot more. With the fall and the winter coming people in general are less active than during the summer. I miss Target, not the hours, but the manaul labor, the exercise I got every night. Now at my current job my exercise is walking to another department to complain. Oh well. Just have to find other ways.