Friday, August 04, 2006

Personal day off from work!

Today I decided to take a personal day off from work to get a little rest, and at the same time, complete some significant chores. Sometimes one needs a personal day, away from the work place, just to think or relax. Just to get some important chores accomplished. Just to gather some forces and certain things off one's chest.

Had I not taken this day off from work, I would've had plenty more on my mind than is the case right now and I would have been worrying, over-analyzing, and performing below my capable ability all day long. I could not allow that to happen, so I correctly took a step back and stayed home today. Early this morning, I took my car to the inspection because my car was due for inspection in July of 2006, but I totally lost track of the time.

It's all good. I took my car in this morning, but failed the inspections due to the breaks, the front right tire that was gradually getting flatter due to an embedded nail, and windshield wipers. That kind of sucked, but I knew I was going to fail at least for the breaks. However, I still took the car in for the inspection so that I may be granted the 40 day extension to get all of those matters corrected. Sure enough, I took my car down to Meinekee to get the breaks fixed and have a new tire put on the front right side.

Outside of the windshield wipers, which will be taken care of next week, my car is completely safe for driving purposes. The mechanics at Meinekee, who also happen to be really close with my family, were able to complete the entire job in a matter of hours. They even managed to discount to expense, as a result of the bond that my family has with them. I thought that was quite nice. Very generous, courteous, and delightfully hospitable. This situation, even with the discount, is going to cost me a quite a bit of money, but I need to pass this inspection and I also need to be safe on the road, so I got it taken care of nonetheless. I am thankful to the folks at Meinekee and I give them major props for their courtesy.

After picking up my car, I drove over to the Olive Garden to pay some old friends and co-employees a little visit. I figured I would also pick up some old pay stubs, some of which were void as I expected (I was a server who primarily earned money through tips), but a couple of them actually had some monetary values on them. One check was made out to me for like $11.56, while the other was listed at $3 and change. Wonderful! The more money, the better.

During my O.G. visit, I ran into Dustin and Dan (a couple of the managers), as well as some of my peeps such as J-9, Rico, Alicia, and Steve-O the 2nd. It was great to once again see these people. In the coming weeks, it is not entirely ruled out that I pick up shifts here and there on the weekends. Afterall, quick money surely serves a purpose, should an emergency come up (God forbid), or just a trip out of town for the weekend before or after. Still to this day, my name, employee number, and records still remain in the system.

As you all may know, I had originally planned a trip to Seaside this weekend with Colleen and the rest of that group to go to Bamboo, but it's questionable whether or not that still happens right now. I may opt for a trip down there next weekend now, rather than this weekend, just to save up some money and get some things done here at home - one of things being to clean my car out and organize my bedroom.

Beach time is privledge that I have truly failed to exercise this year, but I have faced a number of substantial responsibilities that I have been forced to acknowledge. For the most part, I have been hustling and trying to make the paper dollar, so that really cuts into my leisure time more than I would prefer. Rest assured, even though it is already August, I will get down to that beach again soon enough. Whether it is this weekend or next weekend, I will be at some beach point, with my shirt off, sporting the sun tan lotion, and relaxing on the beach as I soak up the glorious rays and admire the sight of the ocean in front of me.

The entire month of July was about getting my feet back on the ground once again, after making the transition of switching from one job to another. I certainly need to save up some cash and deposit it into my account so I can be prepared for the likely move with Colleen (and possibly Mike) this January. Moving down South into Central Jersey is a delightful thrill to me, knowing that a lot of bars as well as the beach points are located in that area.

In the event that I choose to attend graduate school at Monmouth University, I will be much closer to that particular location as well. The entire scenario is certainly a win-win situation, but I must at least have the cash for first and last month rent. Prior to that even, we must start searching for viable apartments.

I want it to happen. It must happen. It will happen. Getting my feet planted firmly on the ground, and crawling my way back to financial stability for the remainder of the 2006, will ensure that I have smoother and happier 2007 in my new crib down by the shore (as the BENNYs would say).

It is all just a matter of time, baby. Just a matter of time, patience, and planning.

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