Monday, August 28, 2006

Saturday, December 2??

Today, I was eyeing the date of December 2 as a possible date for the GMAT.

I have already made the decision to take the test in Atlantic City. December 2, however, could very possibly be the date.

It will definitely happen before Christmas and New Years, so I can celebrate the holidays (as I expressed to you earlier) as well as my exceptional GMAT score. The result will indeed be a score, for which everyone around me (my family, friends, readers, and fans), and most importantly MYSELF, will be very proud of and come to appreciate for the undivided determination and mental prowess on my part that will have lead to such a result.

The GMAT is going to happen folks.
I will take it.
I will excel, at the end of the day.
I will get an amazingly high score, just as I have been preaching all along. I will move on from there with graduate school applications early in 2007.

This is period of idleness in my life, during which I go to work from nine to five and then I come home, with absolutely nothing to do. That's it. Nothing to truly occupy or nurture my mind and body.

Occasionally, I do go out to bars, or to peoples' houses, to party. Those are fun and exciting times for me, but I also realize that I want a brilliant future. I want what belongs to me. I want money. Lots of it. I want a positive reputation. Respected by others? You bet! That all comes when one earns it. That all comes with hard work, determination, discipline, and focus.

You want something, you go get it. I truly want to make this happen. I want the high score. I want to go back to school to elevate myself to heights that will give me the fortune and respect I demand. When I want something, I TAKE IT. I will TAKE THIS!

Will it be on December 2? The prospects of me taking this important test on that date are very likely right now.

Stay tuned...

Time for bed. I have to get up in the AM to go running, before I go to work.

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