Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Skipping ahead in front of the herd!

When driving down I-80 East every single morning to get to the exit (Exit 43) that enters I-287, I always do the same thing when approaching the exit. Each morning, there is a long ass line of traffic waiting to get onto I-287.

They just sit there, waiting most patiently as if they don't have to be at work on time. It is almost as if they do not have any worries at all whatsoever. That is fine and good, but folks such as myself must get to work at a reasonable time, so I can sit in my cubicle and be unproductive doing very little. LOL.

As for getting onto I-287 quicker than the rest of the turtles, my methods are simple. I continue down I-80, simply passing the listless herd that politely waits in the long line directly to the right, until I am at the actual exit for I-287. It is then that I cut into the line and get onto I-287 immediately.

Why wait in a fucking line that is over two miles long when I can continue down I-80 until I eventually reach the exit???? Seeing that line for the exit each morning is kind of funny. I pimp the herd everyday and make it to the highway before they even get a chance to. Ladies and gentlemen, I am quite the exit pimp!

Time to go watch Beavis and Butthead Do America, before eventually passing out in a peaceful sleep and getting up in the AM to pimp Exit 43 once again.

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