Sunday, August 13, 2006

Stockton College's campus expansion and prosperous growth!

There is no doubt in my mind that Stockton College is on the up and coming in terms of schools that are growing and becoming more prestigious.

Many people, myself included, believe that the wealthy and resourceful (and perhaps, at certain times in the past, controversial) President Saatkamp is behind the positive development of this campus.

Aside from the new visual appeal to the campus grounds, many students are still cringing at how much this renovation is going to financially set them back each year when it's time to register for courses and student housing.

As Frank noted, while the three of us were walking around and taking in the sights, there is going to be a 10 percent increase in the tuition. OUCH! Still, the school is going through some really positive developments. This illustrates that Stockton College is no joke. There is no question that the college is going to become a university sooner rather than later. You have to remember that all of the distinguished universities and colleges in the state of of NJ have been around since the 1800's.

Stockton, a relatively new college, was established in 1969. There plenty of room for growth, and I believe this fine school is going to do just that. Grow. As the school develops into a university, and its credibility and status gradually rise over the years, that is just going to make my degree that much more significant and that much more valuable. As you can determine from reading this post, and many others for that matter, this alumni has an ocean of pride in the college he attended. LOL.

Its appearance is much more professional looking, and that was evident when Colleen, Frank, and myself took a walk over to the campus from the apartments today. The F-wing expansion has been completed and it looks gorgeous. I could not get over just how beautiful it looked when I walked through. There are now two floors of newly refurbished offices, along with a student center where students can sit down, study, or even meet each other in between classes to hang out.

There is also new furniture in there where students can sit down or even lay down and relax in between class sessions.

Even the entrance to the library, and the walls on the outside, look much more professional now than they did previously. A job well done to this point, but it is far from over. Soon, there will be new apartments built directly in front of Courts A, B, C, and D. Eventually, there will be additional parking lots in back of the new apartments.

Parking, as well as additional housing courts, are sorely needed for this campus, a campus in which the head count for students living on campus is rapidly increasing from year to year.

I was happy to be here when I was a student. I am just as thrilled to be back as a visitor and an alumni. Nothing ever changes. This place is awesome.


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