Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Visible Frylock up close!

As some of you may or may not know, I am pretty big fan of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which can be seen regularly on the cartoon network's Adult Swim.

Those who are familar with the roster of shows on Adult Swim might prefer Family Guy, which is the most popular of the featured shows on Adult Swim.

Nonetheless, I discovered Aqua Teen Hunger Force during my days as a college student at Stockton. After watching a few episodes on television, I became totally attached to that show. Lately, I have been watching episodes of this show pretty frequently lately. Yes, I have the DVDs of Season One and Season Two. In fact, I still have yet to purchase Seasons Three and Four.

Aquateen Hunger Force mainly consists of Meatwad (self explanatory: a wad or a ball of meat), Frylock, and Master Shake, who all happen to live together in a house somewhere in Southern NJ. They all talk. They all live together, as if they were regular people. LOL. Living next door is the fat, hairy, and bald Carl, who always sports a blue pair of sweat pants, sandals, and a white tank top that reveals his hairy-ass arms.

However, there have been certain episodes that feature special appearances of random odd-ball characters such the Mooninites (my favorite; they have been featured in at least three separate episodes), Ol' Drippy (the courteous kind-hearted dripping pile of penicillin and filth), and Wayne "The Brain" McClain (whom the Aqua teens always fail to defeat at team trivia contests).

A couple days ago, bored at work, I was looking through Google and found the Visible Frylock poster, which is hanging on the wall in Frylock's bedroom. Yeah, one could say I was pretty bored, but I wanted to see upclose what this poster looked like specifically in regards to Frylock's anatomy. Imagine if your lungs were stored in your chin???

Here you have it, the Visible Frylock!

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