Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kudos to Grady "Bad Boy" Brewer!!!

Boxing's reality TV show The Contender is an eye opener to anybody who assumes that boxing is solely a bling-bling, mega super fights for 10 titles in one night, Don King, multi-millions of dollars, top P4P type of sport.
Let me tell you, boxing's enterprise, at the elite status, is all controlled by money and politics. Promoters, who would rather protect their fighters against safe opposition, than to out them in against fellow stars and elite champions in their division.
If you are a promoter, it is much easier to feed a below average Joe Schmoe to your undefeated superstar titlist, who has a substantial crowd appeal, and even worse, feed such a "contest" to fans, who should know better, on PPV!
Undoubtedly, The Contender is clearly intended to be a reality TV show, but it's a bunch of fighters who have had difficult times in their careers and never quite made it to the elite level that all of the top fighters are able to reach. All of these gentlemen have a past in terms of their lives and careers. This show right here is reality, and it can be appreciated.
Not every fighter can ascend to the world championship ranks. Not every fighter makes to the big stage on HBO. One can appreciate this competition for what it is, just as one can follow the big leagues and the championship world class picture.
The drama is great for TV purposes, and so is the fact that they're 5 round fights, which means that these evenly matched (for the most part) fighters have to fight their asses off in that 15 minute period.
I'll tell you right now, I'd rather watch this reality series than 65% of the PPV GARBAGE that promoters try to influence us to purchase, any day of the week and twice on Sunday! Bring me 15 average to below average (but evenly matched) fighters and put them against each other in a reality TV tournament, BEFORE you bring me a protected and undefeated superstar titlist, who is going to defend his title against some bum, who is not even on the level of the guys who fight on this reality TV SHOW! Lord knows I will probably get a better bang for my buck which, considering the fact that it is FREE, will be no fee.
Having said all of that, all of the fights and their results of this second season of The Contender boiled down to an appropriately-matched finale. Not only that, but it was not edited for the TV show. This fight, just as was the case on NBC in the original season, was shown as a real, unedited boxing match on ESPN.
Last night, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA, Grady "Bad Boy" Brewer (21-11, 12 KO's) entered the ring as the underdog (a live one at that) against former IBF Jr. Lightweight Champion Stevie "Two Pound" Forbes (32-3, 9 KO's) for the The Contender Season Two Championship. Both contestants had beaten three fighters each to get to this landmark, with Brewer defeating Vinroy Barrett, Michael Stewart, and Nerberto Bravo. Forbes had beaten Freddy Curiel, Nick Acevedo, and Cornelius Bundrage.
Let it be known, that while polls indicated that most people were picking Forbes to win the fight, I predicted an upset win for Brewer, based on his quality of opposition, rangier style, and size advantage. Perhaps so many folks were favoring Forbes because he was the most skilled boxer in the competition. Many fans also took into account that Forbes is a former world champion and such a reputation, which clearly preceded him in the bouts throughout the competition, would lead to an inevitable victory on his part in the championship match.
Last night not only marked the finale of this second season, but a chance for one of these two fighters to make a major statement by win this entire competition in front of 12,000 fans in attendance and a nationwide audience. Furthermore, the winner would take home $500,000, be featured the cover boy in the following issue of Ring Magazine, and be awarded a brand new blue Toyota Tundra.
Throughout the fight, both knew the stakes of this event and put forth a game effort. Although Brewer was the underdog entering the bout, his quality of opposition was much more impressive than that of the former world champion.

Having fought the likes of current middleweight champion Jermain Taylor, Jr middleweight contenders Sechew Powell and Anthony Thompson, and former Jr middleweight title challenger Carlos Bojorquez, Brewer felt right at home fighting against Forbes, at what felt like a more natural weight to him of 147lbs.
At the end of the day, it was the bigger and rangier Brewer who would prevail via split decision over Forbes. Scores were 97-93 and 96-94 for Brewer respectively, while the third scorecard resulted in a tab of 96-94 for Forbes. Perhaps Forbes will move down to the more suitable 140lb division, as he was just a bit over matched from a physical standpoint against Brewer.
For Brewer, this is indeed a notable achievement on his part. Also fighting as an underdog in all three of his bouts leading up to the finale, Brewer has clearly proven himself to be the Cinderella Man in this second season of The Contender. The victory over Forbes raises Brewer to a record of 22-11. with 12 knockouts. As it stands right now, that may very possibly be the best 22-11 record in the sport.
If the avid fans of the National Football League (NFL), many of them being Philadelphia Eagles fans in the Southern NJ and Philadelphia regions, can appreciate the Eagles for their hard work, and losing efforts in all the playoffs at which they failed to win Superbowl Championships, then yours truly can appreciate Mr. Brewer for his enthusiasm and refusal to give in due the losses he has suffered and adversity he has faced in his professional career.
Mr. Brewer, after seeing your performances as well as the story behind your life and career, you now have another fan. Such praise and envy is coming from a truly loyal boxing fan, expert, and aficionado. From the undisputed champions, all the way to the journeymen, this critic must give credit where credit is due. He showed heart. He showed courage. He showed determination. He showed an unbreakable desire to capture the moment in this finalle and move on to a bigger and more lucrative stage in the sport.

Kudos to Grady Brewer! A job well done.

Monday, September 25, 2006

ADP in Parsippany?

This morning I called Randstad, discovering that my agent had returned from vacation. After my lack of success last week, it was a minor relief to know that the lady who had helped me out with the first job was once again back in the office.

She asked me if I was looking for work, and I told her that I was indeed looking for work. She informed me of ADP in Parsippany and the fact that they were looking for qualified temps for an assignment intended to last at least three to six months. The interviewing process will begin very shortly. Therefore, I updated my resume with additional skill sets, my latest job, and my references. That's right, my reference will indeed be involved this time around.

We have to snag this opportunity so I can make some really good money prior to January's move. After that, I'll be looking for a direct hire. First thing is first, I need to land the interview with this latest prospect.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Position at Randstad NOT happening!

Might this get worse before it gets better?

Supposedly, after keeping me in suspense for four days, the folks at Randstad found a candidate, supposedly more viable than myself, for the position they had available.

When I think about it, they actually wanted somebody long term for the position at their office. One who was granted the position would be eligible for branch relocation after working at the Parsippany branch for a year. As a temp, employer wanted someone to work the position for at least six months. Considering the fact that I will be moving in January (which I made it a point NOT to tell the interviewer!), perhaps I was not exactly the most fitting or reliable candidate for that position.

I did, however, tell the interviewer that I would be taking the GMAT on December 2, and that I had a keen interest in going to graduate school for my masters a year from now. Perhaps that implication on my part killed any chances of getting the job. When asked if I would prefer to be hired as a temp to hire or a direct hire, I suggested that I would prefer temp to hire. The candidate who was chosen for the job may have very well chosen direct hire from the outset, which could have very possibly given him/her the edge over me.

Who knows?

Chatting with Colleen earlier today, I mentioned that the office primarily consisted of females. My interviewer was a lady; my agent (who is currently away on vacation) is a lady. Could it have been a sexiest decision on the part of the lady whose choice it was to make? Did this female interviewer in fact choose a woman for the position, over a man, believing that the office was female-oriented and she may have opted to keep it that way? Is it the belief of many women in corporate America that men have way too much power as is? Therefore, is it a lady's preference to favor a female applicant over a male?

The basis of sexist hiring is a difficult conclusion for me to reach in this case, being that I do not know the gender of the hiree, but the topic of sexism in the work place should not be ignored or overlooked. Nonetheless, when I was chosen for the position at Wachovia, men made the decision.

So many variables and so many possibilities that may have led to this freaky, almost horrifying outcome.

On and on the job-searching goes. As I look for another job, I take into account that this whole scenario, which began with Wachovia's corporate freeze and led to today's wacky outcome, may very well get worse before it gets better. But mark my words, it will get better. It will get better very soon. This horse shit can only manifest itself for so long before it dissipates and allows the sun to come out and shine on me as was once the case.

It's conceivable, that when my next job interview arises, I will have to enter into the equation the president and vice president, gentlemen who offered to provide references and recommendations for me, from my previous job.

Hopefully when my staffing agent returns from vacation on Monday, we will once again be able to turn this momentum around to my favor and begin to seize the day once again. Hopefully Randstad once again shows the support they onced showed when they landed me the previous job.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Unfortunate circumstances of recent days will be deterred!!!

With time, patience, and some resilience, I'll be back to where I was, and then some!

Life has proven to have its share of ups and downs, there is certainly no question about that.

Let it be known that one could walk a high path of what feels like invincibility and feel like one is on top of the world (in terms of money, freedom, more options, etc), but then comes the dark deep hole in the road up ahead that one suddenly falls through, takes a great fall, and drops down to what seems like the very bottom.

That is what I was thinking today, as I failed to receive the phone call that the interviewer of Randstad informed me to expect when we concluded Tuesday's interview. What did I do in response to this? I called Randstad around 3 o'clock in the afternoon to get an update on the status of the interviewer's decision to hire me. As it turned out, one of secretaries informed me that my interviewer was out of the office today. She did say, however, that the interviewer would be in the office tomorrow and that I could give her a call.

Fair enough.

I still asked the secretary to take a message for me, stating that I would care to know the status and her decision. After all, she did tell me at the interview on Tuesday that a decision would be made no later than Thursday. Who knows? Perhaps a decision has already been made to hire someone else. Perhaps this just wasn't the job for me to have.

Never have I lost a job opportunity after being interviewed by an employer. In all honesty, there have been times when employers have failed to even grant me an interview. Whenever I have be granted an interview, however, I have always managed to impress the employers and seize the job opportunity by representing myself professionally and successfully.

Tomorrow, reality will set in and I should be able to determine whether or not I landed the position. In the event that I did not, I have high hopes that something else is out there for me and that it will not be long before I am once again employed at the professional level that I desire.

Of course, I always have the O.G., but I really do not care to turn to that last resort until I am absolutely forced to do so. There is also unemployment. Regardless of those alternatives, I would prefer to be working at this time so I can build up my work experience and elevate myself to greater heights.

Through these trials and tribulations that I have faced the last few days, and times of having to wait for a result (such as a yes or no to being hired at a job) as these jobless days just come and go, I like to try and remain as calm as possible and look ahead to some of the better things in life that are scheduled to happen. There are a number of parties, celebrations, and enjoyable functions taking place next month, as I noted in the previous post. Thank God for them!

There have also been some terrific moments that I have recently been privileged to be a part of (such as that enchanting and euphoric weekend in Lavallette with some of my old college pals and current acquaintances). As I look back at the posts on this site, regarding those momentous occasions, I smile and tell myself that these trying times are not the only times that compromise my life.

Looking back at those posts, I remember where I was and how wonderful (and also drunk, lol) I felt when I typed them. Unfortunate circumstances would describe my current state over the past few days; fun, fortune, progress, and success best describes what will be in the coming months.

Must keep the faith.

It is time for Randstad to step up to the plate and let me know what's happening, so I know whether or not I have take alternative avenues.

What goes down has got to come right back up. In the event that what went down in my life does not want to come back up, I'm breaking out a motherfucking fork lift and bringing that shit back up again myself!!!

My life will get better ONCE AGAIN!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Series of Fortunate Events upcoming!

The events that one can see coming, the positive and enjoyable events, are those that allow one to continue in a world that can feel so inordinately cruel.

Through some of the personal ordeals and moments of adversity that I may have faced in recent months (which came with some of life's greatest lessons to learn from), I can still say that I eagerly anticipate some spectacular events with great friends of mine starting next month.

The month of October brings some notable landmarks, such as Stockton College's Fall 2006 Osprey Ball, Jack's 22nd Birthday, Beanie's much-anticipated Halloween Party, and Crazy Mike's equally anticipated Halloween party at his infamous Lavallette beach house later in the month. My friend Kristen also has a birthday in the month of October; hopefully I can celebrate that with her as well.

As you read in the previous post, there is a distinct possibility that I already have job upcoming with Randstad to fill the void that was once occupied by my previous position at Wachovia. Should I land the new job at Randstad, I will begin working the position on Monday. The position is one of greater responsibility and possibly higher pay. The rate of pay will be discussed when I am officially offered the job. Let us pray that this latest opportunity is granted to me. For the time being, that would serve as yet another feather in my cap in this series of fortunate events.

December 2, as many of you know, is the date of the GMAT. My preparation has been OK. Alright, it's been lacking a bit in recent days, but I will get on that really soon. Like, tomorrow! With the job chaos in the last few days, I have more or less been thrown off track, but I guarantee that my preparation will pick up again really soon. Come December 2, I will be fully capable and ready to make another tremendous, impressive, and noteworthy achievement.

For a while now, a move to Central Jersey has been discussed between Crazy Mike, Beanie, and myself. Should Beanie be admitted into Monmouth University for graduate school, there is no question that this move is going to happen in January! I look forward to living on my own once again, and living with some awesome people. Potential additions to the future residents who could be amongst our group of roomies include Mike's brother Chris and perhaps Beanie's current campus roommate Kristen.

Sometimes, when it appears that darkness is looming up above, one has to to turn on the light, keep one's head held high, take a soothing hot shower, and get freshened up. Breath in and out and move on, to a series of fortunate events upcoming!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Working for Randstad?

This morning, I went to Randstad for an interview with some representatives....

regarding a position at Randstad!

That's right. I could very well be working for the agency that placed me in a position at Wachovia. The decision will be in before Thursday of this week. Much more to come in greater detail at a later time.

Stay tuned for that and wish me luck!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tom Cruise bronzing his child's first dump????????

What is the deal with Tom Cruise bronzing his child's first bal movement? That is absolutely disgusting; a complete waste of money as well! Poop is to be flushed down toilets, not to be encased in expensive bronze to be displayed for watchful eyes.


Last night's party in Mt. Olive!

I am thankful to the birthday boy Andy, his girlfriend Angela, and Angela's sister as well as my good friend, Colleen, for having me over as a guest at the birthday party. The party was a decent time, with a lot of Andy's friends and family enjoying themselves outside in the backyard.

Fortunately, I was able to meet some additional family members and acquaintances of the Drum family, as well as some folks from the birthday boy's family. I met Brian (Colleen's brother) as well as his girlfriend Marcy. For the first time, I also met Colleen's father. All really great people.

Many of the folks in attendance were playing flip cup. Never did I participate in one of the flip cup contests last night, but I did take up the opportunity to enjoy a couple cups of Heineken from the keg. Andy had two kegs of Heineken at his party, as well as plenty of food and tasty birthday cake. I was also introduced to two baby pitbull-rottweilers, Samson and Delilah.

Although we were all able to play with them while they are still puppies, it may not be as easy when they both grow to become bigger, stronger, and more protective of their home. LOL. Delilah is already nibbling on certain things, such as toes, the stove (LOL), and Colleen's shirt sleeve.

To sum it up, it was a decent time at Andy's house for his birthday celebration. Props to all of them for showing me such hospitality at their party.

This morning, Colleen and I went to Dunkin Donuts for a brief breakfast, before Colleen eventually had to go home in Blairstown and work on her paper for her Economics class.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yesterday's sudden end at Wachovia!

Shockingly, my term of employment at Wachovia Mortgage Corporation came a sudden and unexpected conclusion yesterday! At least for now.

This somewhat comes as a great shock, as I was notified just yesterday morning by the president of the company. He called me up to his office, kindly asked me to close the door, and informed that Wachovia had been undergoing a "corporate hiring freeze" since Wednesday.

With the freeze currently in effect, nobody is to be hired from the outside and temps are not to keep their jobs. As a result of that, and with me being amongst the temps working at Wachovia Mortgage, he had no choice but to terminate the employment all of his temps.

Shit happens. That's all I can say. Shit happens. But, hey, I look at it like this. Yours truly has not had a vacation since December 2004!!!! Yes, that is right. December 2004! Since I returned home for winter break, on vacation from P.F. Changs in December 2004, I have not had a vacation away from work at any of the companies I have worked for since that time.

Therefore, I view this as God telling me that is time for vacation. I've been working A LOT and I feel as though a break is long overdue. Momentarily, it may be time for me to kick back and relax. Get some rest, know what I mean?

On a more tenatively positive note, my staffing representative at Randstad notified me yesterday evening of the fact that they may already have something lined up for me to fill the void. They are currently working on negotiations and details of my next job opportunity, but did not inform me of the company or hours.

I have faith in Randstad, knowing how quickly they placed me at the previous job. Should I be in desperate need of income until then, I can still work at the O.G. and unemployment may even be able to assist me during this time. We will see what happens.

One has to try to keep an optimistic frame of mind under these circumstances, knowing that it is the nature of the business and that something else, possibly even more lucrative, is well on its way for me!!! Rest assured, something else is coming very soon, but for now, I will enjoy this vacation time.

In a little bit, I am heading to a birthday party. Today is Andy's (Colleen's sister Angela's boyfriend) birthday and there is a party being thrown for him. I was invited to the party, therefore I will be attending the party.

Time for a shower.

Take care everyone!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Wawa on Route 10??????

Yes! In my dream the other night...

A couple nights ago, I had this dream that they finally opened a Wawa Food Market up here in North Jersey.

The Wawa was located somewhere on Route 10 in Morris County, if my memory of the dream serves me correctly. I was driving down Route 10, when all of the sudden out the corner of my eye, I noticed a Wawa! As a result, I pulled into the parking lot and went into the new store to have a lookie!

In my dream, everybody was going to the Wawa, from people who wanted try the sandwiches, clearly distinguishable from that of Quikchek's, to those who wanted the coffee. There was such animated celebration on the part of the community at large over the fact that there was Wawa in the area. Wawas are the shit.

Unfortunately, it was only a dream. I love Wawa, though. It is in fact the king of all convenient stores. It kicks the asses Quikcheck, Krausers, and 7-11 any day of the week.

Love the Wawa.

Note: Wawa's territory once stretched into northern New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, but in the late 1990s, the decision was made to abandon the NYC-metropolitan area and New England, as it was too competitive. The stores
were re-branded when they were sold to Krausers (CT) and a variety of other convenience retailers, but most still retain their distinctive design.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

While doing a little bit of research online, I discovered that Wawas were once extended up into the Metropolitan areas, such as New York and Northern NJ, but that was discontinued by the company when it was discovered that the competition was too fierce.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Classic weekend!

This past weekend was that of a truly great classic with wonderful friends long to be remembered.

As you know from previous posts over the weekend, a bunch of us were down in Lavallette at Crazy Mike's beach house and we all had an amazing time together.

Much of this legendary weekend has already been covered in sufficient enough detail. On Saturday night, Ray and I were victims of a drive-by sneeze! Standing outside in Mike's driveway and drinking my Coors Light was like Heaven. Acknowledging that I was actually outside with a beer in my hand and enjoying some much-needed freedom just two blocks from the ocean gave me quite a thrill.

Javier the Janitor was born early Sunday morning (a little inside, I know). Soon, he will have his own myspace! LOL.

Falling into a deepasleep after a long night of drinking, Greg "Rootman" Root was subjected to one of Mike's deviant displays, as Mike covered his motionless body with empty pizza boxes, hamburger buns on each ass cheek, and a more-than nurishing supply of spuds.

At one point, we learned about the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of air fresheners/deodorizers. More inside material. That's all I will say about that. LOL.

On Saturday morning, Ray, Melissa, Greg, Crazy Mike, and myself all went out for breakfast at IHop. I ended up ordering the Stuffed French Toast, with strawberry topping and sausage links and scrambled eggs on the side. Delicious breakfast. Ray ordered the same menu item, but with blueberry topping and bacon and scrambled eggs. Melissa and Greg both ordered the Split Decision Breakfast, while Mike chose Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

Following our delicious breakfasts, we played twenty frames of miniature golf. We scored from best to worst, in the following order. 1.) Ray 2.) Greg 3.) yours truly 4.) Melissa, and 5.) Mike. For somebody who had not played miniature golf since 2002, I felt as though I was reasonably competitive.

Upon returning to Mike's house after breakfast and miniature golf, Ray, Melissa and myself walked the two block distance from Mike's house to the beach. Finally, I made it to the actual beach (no, not the boardwalk... the beach!) for the first time in my four work-filled and uneventful months of Summer 2006!!!!

While Ray, Melissa and I were enjoying some quality relaxation at the beach, Mike managed to join us in a brief (yet crazy and very Mike-like) appearance.

As many of you may or may not know, Mike is always bound to do something crazy (yet comical) at any point when you least expect it.
After all, this is the young man who, at the Galloway Diner on the night of the Spring Semi Formal, informed the entire diner of his opinion that his jalepeno poppers were "better than sex." That punchline of Mike's may have been slightly unexpected by all in attendance at the time.

This time, however, I knew Mike was going to do something. He gracefully made his way down to the beach, fully-clothed, and asked me in these exact words, "Want to see me do something retarded???" Ray responds, "No we don't Mike." However, I responded differently, "Go for it Mike!"

Apparently my support and approval of Mike's request to do something retarded was all the assurance Mike needed to carry out with his plan. To hell with Ray's suggestion NOT to do something retarded. Never have I ever felt more honored in my life.


With Ray, Melissa and myself looking on with observant eyes, Mike, still fully-clothed, runs down to the ocean water at full speed and just dives into the water with his clothes on!!! Yes, there are multiple pictures that confirm this latest act of his! Mike then exited the water, completely drenched, and walked back to his beach house with us. What more can I say about that?????? What can anybody say about that??? LOL. Another Mike moment, I suppose!

In terms of the weekend as a whole, those who were in attendance at various times consisted of Ray, Melissa, Greg, Colleen (who arrived on Saturday evening), Pete (Ray's former college roommate who stopped by Mike's to play Mario Kart prior to our clubbing activity), Mike (obviously the host of the party), and yours truly. Chuck and his girlfriend girlfriend Marissa met up with us at Joe Harrison's Surf Club on Saturday night.

Surf Club, while extremely dead in terms of attendance, turned out to be a really nice club with a beautiful view of the ocean directly behind the bar. At one point, we all walked out onto the beach for a small walk along the coast.

The weather that night was absolutely gorgeous for the month of September; not too hot - not too cold. Throughout the entire evening, I was tanked from all the alcohol consumption. Nonetheless I looked and felt like a million dollars. Hanging out with all of those beautiful friends was exactly what I needed in my life at that point.

Each and every one of these genuinely wonderful people individually contributed to this euphoric and adventurous ride of mine, through a weekend that made up for the lackluster and stormy Labor Day weekend that preceded this memorable one in Lavallette/Seaside/Ortley Beach.

On Sunday, with the exception of Chuck, Marissa, and Pete, we all went to Subway for lunch before eventually parting ways to end this magnificent weekend. Props to Mike for having all of us over at his beach house for the weekend. It was indeed a great weekend that I will not forget.

The month of October brings us many more fun-filled events and holidays to celebrate. Absolutely sensational!

This is only the beginning ladies and gentlemen!

We definitely do not fuck around.

9/11 Five Years Later!

Today was in fact the five year landmark, removed from the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.

May God truly bless the victims, their families, and us as the people of this country as well as our allies in this time of war.

The footage of the tragedy, however, was shown way too many times on the news. Never shall we forget, but we also need not be reminded a 100 times with such troubling and depressing footage of people falling out of the buildings to their tragic deaths.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Great weekend so far!!!! Getting ready for Surf Club...

Drive by SNEEEZE?????

All I can say is, "Wow!"

When Ray and I were outside in the driveway looking at pictures on his digital camera, somebody driving down the road passed the driveway and let out an extremely loud and intense sneeze!! What are the odds that he would've sneezed at the exact moment that he drove past the court that Crazy Mike lived in?? And when Ray and I happened to be standing outside to hear it????? Drive by sneeze!!!

It is on tonight ladies and gentlemen. SURF CLUB in Ortley Beach baby!!! I am getting drunker and drunker by the moment, as I am currently pre-gaming prior to going to the club - and we still have the same crew here, which consists of Ray, Melissa, Greg Root, the host of this incomparable weekend Crazy Mike, and yours truly.

Fortunately, we have two healthy and vivacious additions to this weekend's party group - Pete (Ray's former college roommate) and Colleen (one of our best friends who just arrived at Mike's beach house a few couple hours ago).
I'm buzzed, but not drunk. Give it a few hours, and I will be WASTED.

Colleen just conducted a test on me, asking me to follow her finger with my eyes. My eyes were kind of clicking with the motion of her finger. I am buzzed, but not totally drunk or wasted. We're going to have to change that. That just will not due!!!!!

I look sexy as hell in my clubwear!

Time to get my dance on like the sexy and handsome young bachelor that I am.

PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drunk at Crazy Mike's Lavallette beach house!

Right now, as I am typing this post, I'm drinking a Yuengling Black and Tan and enjoying some quality time with Ray, Melissa, Greg Root, and Mike at Mike's beach house. This happens to be Crazy Mike's end of the summer bash, and we are drinking and having a marvelous time!

We are have a tremendous time. Earlier tonight, we went to the boardwalk in Seaside and walked around for a little bit. With the full moon shining down on the ocean, one could see so far out into the water. It was a beautiful sight. Ray and Melissa took pictures of it on Ray's new digital camera. Seaside/Lavallette is an awesome area.

As I type this I am buzzed, heading to my ever so familiar drunken state of consciousness. But I am happy, and that is all that matters. I am also friendly and composed in this drunken state, which is positive. Buzzed. That's it. But now....

It is time to get WASTED before I get down to business on Monday with the GMAT preparation. December 2 will be right around the corner before I know it... wait...

I just took a hardy sip of beer from my bottle of Yuengling Black and Tan. It is time to take about 157 more sips of this goodness. TIME TO GET WASTED!!!!!!! Surf Club tomorrow night ladies and gentlemen. Anybody who is anybody, I hope to see you there. It will be a GREAT TIME!

All the ladies out there, I want to see you! I want to dance! Maybe some hugs. Perhaps some kisses. Hugs and kisses never hurt anyone. Perhaps tomorrow night... haha. :P


Thursday, September 07, 2006

GMAT officially set for Saturday, December 2!

Test will be taken in Atlantic City!

As of this evening, the GMAT test date of Saturday, December 2 has been chosen, registered, and paid for. The test will be taken at 8:30 AM at the Pearson Professional Center in Atlantic City, NJ.

Ladies and gentlemen, IT IS ON NOW.

No going back. Only progressing forward. Now, I have work to do in approximately a three month window. This is a significant date with destiny. That day is going to be all about me. Reality will kick in, after four challenging hours, on the morning of December 2, and it is going to result in something absolutely marvelous.

Surely, the test is going to be an extremely stiff challenge that may very well change my life.

To end this post, all I can say is...

I will BE READY. I will PREVAIL.

On December 2, I will prove it.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Surf Club at Ortley Beach on Saturday night!

What's good ladies and gentlemen of the jury?

Welcome back to the Blog of Bryan, where you'll hear the very latest from me dealing with life, love, liberty, maybe some occasional controversy, and hot off the wire exclusives. Not to mention a little self-praise at moments when self-praise is highly warranted.

I know you read this and I love it, even though you may not think I am aware of it. It's all good folks! That's what I love. ATTENTION. Plus, you learn a little something here and there, so each and every one of you, my family, friends, and fans, gain something from this entire positive experience as well.

Well, this Saturday night in Ortley Beach, NJ (Seaside), yours truly will be present at Surf Club with some pals of mine. It is going to be a super-fabulous time and I look forward to bringing sexy back [Justin has done it before, but now it's my time!] and tearing up the dance floor like no other in the house baby. Looks and dress wear, I will be hot on the scene!

Furthermore, it has truly been a while since the last time I went to a club; last I can remember is Headliner last New Year's Eve, so it has definitely been a long time. Yours truly, recently going by my latest nickname of "The Handsome Bachelor," is looking forward to that exciting evening! Hope to see some familiar faces there that evening, and maybe even some unfamiliar, yet beautiful, female faces there... ;)

Every morning, at 7am, I still maintain my schedule of getting up out of bed, putting on the workout gear, and going out to conduct my road work throughout the neighborhood. I'm telling you, my hard work is paying off in spades. Health-wise, I am feeling much better than I have in recent months. My body is beginning to take a much more attractive and shapely form. This body is a temple, and in a matter of weeks (aahhh, possibly a month from now - be patient), I will begin to upload pictures of it on myspace so you can see for yourself.

My stomach is also getting some much-needed work through all of this exercise, so the six-pack should be making its attractive presence felt any week now. It is making a triumphant comeback, and so am I! Yes, I am whipping myself into spectacular shape once again so I can feel better and look every bit of the hot and handsome bachelor I am told that I am.

It's ON!!!

Remember, Surf Club in Ortley Beach on Saturday night!!!!!!! Get on that in the next couple days. Tell your friends, especially if they're ladies.


Monday, September 04, 2006

R.I.P. Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin!

Filming a documentary off the Great Barrier Reef on Monday, Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, 44, was killed when he was stung by the bard tail of a stingray.

Apparently Irwin was swimming over the stingray, when it suddenly turned around, shot out its tale, and stabbed Irwin right in the heart. And to think we all assumed sharks were bad enough...

Irwin's sudden death is a major loss to his wife and two children. Earlier this afternoon, it was noted in the press that his wife had not yet even found out about her husband's death!!! She had been away on vacation when Irwin faced his demise in the Great Barrier Reef.

Irwin, best known as the "Crocodile Hunter," made a career out of high risk encounters with crocodiles and other wild animals. Cheating death on a number of occasions, many people presumed Irwin to be completely insane, questioning why he would keep putting his life in harm's way after so many near-death incidents.

When one subjects one's self to such dangerous circumstances, working to tame and train wild animals that just want to be left alone, it is almost destiny that one faces a tragic ending such as the one Irwin faced on Monday.

R.I.P. Crocodile Hunter.

Labor Day!

Today, the world gives the hard worker a day off from work. Or most people, at least. Thankfully, I am amongst the group that is off from work today.

What Labor Day ultimately leads to (fall, and especially winter) can be rather sad, but that will not stop me from having a little fun and taking care of the business on my agenda. In any case, I am still quite thankful for the day off. This holiday is geared towards hard workers who work continously and consistently, workers who sacrificed their entire summer to earn a substantial amount of money. This holiday is dedicated to folks such as myself.

One of my promises to myself is that next summer will be better than this summer was in terms of fun, excitement, and drama-minimized living. There is no such thing as drama-free. Those who do not acknowledge that fact should open their eyes and take a look around.

Some students have already returned to school. Many are attending their first day of classes tomorrow. Amongst those starting tomorrow are the students at Stockton. I would like wish everyone best of luck in the upcoming school year, especially those who are amigos of mine Stockton. Some of them are entering their final year of school. One is coming down the final stretch with her last semester.

Then there are some folks are who still have a couple years left, or even a year and a half. That's alright, though, because it still gives me a reason to return for some pleasant and enjoyable visits! HAHA.

Best of luck of everyone in the year 2006-07!

Be sure to check my myspace page, which I recently changed around and made it look appealing. It looks great. If you have account, feel free leave me a comment at my page.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The beginning of Labor Day Weekend!

Say it isn't so?

Here we are, at the start of Labor Day Weekend. Personally, I like Memorial Day weekend just a little more. LOL. In any case, this holiday still gives me a three day weekend away from work. That is certainly a positive side to the holiday. Seeing summer go away, however, is rather depressing.

I barely made it down the shore at all this summer, which is pathetic, but that will change next summer. For sure! This summer, I just had some business to take care of, in terms of making some good money, paying off some debt, and holding down the fort up here in North Jerz.

In addition, I spent much of my time recovering from an unfortunate (at the time) separation back in April, which is never easy. Plenty of responsibilities and personal issues kept me locked down, for the most part, up North.

This weekend unofficially marks the end of the summer, but the week has set off the beginning of what is going to be a tremendous and memorable achievement on my part come December. The actual date will be finalized this coming Wednesday, but I know I'm taking the GMAT in December, and it looks like I'm leaning towards Saturday, December 2.

Whichever date it is, what happens on that date will take me to a higher place. That date will indeed be unforgettable. Much will be revealed in regards to what I'm about and who I am inside. Tuesday, Wedensday, Thursday, and Friday, I managed to get outside and go running. Running and exercise factor into this whole plan of mine.

Exercise has been phenomenal for me. My progression, after one week, has been satisfactory to say the very least. I perceive myself as young at 25 years of age, but I want to maintain that youth as long as I can by staying in great shape and staying healthy.

By no means am I a health freak, but I am firm in the belief that even the most moderate degree of exercise can help to improve one's health, physical appearance, demeanor, and positive way of life.

Having said all of that, the proposed fateful date in December is going to be my day. Believe that. I am taking this thing very very seriously. That will be my moment. A moment of triumph.

Truly a moment of triumph.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are just three short months away from the most important and most significant project in recent months that I have yet to complete. Knowing the level of expectation I have placed on myself, and what I aim for as opposed to what the normal person who is merely going through the motions aims for, this is going to be a great challenge.

I will conquer this whole entire exam with my mind. A brilliant mind.
Exercise has entered the picture as the role of my mind's best friend.

Mark my words, right this moment, when I tell you that I WILL PREVAIL in December. No ifs, ands, or buts...

I will not have it any other way, period.