Monday, September 25, 2006

ADP in Parsippany?

This morning I called Randstad, discovering that my agent had returned from vacation. After my lack of success last week, it was a minor relief to know that the lady who had helped me out with the first job was once again back in the office.

She asked me if I was looking for work, and I told her that I was indeed looking for work. She informed me of ADP in Parsippany and the fact that they were looking for qualified temps for an assignment intended to last at least three to six months. The interviewing process will begin very shortly. Therefore, I updated my resume with additional skill sets, my latest job, and my references. That's right, my reference will indeed be involved this time around.

We have to snag this opportunity so I can make some really good money prior to January's move. After that, I'll be looking for a direct hire. First thing is first, I need to land the interview with this latest prospect.

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