Saturday, September 02, 2006

The beginning of Labor Day Weekend!

Say it isn't so?

Here we are, at the start of Labor Day Weekend. Personally, I like Memorial Day weekend just a little more. LOL. In any case, this holiday still gives me a three day weekend away from work. That is certainly a positive side to the holiday. Seeing summer go away, however, is rather depressing.

I barely made it down the shore at all this summer, which is pathetic, but that will change next summer. For sure! This summer, I just had some business to take care of, in terms of making some good money, paying off some debt, and holding down the fort up here in North Jerz.

In addition, I spent much of my time recovering from an unfortunate (at the time) separation back in April, which is never easy. Plenty of responsibilities and personal issues kept me locked down, for the most part, up North.

This weekend unofficially marks the end of the summer, but the week has set off the beginning of what is going to be a tremendous and memorable achievement on my part come December. The actual date will be finalized this coming Wednesday, but I know I'm taking the GMAT in December, and it looks like I'm leaning towards Saturday, December 2.

Whichever date it is, what happens on that date will take me to a higher place. That date will indeed be unforgettable. Much will be revealed in regards to what I'm about and who I am inside. Tuesday, Wedensday, Thursday, and Friday, I managed to get outside and go running. Running and exercise factor into this whole plan of mine.

Exercise has been phenomenal for me. My progression, after one week, has been satisfactory to say the very least. I perceive myself as young at 25 years of age, but I want to maintain that youth as long as I can by staying in great shape and staying healthy.

By no means am I a health freak, but I am firm in the belief that even the most moderate degree of exercise can help to improve one's health, physical appearance, demeanor, and positive way of life.

Having said all of that, the proposed fateful date in December is going to be my day. Believe that. I am taking this thing very very seriously. That will be my moment. A moment of triumph.

Truly a moment of triumph.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are just three short months away from the most important and most significant project in recent months that I have yet to complete. Knowing the level of expectation I have placed on myself, and what I aim for as opposed to what the normal person who is merely going through the motions aims for, this is going to be a great challenge.

I will conquer this whole entire exam with my mind. A brilliant mind.
Exercise has entered the picture as the role of my mind's best friend.

Mark my words, right this moment, when I tell you that I WILL PREVAIL in December. No ifs, ands, or buts...

I will not have it any other way, period.

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