Monday, September 11, 2006

Classic weekend!

This past weekend was that of a truly great classic with wonderful friends long to be remembered.

As you know from previous posts over the weekend, a bunch of us were down in Lavallette at Crazy Mike's beach house and we all had an amazing time together.

Much of this legendary weekend has already been covered in sufficient enough detail. On Saturday night, Ray and I were victims of a drive-by sneeze! Standing outside in Mike's driveway and drinking my Coors Light was like Heaven. Acknowledging that I was actually outside with a beer in my hand and enjoying some much-needed freedom just two blocks from the ocean gave me quite a thrill.

Javier the Janitor was born early Sunday morning (a little inside, I know). Soon, he will have his own myspace! LOL.

Falling into a deepasleep after a long night of drinking, Greg "Rootman" Root was subjected to one of Mike's deviant displays, as Mike covered his motionless body with empty pizza boxes, hamburger buns on each ass cheek, and a more-than nurishing supply of spuds.

At one point, we learned about the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of air fresheners/deodorizers. More inside material. That's all I will say about that. LOL.

On Saturday morning, Ray, Melissa, Greg, Crazy Mike, and myself all went out for breakfast at IHop. I ended up ordering the Stuffed French Toast, with strawberry topping and sausage links and scrambled eggs on the side. Delicious breakfast. Ray ordered the same menu item, but with blueberry topping and bacon and scrambled eggs. Melissa and Greg both ordered the Split Decision Breakfast, while Mike chose Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

Following our delicious breakfasts, we played twenty frames of miniature golf. We scored from best to worst, in the following order. 1.) Ray 2.) Greg 3.) yours truly 4.) Melissa, and 5.) Mike. For somebody who had not played miniature golf since 2002, I felt as though I was reasonably competitive.

Upon returning to Mike's house after breakfast and miniature golf, Ray, Melissa and myself walked the two block distance from Mike's house to the beach. Finally, I made it to the actual beach (no, not the boardwalk... the beach!) for the first time in my four work-filled and uneventful months of Summer 2006!!!!

While Ray, Melissa and I were enjoying some quality relaxation at the beach, Mike managed to join us in a brief (yet crazy and very Mike-like) appearance.

As many of you may or may not know, Mike is always bound to do something crazy (yet comical) at any point when you least expect it.
After all, this is the young man who, at the Galloway Diner on the night of the Spring Semi Formal, informed the entire diner of his opinion that his jalepeno poppers were "better than sex." That punchline of Mike's may have been slightly unexpected by all in attendance at the time.

This time, however, I knew Mike was going to do something. He gracefully made his way down to the beach, fully-clothed, and asked me in these exact words, "Want to see me do something retarded???" Ray responds, "No we don't Mike." However, I responded differently, "Go for it Mike!"

Apparently my support and approval of Mike's request to do something retarded was all the assurance Mike needed to carry out with his plan. To hell with Ray's suggestion NOT to do something retarded. Never have I ever felt more honored in my life.


With Ray, Melissa and myself looking on with observant eyes, Mike, still fully-clothed, runs down to the ocean water at full speed and just dives into the water with his clothes on!!! Yes, there are multiple pictures that confirm this latest act of his! Mike then exited the water, completely drenched, and walked back to his beach house with us. What more can I say about that?????? What can anybody say about that??? LOL. Another Mike moment, I suppose!

In terms of the weekend as a whole, those who were in attendance at various times consisted of Ray, Melissa, Greg, Colleen (who arrived on Saturday evening), Pete (Ray's former college roommate who stopped by Mike's to play Mario Kart prior to our clubbing activity), Mike (obviously the host of the party), and yours truly. Chuck and his girlfriend girlfriend Marissa met up with us at Joe Harrison's Surf Club on Saturday night.

Surf Club, while extremely dead in terms of attendance, turned out to be a really nice club with a beautiful view of the ocean directly behind the bar. At one point, we all walked out onto the beach for a small walk along the coast.

The weather that night was absolutely gorgeous for the month of September; not too hot - not too cold. Throughout the entire evening, I was tanked from all the alcohol consumption. Nonetheless I looked and felt like a million dollars. Hanging out with all of those beautiful friends was exactly what I needed in my life at that point.

Each and every one of these genuinely wonderful people individually contributed to this euphoric and adventurous ride of mine, through a weekend that made up for the lackluster and stormy Labor Day weekend that preceded this memorable one in Lavallette/Seaside/Ortley Beach.

On Sunday, with the exception of Chuck, Marissa, and Pete, we all went to Subway for lunch before eventually parting ways to end this magnificent weekend. Props to Mike for having all of us over at his beach house for the weekend. It was indeed a great weekend that I will not forget.

The month of October brings us many more fun-filled events and holidays to celebrate. Absolutely sensational!

This is only the beginning ladies and gentlemen!

We definitely do not fuck around.

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