Saturday, September 09, 2006

Great weekend so far!!!! Getting ready for Surf Club...

Drive by SNEEEZE?????

All I can say is, "Wow!"

When Ray and I were outside in the driveway looking at pictures on his digital camera, somebody driving down the road passed the driveway and let out an extremely loud and intense sneeze!! What are the odds that he would've sneezed at the exact moment that he drove past the court that Crazy Mike lived in?? And when Ray and I happened to be standing outside to hear it????? Drive by sneeze!!!

It is on tonight ladies and gentlemen. SURF CLUB in Ortley Beach baby!!! I am getting drunker and drunker by the moment, as I am currently pre-gaming prior to going to the club - and we still have the same crew here, which consists of Ray, Melissa, Greg Root, the host of this incomparable weekend Crazy Mike, and yours truly.

Fortunately, we have two healthy and vivacious additions to this weekend's party group - Pete (Ray's former college roommate) and Colleen (one of our best friends who just arrived at Mike's beach house a few couple hours ago).
I'm buzzed, but not drunk. Give it a few hours, and I will be WASTED.

Colleen just conducted a test on me, asking me to follow her finger with my eyes. My eyes were kind of clicking with the motion of her finger. I am buzzed, but not totally drunk or wasted. We're going to have to change that. That just will not due!!!!!

I look sexy as hell in my clubwear!

Time to get my dance on like the sexy and handsome young bachelor that I am.

PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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