Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day!

Today, the world gives the hard worker a day off from work. Or most people, at least. Thankfully, I am amongst the group that is off from work today.

What Labor Day ultimately leads to (fall, and especially winter) can be rather sad, but that will not stop me from having a little fun and taking care of the business on my agenda. In any case, I am still quite thankful for the day off. This holiday is geared towards hard workers who work continously and consistently, workers who sacrificed their entire summer to earn a substantial amount of money. This holiday is dedicated to folks such as myself.

One of my promises to myself is that next summer will be better than this summer was in terms of fun, excitement, and drama-minimized living. There is no such thing as drama-free. Those who do not acknowledge that fact should open their eyes and take a look around.

Some students have already returned to school. Many are attending their first day of classes tomorrow. Amongst those starting tomorrow are the students at Stockton. I would like wish everyone best of luck in the upcoming school year, especially those who are amigos of mine Stockton. Some of them are entering their final year of school. One is coming down the final stretch with her last semester.

Then there are some folks are who still have a couple years left, or even a year and a half. That's alright, though, because it still gives me a reason to return for some pleasant and enjoyable visits! HAHA.

Best of luck of everyone in the year 2006-07!

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