Friday, September 22, 2006

Position at Randstad NOT happening!

Might this get worse before it gets better?

Supposedly, after keeping me in suspense for four days, the folks at Randstad found a candidate, supposedly more viable than myself, for the position they had available.

When I think about it, they actually wanted somebody long term for the position at their office. One who was granted the position would be eligible for branch relocation after working at the Parsippany branch for a year. As a temp, employer wanted someone to work the position for at least six months. Considering the fact that I will be moving in January (which I made it a point NOT to tell the interviewer!), perhaps I was not exactly the most fitting or reliable candidate for that position.

I did, however, tell the interviewer that I would be taking the GMAT on December 2, and that I had a keen interest in going to graduate school for my masters a year from now. Perhaps that implication on my part killed any chances of getting the job. When asked if I would prefer to be hired as a temp to hire or a direct hire, I suggested that I would prefer temp to hire. The candidate who was chosen for the job may have very well chosen direct hire from the outset, which could have very possibly given him/her the edge over me.

Who knows?

Chatting with Colleen earlier today, I mentioned that the office primarily consisted of females. My interviewer was a lady; my agent (who is currently away on vacation) is a lady. Could it have been a sexiest decision on the part of the lady whose choice it was to make? Did this female interviewer in fact choose a woman for the position, over a man, believing that the office was female-oriented and she may have opted to keep it that way? Is it the belief of many women in corporate America that men have way too much power as is? Therefore, is it a lady's preference to favor a female applicant over a male?

The basis of sexist hiring is a difficult conclusion for me to reach in this case, being that I do not know the gender of the hiree, but the topic of sexism in the work place should not be ignored or overlooked. Nonetheless, when I was chosen for the position at Wachovia, men made the decision.

So many variables and so many possibilities that may have led to this freaky, almost horrifying outcome.

On and on the job-searching goes. As I look for another job, I take into account that this whole scenario, which began with Wachovia's corporate freeze and led to today's wacky outcome, may very well get worse before it gets better. But mark my words, it will get better. It will get better very soon. This horse shit can only manifest itself for so long before it dissipates and allows the sun to come out and shine on me as was once the case.

It's conceivable, that when my next job interview arises, I will have to enter into the equation the president and vice president, gentlemen who offered to provide references and recommendations for me, from my previous job.

Hopefully when my staffing agent returns from vacation on Monday, we will once again be able to turn this momentum around to my favor and begin to seize the day once again. Hopefully Randstad once again shows the support they onced showed when they landed me the previous job.

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