Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Series of Fortunate Events upcoming!

The events that one can see coming, the positive and enjoyable events, are those that allow one to continue in a world that can feel so inordinately cruel.

Through some of the personal ordeals and moments of adversity that I may have faced in recent months (which came with some of life's greatest lessons to learn from), I can still say that I eagerly anticipate some spectacular events with great friends of mine starting next month.

The month of October brings some notable landmarks, such as Stockton College's Fall 2006 Osprey Ball, Jack's 22nd Birthday, Beanie's much-anticipated Halloween Party, and Crazy Mike's equally anticipated Halloween party at his infamous Lavallette beach house later in the month. My friend Kristen also has a birthday in the month of October; hopefully I can celebrate that with her as well.

As you read in the previous post, there is a distinct possibility that I already have job upcoming with Randstad to fill the void that was once occupied by my previous position at Wachovia. Should I land the new job at Randstad, I will begin working the position on Monday. The position is one of greater responsibility and possibly higher pay. The rate of pay will be discussed when I am officially offered the job. Let us pray that this latest opportunity is granted to me. For the time being, that would serve as yet another feather in my cap in this series of fortunate events.

December 2, as many of you know, is the date of the GMAT. My preparation has been OK. Alright, it's been lacking a bit in recent days, but I will get on that really soon. Like, tomorrow! With the job chaos in the last few days, I have more or less been thrown off track, but I guarantee that my preparation will pick up again really soon. Come December 2, I will be fully capable and ready to make another tremendous, impressive, and noteworthy achievement.

For a while now, a move to Central Jersey has been discussed between Crazy Mike, Beanie, and myself. Should Beanie be admitted into Monmouth University for graduate school, there is no question that this move is going to happen in January! I look forward to living on my own once again, and living with some awesome people. Potential additions to the future residents who could be amongst our group of roomies include Mike's brother Chris and perhaps Beanie's current campus roommate Kristen.

Sometimes, when it appears that darkness is looming up above, one has to to turn on the light, keep one's head held high, take a soothing hot shower, and get freshened up. Breath in and out and move on, to a series of fortunate events upcoming!

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