Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Surf Club at Ortley Beach on Saturday night!

What's good ladies and gentlemen of the jury?

Welcome back to the Blog of Bryan, where you'll hear the very latest from me dealing with life, love, liberty, maybe some occasional controversy, and hot off the wire exclusives. Not to mention a little self-praise at moments when self-praise is highly warranted.

I know you read this and I love it, even though you may not think I am aware of it. It's all good folks! That's what I love. ATTENTION. Plus, you learn a little something here and there, so each and every one of you, my family, friends, and fans, gain something from this entire positive experience as well.

Well, this Saturday night in Ortley Beach, NJ (Seaside), yours truly will be present at Surf Club with some pals of mine. It is going to be a super-fabulous time and I look forward to bringing sexy back [Justin has done it before, but now it's my time!] and tearing up the dance floor like no other in the house baby. Looks and dress wear, I will be hot on the scene!

Furthermore, it has truly been a while since the last time I went to a club; last I can remember is Headliner last New Year's Eve, so it has definitely been a long time. Yours truly, recently going by my latest nickname of "The Handsome Bachelor," is looking forward to that exciting evening! Hope to see some familiar faces there that evening, and maybe even some unfamiliar, yet beautiful, female faces there... ;)

Every morning, at 7am, I still maintain my schedule of getting up out of bed, putting on the workout gear, and going out to conduct my road work throughout the neighborhood. I'm telling you, my hard work is paying off in spades. Health-wise, I am feeling much better than I have in recent months. My body is beginning to take a much more attractive and shapely form. This body is a temple, and in a matter of weeks (aahhh, possibly a month from now - be patient), I will begin to upload pictures of it on myspace so you can see for yourself.

My stomach is also getting some much-needed work through all of this exercise, so the six-pack should be making its attractive presence felt any week now. It is making a triumphant comeback, and so am I! Yes, I am whipping myself into spectacular shape once again so I can feel better and look every bit of the hot and handsome bachelor I am told that I am.

It's ON!!!

Remember, Surf Club in Ortley Beach on Saturday night!!!!!!! Get on that in the next couple days. Tell your friends, especially if they're ladies.


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