Sunday, September 17, 2006

Tom Cruise bronzing his child's first dump????????

What is the deal with Tom Cruise bronzing his child's first bal movement? That is absolutely disgusting; a complete waste of money as well! Poop is to be flushed down toilets, not to be encased in expensive bronze to be displayed for watchful eyes.



Scott said...

I think it's an important milestone in the life of a child when they drop their first duece...I think it's terrific that Tom and Katie would be so thoughtful as to bronze that shit.

But I can't stop wondering....does bronze shit stink?

The Great One said...

You will never find me putting my nose close enough to the bronzed load to test such a theory.

Shit, you'll probably never see me bronze my child's first shit!

All I can think is... poor Katie.

First, this scientology shit... now bronzing stinky loads.

I wonder if vomit is the next prized possession to be showcased in the Cruise household.

The Great One said...

"A bronzed cast of baby's first poop can be a meaningful memento for the family," gallery director David Kesting said, adding that he hoped the work would attract bids of up to $US25,000 ($32,793) or $US30,000 ($39,352).

DAMN! I never knew a baby's shit could be so valuable.

Maybe I can take a huge dump, get it bronzed, and sell it on ebay or something.

You think the size or girth of the dump has something to do with the value? Maybe a bigger and stinker load than that of young Suri's could earn me $40-50K??????

I could sure use that cash.

Wild wacky Tommy might just be on to something here...