Thursday, September 21, 2006

Unfortunate circumstances of recent days will be deterred!!!

With time, patience, and some resilience, I'll be back to where I was, and then some!

Life has proven to have its share of ups and downs, there is certainly no question about that.

Let it be known that one could walk a high path of what feels like invincibility and feel like one is on top of the world (in terms of money, freedom, more options, etc), but then comes the dark deep hole in the road up ahead that one suddenly falls through, takes a great fall, and drops down to what seems like the very bottom.

That is what I was thinking today, as I failed to receive the phone call that the interviewer of Randstad informed me to expect when we concluded Tuesday's interview. What did I do in response to this? I called Randstad around 3 o'clock in the afternoon to get an update on the status of the interviewer's decision to hire me. As it turned out, one of secretaries informed me that my interviewer was out of the office today. She did say, however, that the interviewer would be in the office tomorrow and that I could give her a call.

Fair enough.

I still asked the secretary to take a message for me, stating that I would care to know the status and her decision. After all, she did tell me at the interview on Tuesday that a decision would be made no later than Thursday. Who knows? Perhaps a decision has already been made to hire someone else. Perhaps this just wasn't the job for me to have.

Never have I lost a job opportunity after being interviewed by an employer. In all honesty, there have been times when employers have failed to even grant me an interview. Whenever I have be granted an interview, however, I have always managed to impress the employers and seize the job opportunity by representing myself professionally and successfully.

Tomorrow, reality will set in and I should be able to determine whether or not I landed the position. In the event that I did not, I have high hopes that something else is out there for me and that it will not be long before I am once again employed at the professional level that I desire.

Of course, I always have the O.G., but I really do not care to turn to that last resort until I am absolutely forced to do so. There is also unemployment. Regardless of those alternatives, I would prefer to be working at this time so I can build up my work experience and elevate myself to greater heights.

Through these trials and tribulations that I have faced the last few days, and times of having to wait for a result (such as a yes or no to being hired at a job) as these jobless days just come and go, I like to try and remain as calm as possible and look ahead to some of the better things in life that are scheduled to happen. There are a number of parties, celebrations, and enjoyable functions taking place next month, as I noted in the previous post. Thank God for them!

There have also been some terrific moments that I have recently been privileged to be a part of (such as that enchanting and euphoric weekend in Lavallette with some of my old college pals and current acquaintances). As I look back at the posts on this site, regarding those momentous occasions, I smile and tell myself that these trying times are not the only times that compromise my life.

Looking back at those posts, I remember where I was and how wonderful (and also drunk, lol) I felt when I typed them. Unfortunate circumstances would describe my current state over the past few days; fun, fortune, progress, and success best describes what will be in the coming months.

Must keep the faith.

It is time for Randstad to step up to the plate and let me know what's happening, so I know whether or not I have take alternative avenues.

What goes down has got to come right back up. In the event that what went down in my life does not want to come back up, I'm breaking out a motherfucking fork lift and bringing that shit back up again myself!!!

My life will get better ONCE AGAIN!

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