Friday, September 15, 2006

Wawa on Route 10??????

Yes! In my dream the other night...

A couple nights ago, I had this dream that they finally opened a Wawa Food Market up here in North Jersey.

The Wawa was located somewhere on Route 10 in Morris County, if my memory of the dream serves me correctly. I was driving down Route 10, when all of the sudden out the corner of my eye, I noticed a Wawa! As a result, I pulled into the parking lot and went into the new store to have a lookie!

In my dream, everybody was going to the Wawa, from people who wanted try the sandwiches, clearly distinguishable from that of Quikchek's, to those who wanted the coffee. There was such animated celebration on the part of the community at large over the fact that there was Wawa in the area. Wawas are the shit.

Unfortunately, it was only a dream. I love Wawa, though. It is in fact the king of all convenient stores. It kicks the asses Quikcheck, Krausers, and 7-11 any day of the week.

Love the Wawa.

Note: Wawa's territory once stretched into northern New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, but in the late 1990s, the decision was made to abandon the NYC-metropolitan area and New England, as it was too competitive. The stores
were re-branded when they were sold to Krausers (CT) and a variety of other convenience retailers, but most still retain their distinctive design.
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While doing a little bit of research online, I discovered that Wawas were once extended up into the Metropolitan areas, such as New York and Northern NJ, but that was discontinued by the company when it was discovered that the competition was too fierce.



There used to be a Wawa like 10 mins from me, but soon after noticing it, it was gone and became a Krauzer's then that went out of business and became a Patel's cash and carry. The closest Wawa to me is like 30 mins away on Route 18.

The Great One said...

I love Wawa. To me, it is the Undisputed King of convenient stores!

If I was you, I'd be furious over that Wawa being replaced 10 min away from your house.

Krausers has one good thing: Krau dogs!

Used to have two good things, the second being their porn video selection, but with the internet these days, that is no longer of any use to me. LOL

The Hamburgler said...

I bought my first condom at Wawa...Thanks to that wonderful store I did not father any illegitmate children in High School.

The Great One said...

That is a great story, hamburgler. I, too, bought many condoms at Wawa. Proud that I had Wawas on practically every block down by Stockton, where I went to school.

However, I can not remember for the life of me if my very first condom purchase took place at a Wawa. I do remember them being Magnums, though.

Wawa is totally convenient for those late hours of the night when all of the pharmacies are closed, your mate is beginning to get horny, and it drives you completely BONKERS, to the point when you yearn for nothing more than to plant your raging tool into that beautiful girl's nether region!