Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yesterday's sudden end at Wachovia!

Shockingly, my term of employment at Wachovia Mortgage Corporation came a sudden and unexpected conclusion yesterday! At least for now.

This somewhat comes as a great shock, as I was notified just yesterday morning by the president of the company. He called me up to his office, kindly asked me to close the door, and informed that Wachovia had been undergoing a "corporate hiring freeze" since Wednesday.

With the freeze currently in effect, nobody is to be hired from the outside and temps are not to keep their jobs. As a result of that, and with me being amongst the temps working at Wachovia Mortgage, he had no choice but to terminate the employment all of his temps.

Shit happens. That's all I can say. Shit happens. But, hey, I look at it like this. Yours truly has not had a vacation since December 2004!!!! Yes, that is right. December 2004! Since I returned home for winter break, on vacation from P.F. Changs in December 2004, I have not had a vacation away from work at any of the companies I have worked for since that time.

Therefore, I view this as God telling me that is time for vacation. I've been working A LOT and I feel as though a break is long overdue. Momentarily, it may be time for me to kick back and relax. Get some rest, know what I mean?

On a more tenatively positive note, my staffing representative at Randstad notified me yesterday evening of the fact that they may already have something lined up for me to fill the void. They are currently working on negotiations and details of my next job opportunity, but did not inform me of the company or hours.

I have faith in Randstad, knowing how quickly they placed me at the previous job. Should I be in desperate need of income until then, I can still work at the O.G. and unemployment may even be able to assist me during this time. We will see what happens.

One has to try to keep an optimistic frame of mind under these circumstances, knowing that it is the nature of the business and that something else, possibly even more lucrative, is well on its way for me!!! Rest assured, something else is coming very soon, but for now, I will enjoy this vacation time.

In a little bit, I am heading to a birthday party. Today is Andy's (Colleen's sister Angela's boyfriend) birthday and there is a party being thrown for him. I was invited to the party, therefore I will be attending the party.

Time for a shower.

Take care everyone!

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