Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Tonight is Halloween. Earlier this evening, after returning home from work, I went downstairs to my uncle's floor of the house and greeted trick-or-treaters with my mother and my uncle. While sitting downstairs and awaiting the trick-or-treaters, we watched Halloween H2O.

If there was ever a perfect night for trick-or-treating in terms of weather, it appeared to be tonight. The weather was shockingly warm for late October/early November. Earlier today, people were actually wearing shorts outside! WOW. You will never hear me complain about such situations or occurrences. As long as we don't get an abnormally FREEZING COLD WINTER!

In wrapping up the month of October, I can honestly say that this has been one fine-ass month. So many events and so much fun. A number of exciting occasions to celebrate and spectacular events and parties to attend. Places to go. People to see. It was all super.


The month of November will not exactly be getting off to a dull start, either! Sunday of this weekend is my birthday!!!! You know the deal.

TWO HUGE NIGHTS. TWO SENSATIONAL EVENTS. Two celebrations, in two entirely separate cities, on two consecutive nights.

Friday, November 3: Grasshopper in Morristown, NJ
Saturday, November 4: Atlantic City, NJ

Then on Sunday, November 5, I will officially be 26 years old, provided that I survive the intensity, fun, and excitement of these two fruitful celebrations. After all, November 5, my birthday, is the primary reason we will be celebrating in the first place. Therefore, it is incumbent on me to live through these celebrations to make it to that day.

Nonetheless, I am going to party like a fucking animal! Ladies and gentlemen, this coming weekend, those celebrations along with my actual birthday kick off the month of November. This weekend promises to be a classic! November is a great month (hey, that's when The Great One was born!), and it is off to a promising start!

As for tonight,

Happy Halloween everybody!

Halloween weekend buzz Part II - remainder of the weekend!

Upon waking up on Saturday morning, Ray, Mel, Greg, Mike, and I all got ready to go out for lunch.

Just as we did last month when we were at Mike's for his end of the summer party weekend, we once again went to Roy Rogers for lunch. Their limited-time Chicken Fajita Sandwich is delectable. Sadly, there are very Roy Rogers outlets still in commission, after Boston Market bought them out a while back.

After eating lunch, we made a special trip to 7-11. Ray introduced me to Stacker's energy drink Stinger, which I bought a can of to try out. It was Raspberry flavored and it really did a tremendous job of boosting my energy. My increase in energy was apparent to once we arrived at the Ocean County Mall, which I had never previously been to. Ocean County has a pretty decent mall, but I am not sure their mall's quality is up at the level of the Rockaway or Freehold Malls.

Ocean County Mall's food court is rather limited in size and variety of food outlets, but I suppose that it is still better than not having a food court at all (as is the case with the Woodbridge Mall). We went in many of the stores, including Spencers, Suncoast Video, and East meets West (wonderful little store). We also went into another video store (other than Suncoast - I forgot the name of it), at which Greg bought himself a few DVDs, including Nightmare on Elm Street 4. Ray bought Robin Hood Men in Tights, which he claims he had never seen on sale in stores or online prior to that moment.

I took a much more conservative approach to my financial spending, knowing that my birthday is the following week and I was not getting my check until early next week. Still, I had a great time hanging out at the mall and looking around in the various stores.

There had been a rainstorm that had traveled up the coast, hitting Ocean/Monmouth County with a vengeance. While the storm only made about a ten minute appearance, its presence made a substantial impact during our drive to Roy Rogers. Once we left the mall, however, the weather had already cleared up. As a result, we decided to go to the boardwalk at Seaside Heights and get some fresh air. Once we got there, we played some air hockey at the arcade.

Looking out at the waves from the boardwalk, I could see that they were really intense. Really high waves, one of which almost reached the height of one of the piers!!! Now that was a huge wave! Wind gusts were almost 40 MPH, so obviously it was a windy day, yet surprisingly warm day outside.

Following our quality at Seaside, we bought some Sushi and Chinese Food for dinner and headed back to Mike's apartment. This would eventually lead to the beer pong tournament, the one I was participating in at the time of blog posted birthday announcement in the previous post, that we decided to have.

As you could indicate from reading my previous post, we were playing beer pong on Saturday night at Crazy Mike's beach house.

Playing against Mike in the opening round, I finally beat him after approximately twenty minutes of neither of us landing a shot. Second round, I played against Ray and beat him as well. The third round, however, Greg Root managed to beat me rather soundly. By that time, I was pretty drunk off my ass. After all, I was the only person in the house at that time who had played THREE games in a ROW. That is a lot of drinking.

In the fourth round, Greg played Melissa and defeated Melissa. Ray, whom I had beaten in the second round, came back to beat my nemesis, Greg in round five!!! Never did a rematch between Ray and I take such an increase in stock and gain so much significance. After beating Ray already, I figured I could gain some ground from the loss to Greg to by beating the man who beat the man who be me. So what happened?

After managing to land a ball in my last cup, after I landed the ball in his last cup, the game went into overtime. Ray emerged victorious and got his revenge over me! WOW!!! Now, we're 1-1. We need to have a rubber match. Quite interesting how the tournament panned out.

We concluded the night by watching the classic Beetlejuice starring Alec Baldwin, Gena Davis, and Michael Keaton as Beetlejuice. Fifteen minutes into the movie, I was nodding off as I sat on the couch and attempted to watch movie. Ray recommended that I lay down on the inflatable mattress where Mel was lying, and Mel come sit on the couch. Great idea. I switched with Mel, took my spot on the mattress, and was passed out within a minute of lying down! LOL. Great night.

The following day, before parting ways, we all watched the ridiculously funny The Evil Dead, which is supposed to be of the horror genre. Whenever an intended horror film serves as a stupid comedy to most of the audience, it can be taken as a major insult to the director of that film. This movie was not scary by any means. It was STUPID.

As a result of being STUPID, it made me laugh. I was cracking up! What type of horror movie is that???? Even better, they made a musical out of that nonsense!!!! A MUSICAL, which Mike actually went to see. According to Mike, the musical was enjoyable. I just view the Evil Dead as a retarded comedy with no plot that makes me laugh as a result of it's plotless revelation.

Eventually, Greg and Mel left Mikes and Greg drove Mel home. For the next 45 minutes, Ray and I walked to the beach and checked out the ocean before we eventually went home as well.

Another delightful weekend at Crazy Mike's beach house in Lavallette. Although this particular Lavallette weekend had Halloween theme to it, it was shockingly identical to the previous weekend in September. There were a number of parallels between the two weekends. We partied at Mike's. We went to the boardwalk at Seaside Heights. We went to Roy Rogers for lunch. We went to Joe Harrison's Surf Club in Ortley Beach. Always an exciting time when we're in Lavallette at Mike's beach house.

We did miss Colleen, however, who was unable to attend for a completely excusable reason involving a tragedy.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Official inside scoop on birthday celebration next weekend!!

Next weekend is going to be the BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm drunk, from a tournament of beer pong that I am currently playing at a party right now. I just lost a round, after winning two in a row. But I play the winner of the current round.ANYWHO...Next weekend is my 26th birthday!!! *applause* *applause* *applause* *applause* *applause* *applause*

That's HUGE!!!

Friday night, come out to the Grasshopper in Morristown NJ for one hell of a birthday celebration for YOURS TRULY. I will be 26 - an ultra young 26 at that!!! It's going to be off the hook!!!! Handsome guys hanging out with beautiful women, and ALL OF US celebrating the 26th birthday of a true great.

In God's will, let's hope I get the opportunities to celebrate many more birthdays in amazing health. COME OUT FOR MY 26th in MOTOWN BABY!!!!Can't make it to MOTOWN Friday night??????Come hang out with me on SATURDAY NIGHT IN ATLANTIC CITY, NJ!!!!!!That's right!!! TWO BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS. Big dawgs have TWO celebrations, so they can accommodate all of their friends from different areas. TWO CELEBRATIONS BABY!!!!

All are welcome to one, the other, or BOTH!!!! Hit me up! Do NOT miss this extravaganza (oh my bad, EXTRAVAGANZAS) I really want to see ya'll. Hit me up and let me know if you can come to any of these. It's worth your while and you will have a wonderful time.



Halloween weekend buzz Part I - last night at Surf Club!

There are no Wawas on Krypton!

What's good ladies and gentlemen?

I am currently at Crazy Mike's beach house in Lavallette, NJ and I am enjoying every moment of my weekend. Last night, we went to Joe Harrison's Surf Club in Ortley Beach for a Halloween costume party.

I went as Superman, a costume I wore for Halloween four years ago at Stockton. My costume was really nice, even after having it for three years, but it had one flaw that was never exposed when I wore it three years ago at Stockton. No pockets! Where was I going to put my wallet containing my ID and money? Fortunately, I trusted Ray, who happened to have pockets in the pants he was wearing with his costume. Therefore, I allowed him to hold my wallet in his pocket.

At one point, I danced with this one hot chick for a few minutes. I can't remember exactly what she was, but she looked fuckin' HOT. We had a good dance going, but she was holding a drink and I hit with my hand a couple times and spilled bits of it. Didn't matter; she was still smiling and diggin' me. After that dance, I went to the bar, bought myself another drink, had some other chick who was wearing a rather revealing costume, come up to me. She grabbed my chess, played with my nipple through my costume, smiled at me, and then her friend grabbed her and took her away because they were getting ready to leave. Interesting. LOL.

Throughout the evening at Surf Club, there were a number of costume contests (most unique, scariest, best couple, etc) happening up on stage. During the most unique costume contest, there as a gentlemen (if you opt to refer to him as that) who went up on stage dressed as recently deceased Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin. He was not only dressed as Irwin, but also had the barbed tail (resembling the tail of the stingray that shot through Irwin's heart and took his life) coming out through his chest! At that very moment, the host appropriated noted, "Man, now THAT is fucked up! You need to get off this stage!" LOL. The host was right though. That was rather fucked up.

As I only had about five beers last night, I wasn't really that drunk. The weather sucked, as it was rainy and cold outside, but that did not stop Superman from briefly going outside in the back of the club and looking out at the ocean. That did not last very long, though. Ray, Melissa, and Mike went back to Mike's house around 1:15, while Greg and I stayed at the club until it closed at 2am. Not a bad time, if you ask me. When the club closed, Mike came back to pick us up. Ray and Mel were back at Mike's house.

Before going back to Mike's, Mike drove us to Wawa so he and Greg could buy some food. Always one to look for attention and cause a scene, I walked into the Wawa with the Superman costume on! The one older lady, who prepares the sandwiches at the deli, kept looking at me. At one point, she was eyeing down my junk!!!! EEEKKKK!!! That is when I decided to go outside and wait for Mike and Greg. Once I got outside, a couple pulled up in the parking and walked into the Wawa. As they walked up to the front door, the gentlemen asked me, "Is this place open 24/7??"

Did it strike him as odd in any way, that I was standing outside the Wawa in a Superman costume???
Did I, someone wearing a Superman costume, look like I worked at the Wawa???
Do places that are closed have people walking around inside shopping for food and drinks???

The whole thing was rather comical. After those two walked into the Wawa, a group of guys came just a minute later. One gentlemen appropriately said, "Hello Superman." That comment made more sense. I replied to the young man, "There are no Wawas on Krypton." Yet, I still needed a ride to the Wawa because I don't fly under the influence.

After Wawa, we went back to Mike's and called it a night.

Friday, October 27, 2006


As I was driving home from work and thinking about the potential going-out prospects that we had for Wednesday night, Chevys immediately came to mind, taking into consideration that it was Wednesday and Wednesday night at Chevys means $2 margaritas. I called Scott when I got home from work and suggested Chevys as possibility.

Later that evening, after Scott went out to dinner with his family, we talked about what we were going to do and I drove to his house to go pick him up. We ended up going to the Laughing Lion for some brewskies. Just like old times. We even found Scott's brick on the wall. For those who are unaware, anybody who joins the beer club and drinks all of the 100 different beers the Laughing Lion has to offer, is awarded with a brick, with his/her name inscribed on it, that is put up on the wall across from the bar. With Scott's birthday falling on October 27, I made it a point to buy him a drink at the Lion for his birthday. Knowing that his birthday is today, I will not be able to see him because I will be leaving work to drive directly down to Seaside/Lavallette, where I will be for the entire weekend.

Our time at the Lion only marked the beginning of our night this past Wednesday. Looking down at the other end of the bar, I saw this MILF. She had the tramp stamp thing going on right above her ass on her back, and I could see it because her shirt was a little high-cut. Overhearing a conversation between her and some dude, I heard her tell the guy she was 42 years old. Holy shit! I guess 40s ARE the new 30s, at least in some cases such as this case. Moments later, this idea came to the forefront that Scott and I should hit up a go-go bar. So that is exactly what we did.

HOT 22 is the club that everyone went to in June 2004 for Scott's bachelor party. HOT 22, located in Union NJ, is exactly where Scott and I went on Wednesday night. Prior to heading over to Union, Scott and I remembered that HOT 22 is a B.Y.O.B. go-go bar. One pays a substantially high cover charge, but one can also bring one's own beer to the joint with them, so that saved us a considerable amount of money in beer expenses. We went to the liquor store and purchased a six pack of Labatt Blue and then we went along on our merry way.

It took us about twenty five minutes to get to the place, but the directions that Scott found in Google were precise as can be. Yes, even though we had been there before for the bachelor party, neither of us could possibly recall the directions because neither of us were driving and neither of us were sober enough on that bus two years ago to remember the trip whatsoever. LOL

Upon taking the exit off highway 24, the exit dumped us right out into the parking lot of HOT 22. Once I entered the joint, first thought that entered my mind was that the place looked much smaller on the inside. Perhaps there weren't nearly as many people in there this time as there were on that crazy night back in June 2004. In all likelihood, that is what was making it look smaller. Add to the fact that I WASTED when we all arrived at Hot 22 for Scott's bachelor party. I barely remember getting there. SOME people failed to even make it off the bus, and into the actual club. LMAO. Still got love for my boy Billy G, though.

Anyway, Scott and I made our way to the back of the club with our Labatt Blue bottled beer and hung out for a little bit. While at the club, I noticed the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life. This girl had THE GREATEST BODY and she was hot! She was on FIRE!!!! After watching her dance around the pole, she got off the stage and made her way over to me to try and sell me on lap dance. She didn't just try to sell me on the dance, she was hugging me, kissing me, and rubbing against me. It was absolutely sensational. Shit, I was touching her back and she was letting me. This went on for about five minutes, and after five minutes of managing to prolong this free physical contact she was providing for me, I finally decided to get a dance from her. However, I had to get some money out of the ATM because I only had $15 left on me and I needed $20. Therefore, I went over to the ATM and took out $20.

By the time I got back, she was already dancing with someone else, so I waited out by the stage and enjoyed the show. It got to the point in time when the place was about to close. Never did I get a dance from that particular stripper, but I did manage to get me a dance from this Russian stripper who was quite fine in her own right, but failed to measure up to the beauty who was feeling me up and happily breathing in the smell of my cologne for a good five minutes. Shit, that period of time alone probably should have been worth $5. But then again, this is ME we're talking about.

Moments before the place was going to close, my hot dream GODDESS walked her fine ass up onto the stage for one last dance. I went to sit over the by the stage so she could dance right in front of me and I could give her a few singles just for being incredibly HOTTT. She had the curves, moves, and ora of a Goddess who totally belonged at the Playboy Mansion rather than Hot 22 in Union, NJ. After talking to her for a few minutes, it turned out that she had a really bubbly personality as well. She was actually not a bad person; nice girl judging for the minor conversation prior to leaving.

Once Scott and I got into my car to drive back home, I received an email from Colleen. She let me know, due to the passing of a close friend of hers, that she would not be going to Mike's on Friday night. That is totally understandable, as it hurts deep down inside to lose a loved one. Having said that, I handed my cell phone to Scott so I could drive the car and tell him what to type in my responses to her text messages. Basically I wanted her to know that I was here for her to talk to and that I was sorry about her friend's passing.

During this time, I told Scott that I needed to get gas (check gage light was on in my car), but I was also having a craving for White Castle burgers. At the same time, we both really had to take a piss as well. A number of issues taking place at once. As I was mentioning this to Scott and concentrating on his responses to the text messages from Colleen, I ended up taking a wrong turn on the road. This is when all of the random shit began. We ended up at the Newark Airport. WOW.

Pissing was the first priority out of all of the things I wanted/needed to do at this moment. Trying to find a parking spot, without speeding and being pulled over by one of the many cop cars at the airport, I got my ticket from the machine at the entrance for permission to park in one of the spots, pulled up at the front of the airport, and Scott and I raced like bats out of Hell for the restroom!!! We looked like a couple of airport lunatics at 2:30 am, running around the airport with full blatters. After relieving ourselves in the restroom at the airport, we raced back outside to get in the car and leave before I had the chance to get charged for the parking spot. Fortunately, no charge for the parking. We had returned to my car and vacated the premises quickly enough before that could possibly happen. I had finally been to an airport, but still never on a plane. I suppose I needed to start somewhere, right?

Next dilemma for me to overcome was the gas situation. My car needed gas. The needle was on empty. We were running out and it was COLD outside. Scott mentioned that he had Triple A if I broke down. So do I. However, the area we were in was the last place anybody wanted to brake down in, if you know what I mean. Only choice in the matter was to get off at the next Exit, which was Irvington. Oh boy!! Hey, I needed gas. Irvington, it was. I'm driving around in Irvington with Scott at almost 3am, looking for a gas station. We come to a red light.

Which way were we to go? Pointing to the left, which was totally DARK, Scott tells me, "I say left. You should turn left dawg." Hesitating for a moment as I take into consideration Scott's suggestion to make a left towards the dark end of the street, I look down the opposite side, see a Dunkin' Donuts and an area of town that was well lit and had some stores. I responded, "Uhhhhh, I'm making a right turn, champ." So I did took my own advice and did that instead. What was the glamorous spectacle that Scott and I saw in front of our very eyes?????????

A random ass WHITE CASTLE - the most beautiful White Castle EVER - located right next to a Hess gas station. We were SAVED!!! How convenient was THAT???? You just don't get happy endings like that. This was like the happy ending to a delightfully enjoyable movie that one did not want to see end. First, I pulled up at the gas station and we saw a group of Afro Americans standing in a circle on the side walk beyond the pumps. Right off the bat, it appeared as though they were taking a piss. That is when I thought to myself, "what else is going to happen tonight????" I began to laugh. Scott, with a Devilish grin on his face, responded to my laughter by recommending not to, "laugh to loud... they will probably kill you."

I got the gas. Gas station attendant tells me that I have to go over by the window to pay. So I get out of my car and walk over to the window by the gentlemen who were standing in a circle. They weren't taking a piss either. They had a collection of CDs and pornos lined up along the sidewalk and they were looking to make some sales. They attempted to persuade me into buying something. I took a few minutes to look at what they had to offer, while Scott remained bundled up and safe inside my car with my car keys in the ignition. He made it clear he was not going to subject himself to any mugging or pistol whipping on this cold night in the ghetto.

After a few minutes, I refused to buy any of the CDs or porno and proceeded to pay for my gas. While making the payment, the group began talking amongst each other about some dude whom they wanted to beat the living shit out and pistol whip. Oh my! I doubt it was me, as they probably would have gone about their business much sooner if I was the Target. Nonetheless, being the victim of their scheme was not something I was prepared to accept. In the event that the poor bastard who was the victim was nearby, I also did not care to be an accomplice to the battery and possible 187 they were about to commit. That is when I decided it would be a marvelous idea for me to walk back to the car and leave the gas station.

As I was walking away, the group asks me, "You want to buy something man?" I told them, "Hold that thought. I'm going to consult with my friend about it in the car." Nothing to talk about. Nothing to buy at that moment. No reason to stay there any longer. We left the gas station and went over to the drive thru at the White Castle. Between the two of us, we ordered four chicken ring sandwiches and four cheeseburgers. What a slammin' meal.

Great meal on the way home. These chicken ring burgers really hit the spot. In fact, I got them again last night when I met up with Scott and Liezl at White Castle. Yes, two trips to White Castle in two consecutive days. Scott asked Liezl last night, "what are the odds that we'd (Scott and I) go to White Castle two nights in a row?" Liezel responded, "with you two, the odds are pretty good."

Wednesday night was great; definitely a night to remember. A lot of random things taking place on this night, making it a LEGENDARY night that I will not forget.

Time to leave work and head straight down to Lavallette for some Halloween celebrations at Crazy Mike's Beach House.

Tonight, many of us will be at Joe Harrison's Surf Club in Ortley Beach. Hope to see you there.


I'm going on a cruise to the BAHAMAS!!!!!!!!

Earlier today, I received word from my mom via text message that I had won a cruise to the Bahamas at the Rockaway Mall!!!! About three weeks ago, Bill Dyer and I went to the mall because Bill wanted to buy these sneakers at Sears.

After going to Sears, we signed up for a contest at one of the kiosks to win a prize. The prize, at that time, appeared to be an SUV (the brand I can not remember), but according to my mother, my name and information were pulled and I am the proud winner of a cruise to the Bahamas, out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

GO ME!!!!!!! GO ME!!!!!!! GO ME!!!!!!!

I WON!!!!! I WON!!!!! I WON!!!!!

I WON!!!!! I WON!!!!! I WON!!!!!

I've always said I was a winner. ALWAYS. Against almost impossible odds, I prove it once again. HAHAHAHAHA!

Oh yeah, I can bring one person with me.

What an amazing life! More to follow, so stay tuned, my family, friends, fans, and stalkers! You do not want to miss a beat!

Scott Davies back in town - but what happened on Wednesday????

Happy Birthday Scott!
Congratulations for being admitted into the bar!

It has been a minute since my family, friends, fans, and stalkers have seen an update here at the Blog of Bryan. Today is your lucky day. Anytime I update with significant news, events, or a self-related post, all eyes always seen to be on me. The stats of this website speak for themselves and support what I say. Ya'll know what you prefer to read, and who you prefer to read about. I'm a draw, lets face the facts ladies and gentlemen. So here we go...

Late last week I had spoke to Scott Davies on the phone, during which time he informed me that he would be flying back if the Mets won their game game last week. He had tickets to attend the playoffs this week, if the Mets were to prevail last week, but as it turned out, the Mets lost. Oh well, shit happens. At that point, I had assumed that Scott would not be coming home as a result of the game. How wrong I was! Tuesday night, Scott called me and asked what I was doing. Aside from doing some studying for the GMAT and relaxing in my room, I was not doing very much at all. Upon asking him where he was and what he was up to, he responded by letting me know that he was riding home to Mine Hill from the Newark Airport. Sweet! Not even a losing effort on the part of the Mets could prevent this man from flying home to see his boy The Great One.

After going home, putting away some stuff, and talking to his mother, Scott drove to my house to pick me up so we could go to Travelers. We went to Travelers and ordered our famous mozzarella fries with gravy. Our late but brief night at Travelers was pleasing, but it was tame in comparison to what would happen to us the following night. Anytime Scotty-D makes one of his triumphant returns home to Jersey, one can immediately sense it is going to be an all-out event that one does not want to miss. This dude comes home every now and then, and when he does come home, he's always bringing an exciting time of some sort with him. Surely, this week would be no different whatsoever!

Just an hour ago, I returned home from White Castle (where else), where I enjoyed a sloppy late night meal with none other than Scott, who's been here since Tuesday, and his beautiful wife Liezl, who flew into Jersey from Florida early this morning to spend the rest of the week with her husband. Entertaining times. Liezl jokingly admitted that White Castle is the ideal place to take a significant other out on a date.

Scott added to that statement by implying, "great for a first date." I added to that by jokingly stating, "it's a great place for a man to take his woman to dinner for a marriage proposal. These little White Castle Burger boxes are perfect to place in the ring inside of; nice and snug underneath that greasy and delicious White Castle Burger."

Now that's love!

You certainly can not argue with a lawyer. My readers are encouraged to follow those words of wisdom I just posted. You can not argue with a lawyer, especially when the argument is related to first date fine dining at the luxurious vivacious White Castle. After all, fine dining is dining and White Castle is epitome of fine dining, isn't that right?

This leads to that legendary Wednesday night, which you will have to wait for until my next post. To all of my family, friends, fans, and stalkers, look for the inside scoop of what happened this past Legendary Wednesday night!! I know you will definitely come back for that though. Not a fate worse than death for you, either. You do not want to miss that exclusive. I know you don't. You never want to miss out on anything pertaining to my lifestyle or my events. You come here way to often, and why not? I encourage that. I'm entertaining, charismatic, brilliant, charming, handsome, sexy, and most of all I am The Truth.

Many of you LOVE me, and there are some haters who probably come to this site as well just to get a feel for what greatness, enthusiasm, and success truly is. You need something inspiring, intriguing and exciting in your life. If you love me, I cherish you and I return the love. Many of you are literally with me throughout the events I post about on this fantasic website. On the other hand, if you hate me, and you just want to tune in as a result of that preposterous hate you have for me, then see for yourself what you can find on here to get that blood boiling inside you to prepare you for the seizure or heart attack that you are looking for! In any case, you're giving me undivided attention. Lovers and haters, God bless you all respectively.

At this time, I would like to wish Scott, who was born eight days before me, a Happy 26th birthday. I would also like to congratulate him on being admitted into the bar a couple days ago, so that he may seek out a position at a law firm and perhaps start his own practice. It is a relief to realize that my best friend is going to be lawyer.

I live such an amazing life! Stay tuned for much more later today and remember to come back for the hot exclusive regarding what would turn out to be our LEGENDARY WEDNESDAY NIGHT two days ago. In fact, come back later on today. You might get it really soon!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Recap of Jimmy's 22nd at Jimmys!

Last night was a pretty interesting occasion at Jimmys in Morristown.

We all went out for Bill's friend Jimmy's 22nd birthday. Jimmys is actually is a really nice bar/club; last night was my first time ever going there.

Bill, Jim, and I pre-gamed at Bill's house prior to going to Jimmys. On the way to Morristown, Bill picked up Becky Kovach, who was coming along with us to the bar to attend the festivities. By the time we got to the bar, I was drunk. The first half of the evening, I was doing alright for myself, as I was getting my dance on with various chicks and talking to them at the bar. Not bad at all. The second half of the evening, I have little to no recollection of what happened to me. I guess I made it out OK, if I am typing up this post right now.

At the end of the night (at 5am, more like early morning), we capped off the celebration with a trip to White Castle. If the alcohol was not going to do me in, I was surely subjecting myself to even greater risk with White Castle burgers! LMAO. They didn't just hit the spot; the hit my stomach with a painful impact as well! I could feel the pain, as Bill drove to Jim's house in Byram to drop Jim off.

In any case, it was a good evening. I got plenty of game, I just need to dust it off. It has been up on the shelf for sometime. There hasn't been anybody or anything prompting me to pull out my A-Game in many years. C and D-game are all I have needed to get me by. We'll definitely work on that A.S.A.P.

The weekend was alright. Back to corporate America once again tomorrow morning. On to Crazy Mike's Halloween party in Lavallette this upcoming weekend!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Tonight: Jimmys in Morristown!

It is on tonight, when Bill Dyer, and bunch of different heads, and myself hit up Jimmys in Morristown for this guy Jim's 22nd birthday. Jim is pretty close with Bill, but I've hung out with him and Bill a few times and he's good people. Ladies will be in the house, baby! The more the merrier! Tonight should be a great time; nothing like being young and enjoying the night life in the club/bar scene. The night will be young, and so are we.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Apartment in West Long Branch????

Located one mile from Monmouth University!
Practically on campus!

Just a few minutes ago, here at work, I received a special phone call from Colleen in regards to an apartment she found yesterday with her mother during a visit to Monmouth University.

The apartment, which is part of an off-campus housing complex that houses both students and senior citizens, is located one mile from the institution.

Included in the rent charges are both water and heating utilities. Colleen called to ask me if I would go with her and Mike to check out the apartment on Saturday, October 28 (same day as Mike's party) at 1pm? What do you think my answer was?? OF COURSE! I would be delighted to do so. The rent for all of us together would be $1,200 a month, with the utilities I mentioned up above included. All I have to say is, this is just fabulous! Spectacular! Looks like we have an appointment next weekend for an apartment.

When you read this post, does the movie Old School ring a bell? Perhaps we'll finally get a chance to start a fratority and include both students and senior citizens (being that they, too, will be living in our complex)??????? LMAO.


Let's see how this goes. Following the GMAT on December 2, I have plans of applying to and attending Monmouth University in Fall 2007. Monmouth, widely regarded as a safe entry for prospective business graduates, is clearly the front runner, ahead of a number of New Jersey institutions in my preferences for graduate school.

Should I attend Monmouth, I would certainly have a place to live very close by!

Clouds are in a hurry!

Weird day for weather.

After seeing it rain all day outside, and then witnessing a torrential down pour for about three minutes, the sky is suddenly clearing up, the sun is peaking out, and the clouds are moving freakishly FAST!

I am not sure I have ever seen clouds move that fast before.


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mildly embarrassing moment becomes an entertaining relief!

What happened earlier this morning at work was not funny at first; more alarming than anything, but I'm alright now.

I suffered the weirdest, pant-shitting, embarrassing feeling ever! Last night, after my mom went to bed, I popped the video BLACK BOOBIES into the VCR in the living room (no VCR in my bedroom, just a DVD player). For your information, Black Boobies is a pornographic video that Angela and Andy (Colleen's sister and sister's boyfriend, respectively) handed over to me at Andy's birthday last month.

So I'm sitting here at my desk right now, looking back at last night, and I could not remember if I took the fucking video tape out of the VCR before going to bed last night!!!!!!! WOW! Could I have left it in the VCR for my mother to find? OMG, I would feel so tainted! Never be able to walk around under the same roof with her without feeling WEIRD. What would mommy think if her son whacked off to BLACK BOOBIES???? What would she think of me watching pornos at all, period? Watching them in her living room on her furniture??? EEEEEEKKKKK!!!!!!!!

Just the thought of such a scenario is enough to make me let out a loud, high-pitched, bitch scream! Finally, after about 4 minutes of trying not to shit my pants in embarrassment and wondering what might have been going through my mom's mind upon finding that tape, I eventually remembered taking it out of the VCR after finishing with it.

I recall this little yellow sticker on the side of it when I was taking it out and then I remembered putting it back in my room.


I almost gave myself a fucking heart attack. Holy shit.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mike Tyson considering women and children for opposition??????

Tyson willing to enter ring against women and children!

At this time, I am on a lunch break at work. I am about to get back to work, but I had to chance to get some GMAT studying in. For most of the break, I reviewed some general test taking tips for the match section.

Tonight, sometime after I get home, I will study Data Sufficiency, which is known to be a bitch for most GMAT test takers. I will review that chapter thoroughly tonight. This morning, I managed to get up at 7:15 and go out for a quick run, before showering and heading to work. It is important to get on top of things and stay on top of them.

As I was reading articles on Fightnews this morning, I came across some news about Former Heavyweight Champion Mike Tyson's World Tour, which will air on PPV this Friday. Tyson spoke about his intentions to be a good guy. When asked if he still considered himself the "Baddest Man on the Planet," he claimed that he is just Mike. According to Tyson, proceeds earned for the competition will go directly to charity for children's hospital.

"I would fight women, children, celebrities, you name it." Then the former
champion added with a smile: "I'm just looking to have fun. The money that comes in from these fights will go to charities. I'm a big fan of children's hospitals."

Tyson fighting women??? Fighting CHILDREN!?!?!? What is going on here? Well, at least he is donating the money earned from the tour to children's hospitals. He would be expected to do AT LEAST AS MUCH, if he were to box against a CHILD!!!! Obviously, female professional boxers (I HOPE he means that, at least!) are who he is suggesting would be his female opposition. Still though, Mike. Women? C'mon man!

I know your last three fights resulted in knockout losses, all at the hands of male professionals, but in all due respect let's utilize fair judgement in determining the opposition for this latest quest/return to the ring of yours.

For more coverage on this story, check out this article from Fox News.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Barely awake at work!

Here I am, sitting at my cubicle analyzing this data from Salesforce and putting into a spreadsheet, and I can barely keep my eyes open. Second cup of coffee, perhaps???

I got like three hours of sleep last night, so I should not be the least bit surprised at how tired I am. Just had to take a break from working on this loaded spreadsheet, which contains a variety of fun-filled (sarcasm) data.

I'm so tired, but I'm not cutting my eyelids off for ANYONE.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Bamboo in two weeks???

It's time for another club night!

After the squad and I finished up our dinner time (even though I didn't eat) at the food court at Hamilton Mall, we took a trip over to Carinos prior to Frank's birthday party to visit Kristen, who was working the dinner shift.

Obviously, due to the fact that it was dinner time on Saturday night, Kristen was very busy with the guests at her table. Yet, she managed to come up to the front of the restaurant for a brief moment and say hello to all of us. Her birthday is actually this coming Tuesday!

She informed us of a trip to Bamboo that is in the works for one of the remaining Friday's of this month. Knowing that Crazy Mike's Halloween party is on Saturday, October 28, and that Bamboo is right in the neighborhood of where Mike lives, I believe Friday, October 27 would be a convenient date for this prospective night at Bamboo to take place on.

Hopefully October 27th is agreeable with Kristen, her friends, and everyone else, because I would really like to go to that club, or any club for that matter, really soon!

We'll see what happens.

Frank's birthday!

Happy Birthday Frank!

Last night, we celebrated Frank's birthday over at Frank's apartment for a little bit. For the party, I bought a six pack of Yuengling and a six pack of Yuengling Black and Tan.

As soon as I walked into Community Liquors, I immediately ran into my old beer-brewing friend from Stockton, Dave Flanders, who now works as a cashier at Community! It was definitely nice to see him again as well.

Those who were present at Frank's birthday party consisted of Colleen, Ray, Mel, Greg, Jack, myself, and some other friends of Frank's along with his roommates. Amongst those at the party were Frank's roommates, including H-Court's C.A. Chris, whom I had the chance to meet and hang out with. He's a good guy; big Eminem fan.

Ray, Mel, Jack, and Greg left Frank's place after about an hour, as I stayed for about an hour and a half longer in an attempt to congregate with the crowd at hand. I was drinking my Yuengling and feeling really good from the buzz. I managed to drink most of my beer at the party. At Frank's apartment, I may have done more dancing in a span of fifteen minutes than I did in four hours at the Osprey Ball last weekend.

Eventually, I called Jack and asked for a ride from Frank's over to his place.
About half an hour later, Ray came to Franks, picked me up, and brought me over to Jacks, where I was at the very peak of my drunkenness before finally passing out about 45 minutes later.

What an evening.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Great Halloween party last night!

"Colleen, your balls are amazing!"

Colleen's Halloween party last night was sensationally amusing and festive. I arrived at Stockton College at approximately 7:45pm.

When I got to the apartment, Ray was just pulling up with Mike and Greg. Apparently they took a trip to Wawa so Ray could get some juice. He had been at Colleen's since about 7pm, which makes sense being that he lives about 35 minutes closer to Stockton than I do.

The party started around 8pm. We all started off with some Halloween charades and Halloween Trivia. I was on the team called Candymen, with Greg Root and Mike, while Ray, Mel, and Jack were on the opposing team labeled, "Hellraisers." Our team, Candymen, won by a score of 26-23!

Storytelling was also a major activity of the evening, as Frank, Colleen, Greg, and I all told some stories for the guests. Each of the stories were good in their own way. Sometime before Halloween night, perhaps I will post the stories I told here on the Blog of Bryan.

Colleen made popcorn balls, amongst many of the other treats (brownies, smores, etc) that she baked and provided for her guests. Upon eating many of the Halloween popcorn balls, Crazy Mike commended Colleen on her baking, noting to Colleen, "your balls are amazing!" LMAO. Only Mike can come out with these random sound bytes.

Afterwards, we all watched the original Friday the 13th, which is clearly a Halloween classic. This was an ideal Halloween movie for Colleen, due to the fact she lives in Blairstown, which is the town that Friday the 13th was filmed in. Everyone watching the movie believed that Jason was the killer, but if you haven't seen the movie and choose to watch it, you will find out differently who the killer is.

Colleen made reference to the fact that the diners and the establishments (the few of them that there are) had not changed one bit in the 26 years following the filming of that movie! She is right. I have been to Blairstown before and it really does not look any different whatsoever.

Jack misconstrued a couple Halloween references last night, when he mentioned the movie, "Nightmare Before Elm Street" and discussed how Jason was, "probably joining the NFL to get his hockey mask." LOL.

Today, we all went to Famous Daves for lunch. I had not been to Famous Daves in over a year, so my lunch there today was surely satisfying. I had some Buffalo Chicken Tenders, which truly hit the spot. I love Buffalo chicken sauce. At this time however, we are getting ready to watch The Root of All Evil (a movie starring Greg Root), after Colleen gets done cleaning up.

There is no doubt that Greg is one hell of a character who manages to leave a piece of himself - a vivid memory if you will - with all those whom he surrounds himself with or randomly meets in person.

If you would like to learn about our special pal Greg, be sure to check him out at his personal website, http://www.gregroot.com/. You can watch the movie in its entirety. There have been tentative discussions of a Root of all Evil 2.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Forget about Autumn!

Today, on Friday the 13th, Buffalo welcomes winter EXPEDIENTLY!
Detroit and Chicago break records for earliest measured snow!!

Ummmmm, what is this all about?

Buffalo, NY just got hit with a blizzard, in the middle of October! How the fuck do you get two feet of snow in the middle of OCTOBER????

This, I must admit, is quite rare. Freakishly rare! There were actually a few deaths, due to the storm, so that is definitely not cool. We complain about the fact that summer weather is now behind us until next year, but what about these people in Buffalo??? The Great Lakes are covered in two feet of snow. JEEZUS!!!!

That's all I have to say about that ish. I am currently at work and I'm looking forward to driving down to Stockton for Colleen's Halloween Party on this Friday the 13th! Thankfully, there are no severe snow storms, but I just heard the lady in the cubicle next to me tell another woman that there was just ANOTHER bad accident on Rt 80.

What else is new????????

As if the one hour and 45 minute commute home, normally a 20 minute distance away from where I work, was not enough fun and excitment for my heart. I never actually perceived driving to be such a complex science, but apparently it is for many people. Supposedly, after eight years of driving and never coming close to being in an accident, driving is just one of the many skills that I happen to master whereas others apparently can not. Maybe that makes me a genius in some sense!?!? LOL.

Alright, I better get off of here and get back to work (if that is what one chooses to call it) again.

Happy FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!

This one already has its share of weirdness and bizzare events!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

First day at ADP is tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my first day of work at ADP in Parsippany, so we will see how that goes.

Once again, I must thank God that a corporate freeze caused Wachovia to lay me off so that I could find a job somewhere else that pays me considerably more. LOL. In a couple of days, I have Colleen's Halloween party to attend at Stockton and I am looking forward to that.

She's throwing a Halloween party on Friday, October 13, which means her party taking place on Friday the 13th. Hmmmmm, superstitious??? For now, I am at the library and I need to get some studying done for this GMAT.

Wish me luck tomorrow.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

53 Days to Go!!! On December 2, I will once again prove myself!

"Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that all was vanity, but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men for they may act their dream with open eyes and make it possible." --T.E. Lawrence; the Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Come Saturday, December 2, I am going to be the most dangerous man on the face of the planet!

Ladies and gentlemen, family, friends, and fans alike, I am back in D-town, after a pretty decent weekend with some friends down in the 609 for Homecoming Weekend. On Monday night, I went to M&S II with Billy Dyer for dinner. As usual, I got a stuffed slice with sauce which, in my opinion, is their specialty. That's how Billy D and I do, and have done for many years.

Preparation for the GMAT is picking up now. I am going into greater detail in regards to the studying, which includes concentrated and timed mathematical and verbal exercises.

I am taking this thing very seriously, as I said I would for years prior to this moment. Knowing that I am a mere 53 days away from this date with destiny, it is incumbent on me to pick up the pace and get this ball moving a little faster. As I have said before, I am a hustler. I am The Truth, and I know when to step to the plate. I am a clutch player, who comes through in the clutch when it is necessary for me to do so.

Like I told my friend Colleen earlier, I take what I believe is mine. I work, I think about it over and over again, and I go out and get it. You must go out and prime yourself to get yours. A man has to do what a man has to do. This test, which I will take in less than two months, will be no different from anything else that has belonged to me in the past. Things and events that I have taken. When this date with destiny arrives, I am going to TAKE THIS TEST and TAKE IT with UNBELIEVABLY FLAWLESS RESULTS. No ifs, ands, or buts.

All that I say at this time will be substantiated on Saturday December 2, at approximately 12:30 pm, when I receive the result on the CAT after the examination is complete. I do not necessarily have to brag or boast. I know who I am. I know what I do. And I know what has to be done. Actions speak a hell of a lot louder than words. Studying like a responsible professional to get ready, is what needs to be done in order to produce the kind of sensational result that I am inclined to produce.

December 2, my brilliance will make me the most dangerous man on the face of the planet, and that will have come from months of getting into gear to be so. December 2, what I am going to pull off won't just be "good" or even a "good effort." It will be SENSATIONAL. There will be plenty of I told you so by those who may have been skeptical. What I am capable of is LEGENDARY.

Appreciate me while I'm still in your presence here on God's green Earth, and I, The Great One, will take you for one hell of a ride.

This is just the beginning. Fasten your seat belt!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Pier of Caesars Atlantic City!

Having just returned from the boardwalk in Atlantic City, I can say for a fact that The Pier that Dr Whithem was telling me about last week is now open! What a beautiful addition to the boardwalk.

The Pier is a large outlet of stores, clubs, and restaurants that extends out onto the ocean for quite some distance. One can actually walk to the end from outside the stores (which quite obviously are inside) and look out at the water. The view resembles that of someone on a cruise ship looking out at the water.

Quite a sensational and eye-catching attraction; a must-see for anyone who happens to be walking the boardwalk in Atlantic City. The Pier is located directly across the boardwalk from Boardwalk Hall. You can't miss it!

An Indian Summer Sunday here in South Jerz!

Last night, we as a gang had a fun time over at Jack's house off campus. Jack, Ray, Melissa, Colleen, Frank, Greg Root, and myself were all present at Jack's house.

From the outset, we decided to order Chinese food from the Chinese Restaurant, located in the same plaza as the Corner Tavern, across the street. I ordered General Tso's Chicken with white rice along with a pint of Chicken Lo Mein on the side. The food was delicious, yet quite filling.

We also commenced with the drinking festivities, but never quite laid our mitts on the chocolate fudge cake that Ray brought down for Jack's birthday party. Alcohol that we had consisted of Killian's Irish Red, Amaretto, Blackberry Merlot Arbor Mist (all of which I brought to the party), and Coors Lights, along with some other drinks which Ray brought in his cooler. Greg actually passed out on the floor pretty early, so we took a page out of Crazy Mike's book from the weekend in Lavallette.

We all managed to BURY the man in pillows, blankets, sneakers, shoes, a singing and dancing chicken, and his plate of Chinese food and took some comical pictures. When waking up and discovering what we had done, Greg was certainly a good sport about it. LOL. We all watched Batman Begins at the start of the evening, then after Colleen and Frank went back to campus, Jack decided to put on Billy Madison. Decent night.

The weather is absolutely gorgeous outside today. This weather certainly constitutes Indian Summer, as I am wearing a short sleeve shirt, shorts, and sandals. From 11am to 3pm, there is a car show on campus today, so I am definitely going to hit that up with Ray and Melissa.

Afterwards, I would like to go to Atlantic City and walk around on the boardwalk for a bit. It has been some time since I have been to Atlantic City. Not since the beginning of this year, last winter, had I been to Atlantic City, so it is time for me to make a return and check it out again.

At this time, I must retrieve the remainder of my belongings from Colleen's apartment here on campus and then head over to the car show.

Take care folks and enjoy this beautiful weather!

EDITOR'S NOTE: The car show was charging admission of $5 per person. What a ridiculous waste of money. It wasn't THAT important to go see. I believe there was a total of 25 cars, and the only people in the lot were the OWNERS. LOL. Fuck that. We told the people running the show, "Good afternoon, have a nice day" and we left. There was no way I was going to pay $5 to see a car show. Shit, I'd rather look at my own car. HAHAHA.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Osprey Ball Aftermath!

I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. --Bill Cosby
Quite obviously the Blog of Bryan Quote of the Day, but I like it, so I had to save it to revert back to.

Last night was the Osprey Ball for Fall 2006, and I must say that it did not feel exactly the same as it did the previous years. I do not know why; I was accompanied by some terrific people that I know really well. Those who were with me included Colleen, Frank, Jack, Ray, Melissa, Crazy Mike, and Greg.

I was with some close friends of mine, but I suppose the rest of the people in attendance were just a bit different than they were other times that I have been there. There was a significant difference in the ambiance this year, an ambiance that appeared to be geared towards a crowd. There were a number of salutes to students in the classes ranging from freshman to senior year, but nothing was really ever dedicated to the alumni at hand. I suppose it all makes sense when you think about it. While the crowd at hand remains the same age each year (freshman thru seniors), I am a year older with each appearance I make at an Osprey Ball.

In addition to that, these are the next generation of students, young couples who know each other from the experiences of meeting each other on campus and they are at the ball to have their own fun and exciting times with each other. Somehow, outside of the close friends I was with as a visitor, I somehow felt out of place.

Perhaps I have outgrown the Osprey Ball??? Not necessarily homecoming weekend celebrations, but the Osprey Ball? Who knows! We all had a hunch anyway, prior to last night, that this was probably our last Osprey Ball. Regardless, I am satisfied that I had the opportunity to spend time with my people.

Earlier today, as soon as we all woke up, we went to the Olive Garden in Mays Landing for lunch. They now have the neverending pasta bowl back in commission, which basically means that the guests are getting one of hell of a deal while the servers have one additional pain in the ass to plague their shifts for the next couple months or so. That deal is as bad, if not worse, than Soup Salad and Breadsticks. Remind me NOT to pick up any shifts until that shit is over!! LOL. Nonetheless, I was delighted to take advantage of the deal as a guest who went there for lunch with his friends.

All together, I had two helpings of pasta, with the first being Penne with the all-new Sun Dried Tomato Parmesean Sauce, and the second being Linguine with Marinara Sauce. After two helpings, i was totally finished eating. Colleen and I ordered the Chocolate Gelato (ice cream) for dessert. That helping of ice cream was MASSIVE.

Tonight, we'll be drinking it up over at Jack's house off campus in celebration of his 22nd birthday. Yes, tonight's festivities by in large will consist of a more adult crowd taking part in adult activities off campus.

However, it feels nice to be at Stockton, which is a school that I still love to this day. It has a campus that I sorely miss, and each time I come back to visit, I realize more and more just how much I miss this place.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Stockton's Homecoming begins TONIGHT!

Happy birthday Jack!

Jack: So what we going to do to get you into the police blotter again this year?
Me: I don't know, perhaps some midnight streaking.

This possibly being the final homecoming I attend at this college, with the only students remaining next year being Jack and Frank, I am going to celebrate this weekend to the maximum.

Tonight is the annual Osprey Ball, and I will be having a good time with a variety of different alumni and the few current students that I am close friends with. Colleen just purchased ball tickets for a number of the people attending, myself included, at a cheap rate of $5. Last year, I cut myself short and ended up paying $10 for my ticket at the door.

This year, however, I was able to avoid such shortcomings, thanks to Colleen purchasing the tickets in advance and the fact that I made it down here earlier this year. After the ball, there is a chance that we will be moving the entire entourage over to Jack's apartment to celebrate his 22nd birthday. This entire weekend is going to be sensational.

I'm delighted to be back on campus both as an alumnist and a visitor and thankful to have success, festivities, and significant events to celebrate, such as Jack's birthday, Colleen's graduate school admittance, my recent hiring at the new job, and Homecoming Weekend. It's a celebration bitches!!! I really don't fuck around, and this is just the beginning of it ALL. Wait until January. You have not heard or seen anything YET. January, my viewers, is THE REVOLUTION!!!!

Partying, drinking, big ballin', celebrating, and hustling. That's what I do BEST.

Let tonight's extravaganza begin! Expect some pictures next week. Especially for all of my lady fans, I'll give you some tasty eye candy to scope out, when I get fresh and all dressed up! As for tonight, Not getting to bed until like 5AM!

Until next time, keep reading about me, keep following the inside scoop on my scene, and keep enjoying it. I love all those who love me. I love all those who hate me. Either way, you're still tuning in and I CRAVE ATTENTION!!!!! Most of all, I love my family, friends, and fans. Without them, who would I be? Stay tuned baby!

Have a wonderful day and an even greater weekend.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Congratulations Colleen!

I would like to take this time to dedicate a post to my dear friend Colleen. As of today, Colleen has been admitted to Monmouth University for graduate school! Congratulations Colleen! Your family and friends are all very proud of you! She also received a graduate fellowship which will help to pay her way through each semester.

The emotional future graduate school student had the following to say:

"I am so blessed to have such a great family, great friends, and a great boyfriend."

Although, I must admit that we are all rather blessed to have her as well. The way to go!

It's official ladies and gentlemen - APARTMENT IN JANUARY!

This is going to happen, believe me! Colleen has been informed by the school that representatives from Monmouth University can and will guide all of us in finding an apartment close by.

There will be a number of us living together, with Colleen starting graduate school in January, and the rest of us taking our GRE and GMAT tests this winter, in an attempt to begin the application process come the new year.

My target date for graduate school is September 2007 and the front running institution out of all my prospects is Monmouth University.

I told you that would happen.

My day on campus!

I hustle for jobs. I hustle for tests. For those are the winning ways of the world's best! What was hidden in shadow will soon come to light!

Lord knows I have missed the 609, as it has been a while since I have been down in these parts. This would appear to be another one of my fabulous getaways (this one the better part of a week long), so I intend on making the most of it in this, my home away from home.

Today was to be the day that I would go to New Hope, PA with Colleen for her witch class, but as you know it was cancelled. Instead, I am in the computer lab in the building, where Colleen's class is administered, but it is all good.

Earlier today, Colleen and I filled that void with a brief glance at the companies that were present at today's career fair. I did not have my resume on me, nor was I dressed up! I really did not feel as though I had a purpose at this particular career fair. Last career fair I was present at, which was back in February, it consisted of a number of employers who were accepting resumes but had nothing open at the time.

In addition to that, I begin a new job - a high paying job (highest of my life to date) - one week from today! ****APPLAUSE**** ****APPLAUSE**** ****APPLAUSE**** ****APPLAUSE**** For the time being, I will focus on that individual job. When graduate school begins for me, I will once again be open minded about career fairs.

I went to lunch with Jack, Colleen, and Frank. Jack chose not to eat, due to the fact that he just wasn't hungry. He chose to get some food at a later time, in the middle of the day during his break from his internship. After lunch, I had the chance to go visit Dr. Worthington and Dr. Whithem, two of the leading lights regarding professors in my years at Stockton. It was nice to be able to see them again; both gentlemen were pleased to see me and asked me to keep in touch. Whithem informed me of The Pier, a new set of expensive stores and restaurants, that is scheduled to open on October 13, if what I remember him telling me is accurate.

Later in the day, I randomly stumbled upon Aaron "The Hondawg" Honaker, who was sitting down getting ready for a quiz in his next class. He looked utterly surprised to see me at that moment. His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, as he kept on asking me what I was doing here and how long I was staying. Hey, one never knows when The Great One is going to show his pretty face, or where he is going to do so. I just show up when one least expects it, and when I do, it is an monumental moment. Sometimes, it becomes an EVENT. Sightings of me are never dull!

In just a few moments, I will be hitting the books while Colleen is in her witch class. I have to catch up on some studying for the GMAT. I want to be fully ready for December 2, when I nail this thing at the Pearson Professional Center in AC. There is a boxing match taking place on that evening, at Boardwalk Hall in AC, so what a thrill it would be for me to be victorious with a high score on the test, and then to go to see the fight live later that night. That would be just wonderful. It gives me something to look forward to; something to work hard for. Therefore, I must get on with the studying. As I said before, I am HUSTLER! You can't knock the hustle.

I hustle for jobs. I hustle for tests. For those are the winning ways of the world's best!

What was hidden in shadow will soon come to light. Just have to keep working hard, hustling, and at the same time enjoying myself, as I am doing today, and as I will continue to do for the events this weekend. But whenever there's a challenge in front of me, I make it a point to step to the plate.

So for the next few hours or so (while Colleen is at her class), prior to tonight's fun with some pals (whatever we do), I need to put my ass to work to assure myself of the result I anticipate in two short months.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Back at Stockton again!

Just about ten minutes ago, I made my grand arrival to the campus of The Richard Stockton College of NJ.

Now I can finally tell all of my friends who are currently here about my stripper story from last night. It is sure to grab the attention of most people, but probably not nearly as hard as this stripper was grabbing my junk - as if it had gone out of style or some shit.

When walking into the computer lab, I spotted Jhon Alea, an old friend from both Dover High School and Stockton, working on his resume. He showed it to me; it looked pretty good.

Tomorrow is Stockton's career fair, so in order to replacement the trip to New Hope, PA that was recently cancelled, perhaps I will fill the void with a visit to the career fair.

Glad to be back home at the Osprey's Nest. Always a pleasure, you know this. Looking forward to the sequence of events upcoming.

Stripper propositions me for sex!!!

You just do not read privledged posts like this anywhere else! I ought to charge you for this can-gold!

While getting a lap dance ( a memorable one) last night at the bar/strip club (the name of the joint momentarily escapes me) in Victory Gardens, the stripper providing the service for me asked me, as she grinded her bare ass into my crotch, occasionally grabbed my knob through the pants, and rubbed her face against mine,"do you want to fuck?" I was like, "sure," believing it was all part of the ambiance, with her merely attempting to arouse me both from a verbal and physical standpoint.

Let me say, that as much as this working broad wanted to get paid, just as anyone else would want to get paid for a hard night's labor, she was also really fucking horny. I could tell from the start of the lap dance. Her behavior. Her methods. Her breathing patterns! This chick, while grinding my shit and getting all over me, was breathing really hard like someone who was hyper-ventilating. After telling her that I would agree to some under the table sex, she grabs her purse really quick, and starts digging through it really quickly, until she finally pulled a Trojan condom.

That's when my eyes lit up, and I thought to myself, "holy shit, this bitch is SERIOUS!" With her titties in my face, and her body pressing up against mine harder than ever, she was biting open the condom wrapper like a wild animal trying to get the condom out, when all of a sudden, she says, "Eighty bucks." I was thinking to myself, "ummm, what?" Then, I simply replied, "Forget about it." About five seconds later, she made me another offer, "handjob for $40?"

Once again, I replied, "no thank you." She finished up the lap dance, for which she was quite the consummate professional. She knew exactly how to tease, where to touch, and how. You could tell, that outside of being a working girl, she was really feeling me and my sexiness. It was clear as day.

Even though she wanted $80 in exchange for me impaling her with my powerful, seductive, admired, and desirable man tool, you probably will not see her making that offer to every single guy she gives a lap dance to. I know for fact she probably does not do that. Only for studs, such as myself. I left the joint, with $80 more than I would've if I had proceeded, and felt like a winner - feeling like The Man - the Great One I have always been and will always be - in the process. I still got it! LOL

How do you like that for under the table prostitution in NJ???????

To all the gentlemen reading this, feel free to go into your rooms, lock your doors, and rub one off, imagining precisely what that must have been like for me, the fact that I receive such offers, and what would've happened had I shelled out the $80!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Scott Davies returns home to NJ tonight!

New Hope, PA trip cancelled!

Just a couple days ago, Scott Davies sent me instant message telling me that he would be returning home to New Jersey this week. When he told me that, I asked him when he would be coming and how long he would be staying in town for. Afterall, I was planning on departing for P-town Wednesday night and I wanted to determine whether or not I would be seeing him.

He said he would be flying in on Tuesday night, sometime around midnight. That was good news, knowing that I am going to be able to see him tonight. After Colleen informed me earlier today that the New Hope, PA field trip for her class had been cancelled, I realized that I might not have to leave for P-town until Thursday morning now, so I might just be able to hang out with Scott tonight as well as tomorrow night.

As for this evening, We'll be going out to some bar, preferably Murphys knowing that they have their $2 Coronas/ $2 shots deal every Tuesday night. Scott asked me on the phone earlier today if they charge for cover at Murphys on Tuesday nights. They never did on Tuesdays, as long as I have been going, but I will call the bar ahead of time and double check. I do not believe Murphys has a cover charge on Tuesday's though.

Last time I saw Scott was in August, when he briefly returned home with his wife Liezl for his cousin's wedding down in Somerset. I look forward to hanging out with Scott tonight, getting some drinks with him, and perhaps going out to a diner to grab a bite to eat afterwards.

Hanging out with close long-term pals, dating back to the days of middle school, is a fine way to kick off what is sure to be a fine week, the first week of perhaps an even finer month. Let's do this!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Hired at ADP in Parsippany!!!!

Hired for the highest paying job to date! Shit, when corporations freeze, I blaze into a towering inferno and melt away those bitch ass freezes by HUSTLING!!!

Ladies and gentlemen, I have breaking news for all of you!

As of 4:18 pm this afternoon, my agent from Randstad called me on my cellphone when I was at the library and informed me that I was hired at ADP in Parsippany!!!!!!!!!! I was automatically hired by the company. No interview necessary!

WHEW HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How fucking GREAT is that?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?

This was indeed fabulous news; what an unbelievable way to begin this week that is set to lead towards fun and excitement with Stockton's Homecoming taking place this weekend! My start date for the position, which will consist of some marketing assignments, data entry, and customer service, will be on October 12. I must say that I jubilant and up on cloud nine as the relief of having another job is setting in.

As it turned out, Merrell Lynch had actually turned me down, believing that they had filled their vacant position with someone who was more qualified than myself. Hey, it's all good baby. This is all about business and more power to that ambitious soul who beat me for that spot. I believe this position with ADP pays me more than that position would have anyway. I am certainly going to be banking more at this job than I did with Wachovia Mortgage Corporation. Furthermore, I will also be conducting many of the same job tasks that I conducted at Wachovia.

Great news! Great day! Great way to kick off a series of events this month that will be much more enjoyable with a head that is clear and a lifestyle that is more promising and organized as a result of this fortunate news. Basically, Wachovia had a corporate hiring freeze early in September, which inevitably terminated my position with them and enabled me to find an even HIGHER PAYING position.

Praise the Lord for this miracle that has taken place, right before I get ready to leave for South Jersey on Wednesday night. Now I can enjoy Homecoming weekend, as well as my friend Jack's birthday, with no worries whatsoever. I also have a nice little vacation to enjoy now, prior to going back to work on the 12th of October. There is no question that I am going to live it up while I have the chance, and also make it a point to get some GMAT studying done in that time frame. December 2nd is exactly two months away and I must be primed for victory.

I had stated in a post a little over a week ago that I would soon be back to where I was and then some. Today, that would appear to be just the case. I am back to where I was, and even more, knowing that I am in for the biggest pay of my LIFE!!!!! Let the truth be told, my family, friends, and fans, I definitely do not fuck around.

Corporate hiring freeze?????? Shit, when corporations freeze, I blaze into a towering inferno and melt away those bitch ass freezes by HUSTLING!!! You can not knock the HUSTLE! I am a WARRIOR. I am a CHAMPION. I am THE TRUTH! I must take what is mine and I went ahead and did that today. I am very proud and extremely relieved over this news. What a marvelous way to begin this week.

At this very moment, I am so excited and relieved that I can barely contain myself.

The way to go!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Counting down to Homecoming Weekend as well as Jack's birthday!

We are raising the bar - NO LIMITS to what could happen!

Today marks the first of October, a month which is set to bring forth a number of events for myself as well as friends of mine.

Homecoming weekend at Stockton kicks off the month of October next weekend. Included in the weekend, as is always the case, will be Stockton's annual Osprey Ball. Once again, yours truly will be present for that occasion.

As many of you know, I am looking forward to next weekend and the amusement and excitement that it is sure to bring. What Homecoming Weekend signifies to me is the chance for alumni such as myself, and my friends who also graduate, to return to our home away from home to spend time with each other as well as our friends who are still currently students. Yes indeed, The Great One is coming back home next weekend. First major event, in a series of major events, this fine month.

I will be leaving D-town for P-town on Wednesday evening. Wednesday will be the date of the my departure, due to the fact that I am going on a field trip to New Hope, PA with my friend Colleen. She is going on the field trip for her witch class and she invited me to come along, so I am happy to do so. It has been a while since I have been on any type of trip, with work tying me up all summer long, so this trip should be an intriguing way to kick off the Homecoming weekend that is upcoming.

Also next weekend is Jack's 22nd birthday, which many of us will also be celebrating. The celebration will likely be at his apartment, for the purposes of everyone (including the minors) being able to drink throughout the celebration. Last year, Ray, Melissa, Jack's roommates, and I celebrated Jack's 21st birthday, which happened to fall the night before the Osprey Ball.

This year, however, Jack's birthday is on the night of the Osprey Ball, so I have been told. We will manage to squeeze his birthday celebration into the event-filled weekend at some point. Hanging out with terrific people and great friends at that point is going to be just what the doctor ordered.

An opportunity for a sensational time is approaching for the KDP (Kappa Delta Plattasquanka - Established 2004) , and the KDP is going to take standards to a whole new level for all of the upcoming events soon to be happening for the mythical organization.

This weekend has come to an end. I say, "on to next weekend baby!"

P.S.: Wish me luck with Merrell Lynch (company I interviewed with last Friday, for a job as a trust representative).

An evening with Bill Dyer... and Becky Kovach!!

Friday night was a throwback of sorts, when I went out with Bill Dyer for food and drinks. The third person who came along with us happened to be Rebecca Kovach, a girl who was in our high school class. I had not seen Rebecca since she walked in our high school graduation ceremony back in June 1999!!!

What a blast from the past. I remember her running on the girls track team in high school and she was a quiet girl. Last night, I definitely noticed a different person in the sense that she is more outgoing in the present day than she was then. She's definitely good people. She was in high school and she is now... just more outgoing and less shy these days.

Ironically, she made similar implications in regards to my personality. She claims I am more talkative and energetic now than I was back in the day. This just goes to show how people can change over the years.

Anyway, Bill, Becky, and I went to Fridays to get some food. After being seated at our table, it took at least half an hour for our server to greet us. After about 20 minutes, I finally got up from the table, approached the host who had seated us, and asked him who our server was. He asked me what table were at, and I pointed it out to him. He assured me that he would get our server for us. Fair enough.

I went back to our table and sat down with Becky and Bill, only to wait for approximately 10 more minutes. At this point Bill got up and walked over to talk to the hosts and servers and informed them just how long we had to wait. Finally, our waiter made his way over to the table and took our order. All three of us started off with Coronas.

Once we got those Coronas in our system, everything was fine and we were in a jolly state of mind as we drank our beers and talked amongst each other. During this time, I commented that it was so random that the three of us were hanging out, realizing that we never did in high school. No question that it was random, but very cool!

The food was not bad at all. I ordered the Cajun Chicken Pasta, which is my favorite dish at Fridays, but the dish that the food runner ran out to me was definitely NOT Cajun Chicken Pasta!!! At first, I was like, what the fuck??? Nonetheless, I took a look at the entree, thought about it, and decided that I would eat it. Perhaps they gave me the Asian Chicken Pasta (if there is such a menu item at Fridays)???? It looked more like an Asian entree.

Bill ordered the Artichoke Spinach Dip appetizer, while Becky ordered quesadillas and Buffalo Chicken Wings. The Buffalo Chicken Wings were incredible, as I ended up eating most of them. Becky was getting full from the quesadillas. I also had more than my fair share of the Artichoke Dip. LOL.

After our dinner at Fridays, we made our way over to the Canal House in Wharton. When Bill, Becky, and I first arrived at the joint, I started off with this Irish dark beer called Schmidicks. Schmidicks is a nice dark beer that goes down rather smoothly. That was my first time drinking it and it certainly did not disappoint. I bought Becky a Sam Adams Octoberfest and Bill a Corona.

After finishing up the Schmidicks, I also drank a Octoberfest. Not bad, but it is no match for Sam Adams Summer Ale! Not at all! Not even CLOSE! Good beer, though. Following the Octoberfest, Becky bought me a Sam Adams which was very nice of her. There's no question that Sam Adams is one of my favorite beers.

The three of us were having a grand old time, drinking our beers as we sat down at one of the booths in the bar. Some other folks from high school joined us later in the evening, so we moved to a bigger booth. I was completely TANKED. We ended up buying pitchers of beer. Either Coors Light or Budweiser, I don't remember exactly what we ordered pitchers of. That explains just far gone I was getting. LOL.

To sum up the entire evening, I was happy that I decided to go out with Bill and Becky because we all had a sensational time talking, drinking, and joking around. We will have to do that again sometime!