Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Back at Stockton again!

Just about ten minutes ago, I made my grand arrival to the campus of The Richard Stockton College of NJ.

Now I can finally tell all of my friends who are currently here about my stripper story from last night. It is sure to grab the attention of most people, but probably not nearly as hard as this stripper was grabbing my junk - as if it had gone out of style or some shit.

When walking into the computer lab, I spotted Jhon Alea, an old friend from both Dover High School and Stockton, working on his resume. He showed it to me; it looked pretty good.

Tomorrow is Stockton's career fair, so in order to replacement the trip to New Hope, PA that was recently cancelled, perhaps I will fill the void with a visit to the career fair.

Glad to be back home at the Osprey's Nest. Always a pleasure, you know this. Looking forward to the sequence of events upcoming.

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