Sunday, October 01, 2006

Counting down to Homecoming Weekend as well as Jack's birthday!

We are raising the bar - NO LIMITS to what could happen!

Today marks the first of October, a month which is set to bring forth a number of events for myself as well as friends of mine.

Homecoming weekend at Stockton kicks off the month of October next weekend. Included in the weekend, as is always the case, will be Stockton's annual Osprey Ball. Once again, yours truly will be present for that occasion.

As many of you know, I am looking forward to next weekend and the amusement and excitement that it is sure to bring. What Homecoming Weekend signifies to me is the chance for alumni such as myself, and my friends who also graduate, to return to our home away from home to spend time with each other as well as our friends who are still currently students. Yes indeed, The Great One is coming back home next weekend. First major event, in a series of major events, this fine month.

I will be leaving D-town for P-town on Wednesday evening. Wednesday will be the date of the my departure, due to the fact that I am going on a field trip to New Hope, PA with my friend Colleen. She is going on the field trip for her witch class and she invited me to come along, so I am happy to do so. It has been a while since I have been on any type of trip, with work tying me up all summer long, so this trip should be an intriguing way to kick off the Homecoming weekend that is upcoming.

Also next weekend is Jack's 22nd birthday, which many of us will also be celebrating. The celebration will likely be at his apartment, for the purposes of everyone (including the minors) being able to drink throughout the celebration. Last year, Ray, Melissa, Jack's roommates, and I celebrated Jack's 21st birthday, which happened to fall the night before the Osprey Ball.

This year, however, Jack's birthday is on the night of the Osprey Ball, so I have been told. We will manage to squeeze his birthday celebration into the event-filled weekend at some point. Hanging out with terrific people and great friends at that point is going to be just what the doctor ordered.

An opportunity for a sensational time is approaching for the KDP (Kappa Delta Plattasquanka - Established 2004) , and the KDP is going to take standards to a whole new level for all of the upcoming events soon to be happening for the mythical organization.

This weekend has come to an end. I say, "on to next weekend baby!"

P.S.: Wish me luck with Merrell Lynch (company I interviewed with last Friday, for a job as a trust representative).


The Hamburgler said...

Don't forget Beers with your boy Scott on Tuesday night

The Great One said...

You know I wouldn't miss that for anything.

I'll be out at large on Tuesday night for those brewskies.

I am no stranger to the beer, as you and the wifey saw at my house when you last visited. Drunk on the couch, watching boxing.