Sunday, October 08, 2006

An Indian Summer Sunday here in South Jerz!

Last night, we as a gang had a fun time over at Jack's house off campus. Jack, Ray, Melissa, Colleen, Frank, Greg Root, and myself were all present at Jack's house.

From the outset, we decided to order Chinese food from the Chinese Restaurant, located in the same plaza as the Corner Tavern, across the street. I ordered General Tso's Chicken with white rice along with a pint of Chicken Lo Mein on the side. The food was delicious, yet quite filling.

We also commenced with the drinking festivities, but never quite laid our mitts on the chocolate fudge cake that Ray brought down for Jack's birthday party. Alcohol that we had consisted of Killian's Irish Red, Amaretto, Blackberry Merlot Arbor Mist (all of which I brought to the party), and Coors Lights, along with some other drinks which Ray brought in his cooler. Greg actually passed out on the floor pretty early, so we took a page out of Crazy Mike's book from the weekend in Lavallette.

We all managed to BURY the man in pillows, blankets, sneakers, shoes, a singing and dancing chicken, and his plate of Chinese food and took some comical pictures. When waking up and discovering what we had done, Greg was certainly a good sport about it. LOL. We all watched Batman Begins at the start of the evening, then after Colleen and Frank went back to campus, Jack decided to put on Billy Madison. Decent night.

The weather is absolutely gorgeous outside today. This weather certainly constitutes Indian Summer, as I am wearing a short sleeve shirt, shorts, and sandals. From 11am to 3pm, there is a car show on campus today, so I am definitely going to hit that up with Ray and Melissa.

Afterwards, I would like to go to Atlantic City and walk around on the boardwalk for a bit. It has been some time since I have been to Atlantic City. Not since the beginning of this year, last winter, had I been to Atlantic City, so it is time for me to make a return and check it out again.

At this time, I must retrieve the remainder of my belongings from Colleen's apartment here on campus and then head over to the car show.

Take care folks and enjoy this beautiful weather!

EDITOR'S NOTE: The car show was charging admission of $5 per person. What a ridiculous waste of money. It wasn't THAT important to go see. I believe there was a total of 25 cars, and the only people in the lot were the OWNERS. LOL. Fuck that. We told the people running the show, "Good afternoon, have a nice day" and we left. There was no way I was going to pay $5 to see a car show. Shit, I'd rather look at my own car. HAHAHA.

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