Thursday, October 05, 2006

My day on campus!

I hustle for jobs. I hustle for tests. For those are the winning ways of the world's best! What was hidden in shadow will soon come to light!

Lord knows I have missed the 609, as it has been a while since I have been down in these parts. This would appear to be another one of my fabulous getaways (this one the better part of a week long), so I intend on making the most of it in this, my home away from home.

Today was to be the day that I would go to New Hope, PA with Colleen for her witch class, but as you know it was cancelled. Instead, I am in the computer lab in the building, where Colleen's class is administered, but it is all good.

Earlier today, Colleen and I filled that void with a brief glance at the companies that were present at today's career fair. I did not have my resume on me, nor was I dressed up! I really did not feel as though I had a purpose at this particular career fair. Last career fair I was present at, which was back in February, it consisted of a number of employers who were accepting resumes but had nothing open at the time.

In addition to that, I begin a new job - a high paying job (highest of my life to date) - one week from today! ****APPLAUSE**** ****APPLAUSE**** ****APPLAUSE**** ****APPLAUSE**** For the time being, I will focus on that individual job. When graduate school begins for me, I will once again be open minded about career fairs.

I went to lunch with Jack, Colleen, and Frank. Jack chose not to eat, due to the fact that he just wasn't hungry. He chose to get some food at a later time, in the middle of the day during his break from his internship. After lunch, I had the chance to go visit Dr. Worthington and Dr. Whithem, two of the leading lights regarding professors in my years at Stockton. It was nice to be able to see them again; both gentlemen were pleased to see me and asked me to keep in touch. Whithem informed me of The Pier, a new set of expensive stores and restaurants, that is scheduled to open on October 13, if what I remember him telling me is accurate.

Later in the day, I randomly stumbled upon Aaron "The Hondawg" Honaker, who was sitting down getting ready for a quiz in his next class. He looked utterly surprised to see me at that moment. His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree, as he kept on asking me what I was doing here and how long I was staying. Hey, one never knows when The Great One is going to show his pretty face, or where he is going to do so. I just show up when one least expects it, and when I do, it is an monumental moment. Sometimes, it becomes an EVENT. Sightings of me are never dull!

In just a few moments, I will be hitting the books while Colleen is in her witch class. I have to catch up on some studying for the GMAT. I want to be fully ready for December 2, when I nail this thing at the Pearson Professional Center in AC. There is a boxing match taking place on that evening, at Boardwalk Hall in AC, so what a thrill it would be for me to be victorious with a high score on the test, and then to go to see the fight live later that night. That would be just wonderful. It gives me something to look forward to; something to work hard for. Therefore, I must get on with the studying. As I said before, I am HUSTLER! You can't knock the hustle.

I hustle for jobs. I hustle for tests. For those are the winning ways of the world's best!

What was hidden in shadow will soon come to light. Just have to keep working hard, hustling, and at the same time enjoying myself, as I am doing today, and as I will continue to do for the events this weekend. But whenever there's a challenge in front of me, I make it a point to step to the plate.

So for the next few hours or so (while Colleen is at her class), prior to tonight's fun with some pals (whatever we do), I need to put my ass to work to assure myself of the result I anticipate in two short months.


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