Saturday, October 07, 2006

Osprey Ball Aftermath!

I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. --Bill Cosby
Quite obviously the Blog of Bryan Quote of the Day, but I like it, so I had to save it to revert back to.

Last night was the Osprey Ball for Fall 2006, and I must say that it did not feel exactly the same as it did the previous years. I do not know why; I was accompanied by some terrific people that I know really well. Those who were with me included Colleen, Frank, Jack, Ray, Melissa, Crazy Mike, and Greg.

I was with some close friends of mine, but I suppose the rest of the people in attendance were just a bit different than they were other times that I have been there. There was a significant difference in the ambiance this year, an ambiance that appeared to be geared towards a crowd. There were a number of salutes to students in the classes ranging from freshman to senior year, but nothing was really ever dedicated to the alumni at hand. I suppose it all makes sense when you think about it. While the crowd at hand remains the same age each year (freshman thru seniors), I am a year older with each appearance I make at an Osprey Ball.

In addition to that, these are the next generation of students, young couples who know each other from the experiences of meeting each other on campus and they are at the ball to have their own fun and exciting times with each other. Somehow, outside of the close friends I was with as a visitor, I somehow felt out of place.

Perhaps I have outgrown the Osprey Ball??? Not necessarily homecoming weekend celebrations, but the Osprey Ball? Who knows! We all had a hunch anyway, prior to last night, that this was probably our last Osprey Ball. Regardless, I am satisfied that I had the opportunity to spend time with my people.

Earlier today, as soon as we all woke up, we went to the Olive Garden in Mays Landing for lunch. They now have the neverending pasta bowl back in commission, which basically means that the guests are getting one of hell of a deal while the servers have one additional pain in the ass to plague their shifts for the next couple months or so. That deal is as bad, if not worse, than Soup Salad and Breadsticks. Remind me NOT to pick up any shifts until that shit is over!! LOL. Nonetheless, I was delighted to take advantage of the deal as a guest who went there for lunch with his friends.

All together, I had two helpings of pasta, with the first being Penne with the all-new Sun Dried Tomato Parmesean Sauce, and the second being Linguine with Marinara Sauce. After two helpings, i was totally finished eating. Colleen and I ordered the Chocolate Gelato (ice cream) for dessert. That helping of ice cream was MASSIVE.

Tonight, we'll be drinking it up over at Jack's house off campus in celebration of his 22nd birthday. Yes, tonight's festivities by in large will consist of a more adult crowd taking part in adult activities off campus.

However, it feels nice to be at Stockton, which is a school that I still love to this day. It has a campus that I sorely miss, and each time I come back to visit, I realize more and more just how much I miss this place.

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