Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Stripper propositions me for sex!!!

You just do not read privledged posts like this anywhere else! I ought to charge you for this can-gold!

While getting a lap dance ( a memorable one) last night at the bar/strip club (the name of the joint momentarily escapes me) in Victory Gardens, the stripper providing the service for me asked me, as she grinded her bare ass into my crotch, occasionally grabbed my knob through the pants, and rubbed her face against mine,"do you want to fuck?" I was like, "sure," believing it was all part of the ambiance, with her merely attempting to arouse me both from a verbal and physical standpoint.

Let me say, that as much as this working broad wanted to get paid, just as anyone else would want to get paid for a hard night's labor, she was also really fucking horny. I could tell from the start of the lap dance. Her behavior. Her methods. Her breathing patterns! This chick, while grinding my shit and getting all over me, was breathing really hard like someone who was hyper-ventilating. After telling her that I would agree to some under the table sex, she grabs her purse really quick, and starts digging through it really quickly, until she finally pulled a Trojan condom.

That's when my eyes lit up, and I thought to myself, "holy shit, this bitch is SERIOUS!" With her titties in my face, and her body pressing up against mine harder than ever, she was biting open the condom wrapper like a wild animal trying to get the condom out, when all of a sudden, she says, "Eighty bucks." I was thinking to myself, "ummm, what?" Then, I simply replied, "Forget about it." About five seconds later, she made me another offer, "handjob for $40?"

Once again, I replied, "no thank you." She finished up the lap dance, for which she was quite the consummate professional. She knew exactly how to tease, where to touch, and how. You could tell, that outside of being a working girl, she was really feeling me and my sexiness. It was clear as day.

Even though she wanted $80 in exchange for me impaling her with my powerful, seductive, admired, and desirable man tool, you probably will not see her making that offer to every single guy she gives a lap dance to. I know for fact she probably does not do that. Only for studs, such as myself. I left the joint, with $80 more than I would've if I had proceeded, and felt like a winner - feeling like The Man - the Great One I have always been and will always be - in the process. I still got it! LOL

How do you like that for under the table prostitution in NJ???????

To all the gentlemen reading this, feel free to go into your rooms, lock your doors, and rub one off, imagining precisely what that must have been like for me, the fact that I receive such offers, and what would've happened had I shelled out the $80!

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