Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Scott Davies returns home to NJ tonight!

New Hope, PA trip cancelled!

Just a couple days ago, Scott Davies sent me instant message telling me that he would be returning home to New Jersey this week. When he told me that, I asked him when he would be coming and how long he would be staying in town for. Afterall, I was planning on departing for P-town Wednesday night and I wanted to determine whether or not I would be seeing him.

He said he would be flying in on Tuesday night, sometime around midnight. That was good news, knowing that I am going to be able to see him tonight. After Colleen informed me earlier today that the New Hope, PA field trip for her class had been cancelled, I realized that I might not have to leave for P-town until Thursday morning now, so I might just be able to hang out with Scott tonight as well as tomorrow night.

As for this evening, We'll be going out to some bar, preferably Murphys knowing that they have their $2 Coronas/ $2 shots deal every Tuesday night. Scott asked me on the phone earlier today if they charge for cover at Murphys on Tuesday nights. They never did on Tuesdays, as long as I have been going, but I will call the bar ahead of time and double check. I do not believe Murphys has a cover charge on Tuesday's though.

Last time I saw Scott was in August, when he briefly returned home with his wife Liezl for his cousin's wedding down in Somerset. I look forward to hanging out with Scott tonight, getting some drinks with him, and perhaps going out to a diner to grab a bite to eat afterwards.

Hanging out with close long-term pals, dating back to the days of middle school, is a fine way to kick off what is sure to be a fine week, the first week of perhaps an even finer month. Let's do this!

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