Friday, October 06, 2006

Stockton's Homecoming begins TONIGHT!

Happy birthday Jack!

Jack: So what we going to do to get you into the police blotter again this year?
Me: I don't know, perhaps some midnight streaking.

This possibly being the final homecoming I attend at this college, with the only students remaining next year being Jack and Frank, I am going to celebrate this weekend to the maximum.

Tonight is the annual Osprey Ball, and I will be having a good time with a variety of different alumni and the few current students that I am close friends with. Colleen just purchased ball tickets for a number of the people attending, myself included, at a cheap rate of $5. Last year, I cut myself short and ended up paying $10 for my ticket at the door.

This year, however, I was able to avoid such shortcomings, thanks to Colleen purchasing the tickets in advance and the fact that I made it down here earlier this year. After the ball, there is a chance that we will be moving the entire entourage over to Jack's apartment to celebrate his 22nd birthday. This entire weekend is going to be sensational.

I'm delighted to be back on campus both as an alumnist and a visitor and thankful to have success, festivities, and significant events to celebrate, such as Jack's birthday, Colleen's graduate school admittance, my recent hiring at the new job, and Homecoming Weekend. It's a celebration bitches!!! I really don't fuck around, and this is just the beginning of it ALL. Wait until January. You have not heard or seen anything YET. January, my viewers, is THE REVOLUTION!!!!

Partying, drinking, big ballin', celebrating, and hustling. That's what I do BEST.

Let tonight's extravaganza begin! Expect some pictures next week. Especially for all of my lady fans, I'll give you some tasty eye candy to scope out, when I get fresh and all dressed up! As for tonight, Not getting to bed until like 5AM!

Until next time, keep reading about me, keep following the inside scoop on my scene, and keep enjoying it. I love all those who love me. I love all those who hate me. Either way, you're still tuning in and I CRAVE ATTENTION!!!!! Most of all, I love my family, friends, and fans. Without them, who would I be? Stay tuned baby!

Have a wonderful day and an even greater weekend.

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