Monday, December 11, 2006

Move is officially DELAYED to either May or September!

I need to join a gym!

Good evening to all of my readers, family, friends, fans, and stalkers alike. The first order of news today is that my move to Central Jersey with Crazy Mike and Colleen has officially been postponed! Why is this the case? Understandably, Colleen wants the chance and the time to go back home and save up some money before we make this much anticipated move.

Finding work, down by school in South Jersey, has been somewhat of a struggle for Colleen. Saving up a large sum of money is certainly what one needs to do when taking into consideration that we are going to be living together and making this important move. Therefore, Colleen is putting off her first semester of graduate school at Monmouth University for either May or September. I believe May would serve us much better in terms of the time we move, due to the fact that many students are coming to the very end of their annual leases.

If we are to find a nice place to live right now, and there happens to be a massive waiting list, we can hop on the waiting list right now and possibly land a spot when May 2007 rolls in months down the line. Perhaps our move, my GMAT originally being scheduled to take place around the same time, the holidays, Colleen's upcoming graduation, and my birthday all contributed to placing excessive pressure on the three of us.

My current idea is to try and jump onto a waiting list for a suitable apartment that we could potentially move into around the month of May. We will see what happens in the coming weeks and months. Looking back, in hindsight, perhaps everything coming together at once was too much for everyone who was involved.

My mother, I believe, was truly looking forward to this move in January as well. Deep down inside, I feel as though she would like to see me move out, grow up some more, and be able to live on my own and pay my own bills. When I broke the news to her yesterday, her immediate facial expression appeared to exude disappointment. Taking that into account, perhaps she was a bit sad because something(s) my family is getting me for Christmas is relevant to this move that was scheduled to happen for next month.

Asking her why she gave me that facial expression, she responded, "You'll understand soon." I asked, "what is it that I will understand later on that I won't now?" She answered, with something that weirdly resembled a mixture of sadness and a smile, "I don't have to tell you right now."

I really do not know what is going on, but I can only hope that the holidays will be drama free, the fun I have been having with my people continues to happen, and the holidays bring everyone great pleasure and happiness. Everyone in the group must have financial security, must not be scared, and must be ready to step up and make this happen. It is understandable. Rest assured, this move has not been cancelled; it has merely been pushed back. The move will happen.

For the time being, I just want to keep raking in the money, keeping any drama at a minimum, and enjoying the holidays. Lately, I have also had a burning desire to join a gym, but I must find a decent gym to join. Quest Total Fitness is not bad at all, but it is the only Quest Total Fitness in existence. There are many Golds Gyms and other gyms in the area that well-known companies with various locations. I'm just concerned that if I pay for annual membership at a gym, and then move at a later time, that I will not be able to breach the contract. I will talk more about it with Bill, who used to work at Quest years back.

At this time, I really have a burning to desire to whip my ass into shape and get into the best shape of my life. In order to do that, I need a gym membership. Working out at the gym would lead me to feel better about myself, feel much healthier, and look even more physically appealing than is the case right now (which is still pretty attractive).

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